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VigorNow Review - Does VigorNow Pills Really Work?

January 2, 2022 GMT
VigorNow Review
VigorNow Review
VigorNow Review

01/02/2022, NY, USA. // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

Vigor Now is a dietary supplement that purportedly helps you unleash your inner beast and gives you the energy you used to feel back in your 20s. It also has additional health benefits for men, like improving stamina and erection. This can be attributed to the fact that Vigor Now has been specially formulated using natural ingredients that boost men’s endurance and sexual health.

The manufacturer goes to a great extent claiming how VigorNow can help enhance the size of your erection and also your sexual performance. But is all of what they say true? This VigorNow review will walk you through the claims that have been made concerning the product and allow you to draw informed conclusions before ordering in general. To Learn More About VigorNow Male Enhancement Supplement Visit The Official Website >>


A Brief Overview: What Is VigorNow?

NameVigorNow Male Performance Matrix
  • Ignites desire.
  • Intensify sexual vitality.
  • Maximizes physical response and performance.
IngredientsL-Arginine HCL, Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, Saw Palmetto, Muira Puama, Black Pepper seed, Tongkat Ali, Panax Ginseng, Wild Yam, Horny Goat, Vitamin A, Zinc.
Dosage FormSoft gel capsules.
Retail Price$62.50
Where To BuyVigorNow official website
Refund Policy90 Days Money Back Guarantee!

VigorNow is a male enhancement supplement containing ingredients that boosts testosterone and performance. You only need to take two VigorNow capsules a day to enjoy your manhood as you used to in your 20s. The formula contains all-natural herbs and plant extracts that are clinically proven to aid your sexual health and also increase the size and girth of your erection.

As per the VigorNow manufacturer, this male enhancement supplement can also help improve your stamina and boost your overall health. You will notice more energy and perform better in your day-to-day activities as well. Best of all, it is all-natural, meaning it contains no stimulants rather only plant extracts, vitamins, and nutrients to improve your sexual health.

Mechanism Of Action: How Does VigorNow Work?

The main mechanism of action of VigorNow pills is that it increases the blood flow to your organs, resulting in a longer erection. By taking VigorNow capsules, your organs start to assimilate the growth nutrients. Also, the formula contains essential antioxidants that maximize the expansion of your erection.


Several things contribute to manhood and an improvement in your erection. VigorNow capsules also help balance your hormones and give you the extra energy and stamina you need to rejoice in your impressive erection. Also, the blend of the nutrients stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide.

More Nitric Oxide means a stronger erection and increases your stamina in a way that lasts long. Hence, foreplay becomes more interesting both for you and your woman as you can endure more. You’ll understand more about how VigorNow works by going through the ingredients used in the Vigor Now Matrix.

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Essential Facts: What Are The Ingredients Used In VigorNow?

This section of the VigorNow review explains all about the VigorNow ingredients. You will also learn about the Vigor Now science behind each of the components.

  • L-Arginine HCL:

L-Arginine HCL is found in most of the popular male enhancement supplements on the market. This ingredient helps increase the blood flow throughout your body, which can lead to a few positive effects. The use of L-Arginine HCL in the VigorNow pills helps increase the blood flow to your organ and thereby increases the size of your erection.

  • Tribulus Terrestris:

Tribulus Terrestris is a herb that is believed to help the human body naturally increase levels of the key male hormone Testosterone (T). Sometimes called the “ultimate libido enhancer,” Tribulus Terrestris users report many benefits from using this testosterone-boosting supplement called VigorNow.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extracts:

Eurycoma Longifolia root is an herb that has been used in Asia for many centuries. From the time of ancient medicine men to today’s super swoll new generation of lifters, Eurycoma Longifolia root extract has grown in popularity due to its impressive ability to help build muscle mass, improve strength, reduce body fat and boost libido functions. It also supports hormonal balance in men and cardiovascular health.

  • Saw Palmetto:

If your man shows symptoms of low testosterone, there is something you can do. Please read what Dr. Oz said about Saw Palmetto on his website and watch his video. We couldn’t help but share the good news with all my fans who are looking for a natural solution to boost their man’s “manhood,” and Saw Palmetto is abundant in the nutrients essential to boost your man’s erection. VigorNow capsules also contain Saw Palmetto extracts which is why you notice an improvement in your libido function.

  • Muira Puama:

Muira Puama is a powerful aphrodisiac in herbal medicine. It is considered to be one of the world’s strongest herbs to boost sex drive and increase pleasure. Through this VigorNow review, I hope to raise awareness about this amazing botanical that has been used for 1000s of years to increase libido. This herb is also known as Potency Wood/Brazilian ginseng and is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Black Pepper Seed Extract:

Black Pepper has some serious health benefits. It is a wonderful herbal remedy that has many healing properties. You can now enjoy the health benefits of black pepper in a more concentrated form with the VigorNow supplement.

VigorNow proprietary blend also consists of the following ingredients:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Wild Yam extracts
  • Horny Goat extracts
  • Vitamin A
  • Zinc

Now that you know what’s inside VigorNow, let’s learn the advantages of taking it.

Benefits & Purpose: Why Choose VigorNow?

What can you expect by taking VigorNow? Read the VigorNow benefits and advantages of using this male enhancement supplement.

  • Increases Sexual Drive and Libido: As mentioned above, several of the ingredients present in the VigorNow formula helps enhance your libido. We all need to charge up and keep our personal power up because hormones fluctuate with stress, sleep, and exercise. VigorNow can help increase your sexual drive with amino acids and vitamins.
  • Improves the Semen Count and Volume: The proprietary blend contains zinc and Vitamin A, which improves the volume of your semen and ejaculation. It is a scientifically formulated supplement that delivers the right amount of nutrients your body needs for better ejaculation and semen production.
  • Improves Erection Size and Health of Organs: The natural combination of the herbal extracts in VigorNow helps increase your size up to 7 centimeters. Now that’s what the VigorNow manufacturer promises. We can’t tell much about this, but as per the VigorNow users, they noticed a significant improvement in their size, which is reflected through the VigorNow reviews and testimonials.
  • Enhances Peak Performance and Stamina: It is not always about the firmness and the size of your organ. In order to make it more enjoyable for your woman, you need to have better stamina, and that’s what you can achieve by taking VigorNow capsules.
  • It is Safer and Convenient Option for Health: VigorNow is a drug-free high potency formula to enhance the body’s ability to maximize natural testosterone production. Vigor Now pills support muscle strength and endurance, enhance peak performance and stamina, and improve sexual health and satisfaction. This unique supplement also supports healthy metabolism, heart function, respiratory function, healthy bones, immune system and promotes healthy function of your libido.

Counterpoints: Does VigorNow Really Work As Advertised?

We recently got several emails with questions about VigorNow; does Vigor Now work, and where can you get the best deal? The most common question I see is whether a free trial or demo is available.

If you are looking to get your hands on male enhancement supplements, there are a lot of brands to choose from. And while they all claim their product is the best, that isn’t always the same. That’s why I took it upon myself to review VigorNow, a product that claims to help men who suffer from a variety of male problems and ailments.

Please stay with me while I am going to share the real experience that I went through and the real facts of VigorNow at the end of this article so that you will be able to decide for yourself whether the VigorNow Supplement really work or scam for a few pennies.

Over the past decade, I’ve tried everything. Nothing worked for me until I tried VigorNow. When I tried it for the first time, I couldn’t believe it! It was just amazing: a huge increase in size, really fast results, increased stamina and endurance, and more power!

However, my experience with VigorNow Amazon has been terrible. The product I received from Amazon doesn’t match the Vigor Now label. I doubt if that’s really the Vigor Now Matrix or something else. So buyers beware. The Vigor Now on Amazon might not be the original ones. Please visit the product’s website to read the Vigor Now real reviews, and also contact their customer rep via the Vigor Now phone number.

Things To Consider: What Are The Pros And Cons Of VigorNow Male Enhancement?

Every man’s dream is to regain his lost vigor faster, and VigorNow has made it possible! This all-natural male enhancement product has been helping thousands of men around the globe regain their lost strength, energy, and performance. But first, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind before you start taking this supplement, so keep a lookout for the pros and cons attached to this product.


  • Each capsule contains a special blend of herbal extracts that have been proven to increase your erection.
  • Most of the VigorNow reviews claim you’ll experience fast results in both size and strength.
  • With this highly concentrated formula, you get to keep your body in peak performance and stamina.
  • It’s an easy, effective solution for men wanting to get the most out of their bodies.
  • You get a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 90 days.
  • You also get Free Bottles depending on the quantity you purchase.
  • Free shipping inside the USA.


  • It is easy to get duped/ripped into purchasing VigorNow counterfeits. Always buy from the products official website.
  • It is not recommended for women or for those under the age of 18.

VigorNow Safety & Warnings: Are There Any Side Effects Of Taking VigorNow?

At this point of the Vigor Now review, you might be wondering: is Vigor Now safe? Can you take Vigor Now pill with your prescribed medications? In this review on Vigor Now, I will answer these questions. I’m also going to provide safety precautions you need to take before using the supplement. Read about the Vigor Now side effects that you can expect.

Vigornow may be what you are searching for if you are looking for an all-natural male enhancement supplement that is free from any drugs or stimulants. The manufacturer consistently talks about how it is all-natural and that there are no side effects when taken appropriately.

If you are taking any medications, please consult with a health care provider regarding VigorNow drug interaction. It is essential not to overdose. This brings us to the important question: How should you use VigorNow, and how many capsules should you take?

VigorNow How To Use: Direction Of Use And Recommended Dosage

While there are many benefits of taking VigorNow, you must follow the recommended dosage to avoid any adverse effects. You are supposed to take VigorNow capsules twice a day with water and just as you take any dietary supplement. As per the manufacturer, you will experience an increase in your size down there in as little as the first week of consuming the supplement.

Incredible things start to happen in the third and the fourth week when you will see an increase in girth and firmness. Starting from the fourth week, you get to experience an intense and lasting performance in bed with an explosion in your stamina. The manufacturer suggests you can give a pause in using the VigorNow supplement after the fourth or the fifth week.

You can also repeat using it after a weeklong break for maximum effect. An added tip is that you can also take VigorNow capsules five minutes before encountering your romantic date.

VigorNow Price, Discounts & Promotional Updates:

As of this writing, the retail price of Vigor Now is $62.50 per bottle. They are also offering Buy 1 Get 1 Free bottles. This is a great promotional update for those who are looking for Vigor Now Free bottle. Here is the list of offers as per the official website:

  • The Simpler Package (1 bottle + 1 Free bottle): $62.50 with free shipping USA.
  • The Best Value Package (Buy 2 Get 1 Free Bottle): $49.98 per bottle with free shipping USA.
  • The Most Popular Package (Buy 3 Get 2 Free Bottles): $39.74 per bottle with free shipping USA.

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VigorNow Where To Buy: The Guide To Ordering VigorNow And Getting It Delivered

Maybe you should feel embarrassed about stepping into a shop and asking for sexual enhancement pills. Well, it’s about time to get over yourself because VigorNow is the best product that men have been using to have the sex life that they have always dreamed of! You can get it easily because Vigornow is for sale on their official website. Note that you can’t get VigorNow at Walmart because it is sold exclusively on the product’s website.

Opinions & Testimonials: Read The VigorNow Reviews From Users

We’ve got some great VigorNow Male Enhancement reviews from users. Some are short and long and detailed, but they’re all real, honest opinions about what people think about the product. Whether it’s about the fact that it’s a new product or the way it was shipped, or how it functions, these people are completely transparent with their experience with the product. And that can teach you a lot.

  • “I’ve had a problem with my little guy being a bit small. I bought VigorNow, and within two months, an increase of 10% in sperm count, 50% in sperm volume, and 25% in performance. It seems like VigorMow has actually boosted my overall health as well because it’s made me feel less tired after work, and I have started weight training too.” Dan.
  • “I bought this pack for my bf, and I loved the results. I’m buying another one because the first bottle worked so well, but I think it’s a great value for what you get. It has done wonders for both of us.” R.T.
  • “As a busy business owner, I don’t really have time and energy for a stimulating relationship with her. But with VigorNow, I now have the energy and stamina to last through the foreplay. These pills give me the growth and inner strength, and I would definitely recommend VigorNow to busy men out there.” Diego.

I’m pretty sure you want to know what real users think of VigorNow before committing to buying it. There are a lot of brands out there. Unfortunately, many of them don’t live up to their hype. The above reviews on Vigornow can help you decide if this is right for you.

VigorNow Review - Wrapping Up

Our overall rating of VigorNow is eight out of ten stars. The average user rating is four and a half out of five stars. We also found that most of the VigorNow reviews and testimonials are positive, so definitely, it’s a product worth trying. Moreover, it’s never too late to feel amazing. Feeling good is a vital component of being healthy, and that’s what VigorNow wants to help you do. I know how it can be to find the right supplement or enhancement that works for you, but VigorNow is going to change all of that, and that’s why I shared this VigorNow review.

The only Vigor Now complaint is that you may come across the Vigor Now ads, which may be very annoying. Other than this product is worth the hype. We will love to hear about your experience if you have tried this product.

VigorNow Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Vigor Now?

Vigor Now is a male enhancement supplement that also supports men’s overall health. The makers of VigorNow argue that the product re-energizes and revitalizes users by increasing the stamina of those who take it. Makers of this supplement claim that its non-prescription ingredients make it perfectly safe for use by consumers, which makes this product very popular. It is also regarded as one of the best male enhancement supplements.

  • Is VigorNow Suitable For Both Men And Women?

VigorNow is a male enhancement supplement and is not designed for women. Hence, it is not suitable for women.

  • Is Vigor Now FDA Approved?

I’m pretty sure you want to know what real users think of VigorNow before committing to buying it. There are a lot of brands out there. Unfortunately, many of them don’t live up to their hype. The above reviews on Vigarnow can help you decide if this is right for you. Learn more about FDA Approval here!

  • Is Vigor Now Legit?

If you refer to the male enhancement supplement from the Vigor Now official website, the answer is yes. VigorNow Male Enhancement supplement is a very popular product, and you will get tons of Vigor Now testimonials both on the website and on several marketplaces. You can also check out Vigor Now Reviews Reddit. Vigor Now Reddit forum is where you can learn more about what others are saying about the product and see the users’ Vigor Now pictures.

  • Can You Get Vigor Now On Amazon?

I won’t be surprised if you get Viagra in Walmart, but when it comes to purchasing this product, make sure that you are buying Vigor Now legit. According to some Vigor Now customer reviews, the Vigor Now Amazon products don’t work like the product offered by the website. My purpose is only to report what others are saying to you, and I would recommend purchasing it from the manufacturer’s website. If you have bought it from Amazon and suspect that it’s not the same, I urge you to contact the Vigor Now customer support executives. This goes the same for Vigor Now GNC, Vigor Now CVS, and also Vigor Now eBay.

  • What Is The VigorNow Customer Service Number?

The VigorNow phone number is 855-670-1765 (TOLL-Free). You can contact them anytime at their phone number but between 9 am to 5 pm MST.

  • Do I Need A Doctor’s Prescription To Buy VigorNow?

The good news is you don’t need any prescription to purchase this product. You can easily order it from the Vigor Now men’s health website. If you come across the VigorNow video, simply click the cross button and go to the order page to place your order.

  • Is Vigor Now Any Good?

For sure it is a good product. You will read thousands of positive experiences and Vigor Now real reviews online stating that the product works. For example, Jonus comments, “I am so impressed with VigorNow! I just started taking it a few weeks ago and already feel like a new man. It’s been 10 years since I was in the dating game, but now I have a renewed confidence which is allowing me to draw the attention of beautiful women.” This is just one of the many Vigor Now Male Performance reviews. Finally, you can’t really tell unless you try it for yourself.

  • What Does VigorNow Do To Your Health?

VigorNow helps enhance men’s sexual health and performance. It also aids in improving the erection size and girth. It consists of essential vitamins that also support the growth nutrients and boost stamina as well as blood circulation.

  • Is Vigor Now Sold In Stores?

Vigor Now is not sold in any physical store. It is sold exclusively online.

  • Where Can You Buy Vigor Now?

You can purchase Vigor Now online, and that is right from the product’s official website. We have shared the Vigor Now official website on the introduction of this review on Vigor Now.

  • How To Get Vigor Now Free Or Trial Offers?

Right now, you can get Vigor Now buy 1 get 1 offer on the website. You are entitled to get 1 free bottle by purchasing 1 bottle. You will get other promotional offers depending on the location from where you order. This means the promotional offer for Vigor Now in Uganda would be different than that of the USA.

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