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The Role of Solar Power in Sustainability, from Sopris Solar Founder Nathan Billmaier

November 9, 2021 GMT

DENVER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / November 9, 2021 / In recent years it has become increasingly evident that our planet is resting in a precarious position. Without massive improvements to our societies, focusing on increased sustainability, impending climate change will surely wreak havoc on almost every aspect of our world. In order to prevent these disastrous consequences, every person across our globe will have to play a part in helping reduce our overall carbon footprint.

“Fortunately, we are currently at a stage where sustainable technology is now presenting a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels,” says Nathan Billmaier, CEO and Founder of Sopris Solar, a company dedicated to helping consumers and businesses install solar panels. “Take our work at Sopris Solar, for example, which is helping users reduce their energy costs while also being the most sustainable option.”


For those looking to help contribute to sustainability efforts, solar power is an addition any consumer or business should make to their energy sourcing, due to the wide variety of its positive effects.

Reduction of Emissions

“The core of solar panel installation revolves around the reduction of carbon emissions,” says Nathan Billmaier. “For anyone who is even remotely interested in helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels, solar panels are one of the best places to start.”

The release of toxins such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide into our atmosphere play a large role in the increased greenhouse effect on our planet, the consequences of which include the warming of our Earth, increased catastrophic weather events, and the humanitarian crises they cause. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that 74% of Greenhouse Gas emissions in the United States are produced from fossil fuel combustion for energy. Fortunately, solar panels can play a role in the reduction of these emissions. In fact, complete usage of solar panels would eliminate these emissions completely, as the generation of electricity from solar panels produces no waste gasses whatsoever.

Decrease Water Waste

“One thing many people don’t realize in discussions about fossil fuels is how many resources are wasted when these fuels are converted into electricity,” says Nathan Billmaier. “Solar panels, in contrast, use none of these resources and will still provide powerful energy production.


One major example is water. As one of the Earth’s most precious natural resources, very little can survive without the presence of water. Additionally, as climate change continues to worsen, fears of stable sources of drinking water are becoming more and more real. With fossil fuels, water is constantly needed for cooling, refining, and transportation of these fuels. However, with solar panels, no water is required in the production of energy. This massive reduction of strain on an extremely valuable resource is one of the most clear examples of why solar energy is a critical component of future sustainability goals.

Unlimited Resources

“The clearest downside of fossil fuels lies in their inherent limits,” says Nathan Billmaier. “These resources are infinite, and will eventually run out at our current rate of usage, making the adoption of solar energy more important.”

Solar energy supplies are massive. If we could harness all the sunlight shone on earth for solar energy for just one hour, the energy gathered could power the Earth for an entire year. Furthermore, this energy is free and only requires the collection materials of solar panels. By taking advantage of the abundance of solar energy, users are poised to lower their energy costs, reduce greenhouse emissions, and secure a more stable energy future.

Solar panels are clearly going to play a critical role in developing a sustainable future, and Sopris Solar is at the forefront of providing high-quality solar panels to businesses and consumers. For more information pertaining to their work, be sure to check out their website, and for more on sustainability from Nathan Billmaier, be sure to check out his most recent articles!


Andrew Mitchell

SOURCE: Sopris Solar

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