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Flightfins: Onewheel Market Share Increasing Due to Rising Popularity, Multifunctional Purpose, ...

June 25, 2021 GMT

Ohio, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Onewheels have been around for quite sometime now. When first introduced to the world back in 2015, the skateboarding community were excited by the modernization of this recreational and travel device. However, it’s emergence as a viable transport vehicle for use across multiple terrains has made it a very interesting option in the world of portable mobility.

With any new product brought to market, there will always be questions over whether it would survive and thrive. Onewheel had to prove itself to the world, something that founders, Future Motion Inc, always knew it would.

Now, Onewheel is enjoying an increase in market share, benefiting from sales of the Onewheel product line and it’s aftersales Flightfins – Onewheel Accessories. Avid skate fans and the wider public are choosing to invest in and benefit from everything the product has to offer.


Here’s how Onewheel are increasing their market share in the electric mobility sector:

1. The popularity of the Onewheel continues to rise, in line with portable transport devices

Latest research suggests that the global one-wheel electric scooter market was valued at $110.2 million in 2019, whereas the folding bike market is estimated to reach $1.26Bn globally by 2027.

What does this tell us? Small, portable transport devices are in-demand. The advantage that the Onewheel has over other devices is its versatility. Many see it as a modern approach to the skateboard and use it for recreational activities, while others see it as a reliable and enjoyable way to travel around town and woodland. This multifunctional device is ticking boxes, as it’s electric, it’s small, it’s safe, and it’s fun.

While at it’s launch the price made many people wait it out to see if the Onewheel was worth the investment, it’s now challenging the likes of electric scooters and foldable bikes for market share, proving it’s worth and enticing more prospective riders to buy.

2. Onewheel accessories are enhancing the capabilities of the board and taking it to new and exciting levels, beyond its original build-purpose


The Onewheel brand continues to grow thanks to its thriving accessory aftersales market. The leading provider of such add-ons is  Flightfins, who have built up a strong reputation in the market for their modular foot-hold fender systems. These revolutionary ‘fins’ give the rider improved control, dramatically increasing the opportunity to perform new tricks, jump obstacles and bail when you need to, all while offering a safer ride. These accessories are available for the various Onewheel models:

Not only are the Onewheel Flightfins an exciting development for riders, helping them dominate trails, conquer curbs, and send it down big drops by locking in for unparalleled edge control, but they are allowing riders to stamp their style on their board by offering variations for personalization and customization.

This aftersales accessory market is booming, and it’s giving riders unique and enhanced ways to use the Onewheel, all of which is contributing to a growing market share.

3. Community initiatives, such as Meals on Onewheels, showcase their ability to rival the likes of electronic scooters and bikes as genuine methods of transport

Meals on Onewheels is a fantastic initiative in Sacramento California that encompasses the community-driven ideology of the Onewheel brand and highlights the versality of the board when used as a dedicated transport device.

A team of Onewheel enthusiasts travel around California on their boards, delivering hot meals and essentials to their unhoused neighbors. A community project that is made possible through collaboration and support from sponsors, a typical event feeds and provides supplies to over 200 individuals in need.

Meals on Onewheels riders are not only making a huge impact on the local area but are showcasing to the world that the Onewheel can rival electronic scooters and bikes as a genuine and capable method of transport. 

The increase in demand and market share shows no sign of slowing

The general feeling is that the Onewheel has passed the ‘new product’ test. Any questions we had over whether it would be a viable investment and a long-term option have been resoundingly answered. It now has a tremendously large community of passionate enthusiasts, the accessory market is growing thanks to innovators such as Flightfins, and we can expect to see their market share continue to rise over the coming years.

More information:

Two brothers and avid Onewheel riders since 2015 set out to create the first prototype for a foot hold system allowing riders to jump with a Onewheel. FlightFins® was born and we’ve been shredding and innovating ever since. In addition to our innovative FlightFins® system, we also offer a range of exclusive Onewheel accessories including tires, hardware, and protection. Learn more via the website: https://www.flightfins.com/


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