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FitBeat Smart Watch Review - Is This SmartWatch Fitness Tracker Works?

September 18, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - September 18, 2020 - The FitBeat watch is a watch, fitness band, music player, phone, and your health buddy all rolled into one. It can wake you up in the morning, set alarms, count calories, use the other features to plan and manage your fitness tasks - it does everything that you can think of but cook for you and get in the sack with you!

This is not an exaggeration, but a fact. This smart device has so many functions that it can help you with literally anything you want. Play me a song by the ABBA-No problem, 


Call up the minnows at the office - Here you go

Need we go on?

And do you know what the best thing about this multi-tasker is? It’s price! It is economically priced, and what’s better, it is being made available for all you lovely folks salivating to lay your hands on a quality product like the FitBeat watch at a discount of 50 percent.

Think about that!

You should just scroll down a bit and read what the customers are saying. They are gushing about this watch and want to order another one for their close friends. You get the picture. This watch is in super demand. This means you need to act fast to grab one for yourself before the stocks run out.

About The FitBeat Watch  

FitBeat is a smarter smartwatch. We mean to say that it has all the features of the regular fitness watches, but it still offers you that special extra.

It is your pedometer, phone, health tracker, fitness band, a thermometer, a calorie calculator, and more wrapped into one slick design. It is also your guide and friend.

We say this because it has several premium, top-notch features that let you live your life easily and cheaply.

FitBeat is available at an affordable price range, but it is a class act!

It is within your reach for a limited period only and you certainly would not want to miss this opportunity to possess it. There is no reason not to need this classy ‘life companion’.

How Does The FitBeat Watch Work?

If you are the type of person who likes to be connected at all times, even when you are working out – FitBeat is just what the doctor prescribed for you. You can connect this smartwatch with your mobile phone using Bluetooth, and it has been manufactured to support both iOS and Android operating systems. This is how FitBeat can double up as your mobile phone. With FitBeat, you never miss important phone calls on the go.


The watch, though, is primarily your fitness and health buddy. It has been designed to keep the kind of health inputs that you need as a sports and fitness aficionado. 

The biometric sensors inbuilt into this watch are activated as soon as you, the user, start moving. These sensors can sense your pulse, heartbeat, blood pressure, and other health parameters. Its sensors can also detect the quality of your sleep. For example, it can tell you how your sleep is- light, deep, or REM. These sensors tell you your temperature, oxygen consumed, pulse, and calories consumed too.

FitBeat, thus, is your perfect health buddy that works as a digital watch, a stopwatch, and an alarm. You feel like wearing this watch all the time, too, as it is extremely comfortable and stylish. (AMAZING DISCOUNT) Get FitBeat For The Lowest Price Here

FitBeat Watch: Specifications 

  • A full-touch HD 1.3 inch color screen
  • A diameter of 260mm
  • Biosensors inbuilt in the product start working as soon as you move. These can sense your temperature, calories consumed, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure and more.
  • LED screen with a bright, clear, and crisp display
  • Adjustable screen brightness levels
  • Biometric sensors to measure the quality of your sleep
  • A pilfer- proof fingerprint lock to keep your information secure
  • A feature called Smart Reminder for setting alarm reminders, sedentary reminders, etc
  • It is a smartwatch that has all the features of a fitness band and a pedometer. Apart from sensing and reporting your health parameters, it can measure the kilometers you jog and the number of steps you take and the time you spend on doing a fitness task.
  • This fitness watch can be synced with your phone. You can receive a call, get SMSs, and also notifications.
  • FitBeat works with both Android and Apple devices.
  • It comes with multiple sports modes. Just select the one for yourself.
  • It can calculate the calories you spend working out.
  • It has a built-in pedometer.
  • It can calculate moving distance.
  • FitBeat is Bluetooth and Wifi supported.
  • It comes with an alarm clock feature.
  • It can act as a stopwatch as well. 
  • It boasts an awesome time display.
  • It can act as a sleep monitor as well and monitor the quality of your sleep.
  • It can track how much time you spent doing a fitness activity.
  • The batteries of the watch are rechargeable. Once charged, they can last for at least 96 hours of normal use.

How Do You Use The FitBeat Smartwatch?

This smartwatch is very easy to use. All you have to do is to wear it on your wrist like you wear a regular watch. Adjust the wrist band to fit your wrist and tap the touch screen to switch the watch on. Once you do this, a welcome screen will appear. This means that your watch is now ready for you. 

You can now start to store your data on the watch. Similarly, you can sync it with other smart devices like your cell phone using Bluetooth. Once this is done, you can easily receive your calls using your watch and access your messages, notifications and other updates without having your cell phone on your body. 

This watch drastically reduces the number of devices that you need to lug around. Just wear this smartwatch and you are wired for life.

FitBeat is also very comfortable. It is light and sports a stylish look that matches your lifestyle. The watch is also secured using a Fingerprint lock. 

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Benefits Of The FitBeat Watch   

  • It’s a modern timepiece made for physical activity.
  • It adapts to your daily needs.
  • You are protected under a watertight 30 –day return policy.
  • The watch is very reasonably priced.
  • It helps you monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and blood pressure in less than ten seconds. 
  • The watch will make you a hit with your gang, at the office or out when you are hanging out with your buddies as it’s not all work and no play. The smartwatch is designed so aesthetically that it fits in literally anywhere you are.
  • It is especially helpful when you are pumping iron at the gym or swimming, or for that matter, cycling, as it can tell you how much oxygen is your body using, how many calories are being expended, your heart rate, blood pressure and pulse.
  • It’s easy to use. 
  • It is designed to match your lifestyle.
  • It protects your data.
  • It helps you reach health and fitness goals quickly. 
  • It enables you to plan your workouts better and thus work out more efficiently.
  • It fits any wrist.
  • It acts as your health buddy. It can track the number of steps you take, calories burnt, and the time you spend doing a task.
  • It helps monitor the quality of your sleep. It tells you how well you are sleeping by finding out the quality of your sleep.
  • You can also set workout reminders on your watch.
  • The watch can sync with your phone. This allows you to take a call, get SMSs, and even social media notifications on your smartwatch.
  • The watch is very light and user friendly. The display is very easy-to-read.
  • Its slick design syncs perfectly with your casual or office attire.
  • The watch works with both Android and Apple phones.
  • It’s very easy to set up and anyone can do it easily. 
  • It is your health buddy as it monitors your blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, etc. using inbuilt biometric sensors.
  • It provides hands-free access to your phone calls and SMSs. 
  • It can transmit important information about your quality of sleep.
  • It keeps you motivated to work out consistently.
  • Helps you lose weight easily.

Purchase And Price Of FitBeat Watch  

The watch comes at a very reasonable price. It is the most affordable fitness watch with assured quality and design. Visit the official website here to make your risk-free purchase.

Packages available are:

  •  1 FitBeat Watch - $49.98 (50% discount)
  • 2 FitBeat Watches - $42.74 each (55% discount)
  • 3 FitBeat Watches - $39.98 each (60% discount)
  • 4 FitBeat Watches - $34.98 each (65% discount)

Returns And Refunds 

You can return this fitness watch within 30-days if you are not satisfied with it. 

Just reach out within a month of buying this fitness watch and your money will be returned, no questions asked.


Who Can Use The FitBeat Watch?

Anyone of any age can use this fitness watch. It is a multi-functional device and has top-notch features. It is also eminently affordable, so more users can afford it.

It can be used by professional athletes, moms, grand mothers and dads, office goers, or teenagers equally well.

The fitness watch is also easy to use and maintain. The battery is extremely robust. The product is rugged as well as multi-functional.

What Makes The FitBeat Watch Better Than The Other Smart Watches In The Market?

Many things. This is a fitness watch that does so much more. It makes you receive calls, understand your sleep behavior and patterns, calorie consumption and more.

  • It is also more affordable than other smart watches.
  • It is an attractive and fashionable product.
  • It is a durable, light watch.
  • It can track your sleep quality and also work as an alarm.
  • It can double up as a pedometer.
  • It can work as a phone.
  • It has built-in biosensors.
  • It is a quality product.
  • It can also be used right after taking it out of its package after charging it.
  • The FitBeat batteries are rechargeable and last for at least 96 hours of normal use.
  • The fitness watch works with both Android and Apple phones.
  • It’s very easy to set up and use. 
  • It matches any type of outfit- leisure wear or elegant.

How Should I Use The FitBeat Watch?

It’s very easy to set it up and use it. Just put it on and start the watch by tapping on the display.

Where Can I Buy a FitBeat Watch?

The watch is being made available at fifty percent off. All you have to do is to order in the watch now so that you can get it. It is available on the official website only.

What Are The Cons Of This Smartwatch?

The biggest con of this fitness watch is that it is in short supply. The second con is that you can buy it only on the official website.

Customer Testimonials

Vanessa - I am a fitness buff and have been waiting for an awesome fitness watch like this to lose weight. The problem is that I just couldn’t afford one earlier. The FitBeat watch has stopped the wait. It ticks all my boxes and allows me to manage my workouts, plan them in advance and track my health parameters well. 

The watch also helps me improve the quality of my sleep.

The Verdict On FitBeat Watch

FitBeat is a quality fitness watch that helps monitor your heart rate and blood pressure, calories spent, and blood oxygen levels when you are working out. It also allows you to be in touch with the outside world using this watch to receive calls.

This health buddy, watch, phone, alarm clock, pedometer, sleep tracker, and a smart buddy rolled into one will help you plan your workouts and visualize your fitness journey optimally to lose weight. 

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