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New York Private Jet Rentals & Charters: Covid-19 Provided A Boost to Private Air Travel, ...

July 8, 2021 GMT

New York, NY, July 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When the covid-19 pandemic hit, it put the spotlight on travel. Countries all over the globe wanted to stop people with the virus entering and leaving their perimeters, with the aim being to contain cases and bring the infection rate down.

The spotlight was also put on the travel providers themselves. Due to the highly contagious nature of coronavirus, airports were shut down, flights cancelled, and holidays put on hold. All of this was to avoid people from congregating at airports or traveling in large groups.

With all that said, it’s perhaps both surprising and unsurprising to see the rise in popularity of private air travel over the last two years. Companies like New York Private Jet Charters have become far more appealing to cautious travelers looking for a safer, and more enjoyable, way to travel.


In fact, the number of people using private air travel has surpassed its pre-pandemic totals, and this uptake in passengers is exposing an untapped audience to the many appeals of flying privately.

Below, we outline why the covid-19 pandemic provided a boost to private air travel, and why it will stay that way beyond the pandemic:

1. Travelers are avoiding airports – and will continue to do so

Even before the covid-19 pandemic hit, commercial airports were not exactly considered an enjoyable experience. Having to wait in long lines, be cramped together in stuffy terminals and fight the crowd to get your bag both checked in and checked out, it’s perhaps the least enjoyable aspect of traveling by air.

However, now with the covid-19 pandemic, each of those scenarios becomes the stuff of nightmares. Social distancing, wearing masks, trying to avoid contact with everybody and anybody, its barely possible and is unsettling for those of a cautious disposition.

With private air travel, those annoyances are put to one side and the worry of catching an infectious virus is dramatically decreased. This is why travelers will continue to avoid airports.

2. You’re theoretically more likely to encounter infectious viruses on commercial air travel than compared to private air travel


It’s makes sense. When traveling via private jet flights, you’re not being crammed into a plane full of other people. You’re not having to touch surfaces that have been handled and touched by many, many others. You’re even avoiding the long waiting lines where you’re packed like sardines, one by one, waiting to check in and hand over your bags.

Simply put, private air travel decreases your exposure to other people, minimizes the risks associated with surfaces (as they are heavily decontaminated and cleaned, and you’ll be the only one touching them during your flight), and theoretically, is a far safer option.

3. Private air travel customers aren’t just business travelers – now their traveling for leisure

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only people who fly privately are business customers traveling for work. The truth is, the covid-19 pandemic made cautious travelers look into the costs associated with private jet flights, and to their surprise, they were very feasible.

As the saying goes, news travels fast. Now, private air travel is becoming a popular choice with those who are traveling for leisure. For the private aviation industry, this is a huge boost and a previously untapped audience, who are telling others about how easy, efficient, and enjoyable flying privately can be.

4. A private flight is the ultimate experience when it comes to traveling

New York Private Jet Rentals & Charters are a leading service provider in the private aviation industry. They provide their clients a 5-star experience, something which those who have historically traveled commercially have never experienced.

The luxuriousness of the flights, VIP concierge services, personalized ways of flying, all backed up by unparalleled value and the most experienced, knowledgeable team in the business, means customers simply don’t want to go back to a commercial flight.

All of this is combined with a dedication to standards and cleanliness, and become of this and the reasons listed above, the boost to private aviation shows no signs of slowing down.

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