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Cacao Bliss Review: Danette May’s Chocolate Superfood Powder

July 15, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 15, 2020 - Cacao Bliss is a healthy chocolate superfood elixir supplement by Danette May of Earth Echo that is comprised of ceremonial-grade cacao and superfoods to help promote mental clarity, energy levels, and free one of sugar cravings. Danette May, one of America’s Leading Health Coaches in the natural wellness space, is offering the  Earth Echo Cacao Bliss at  where users can learn how to enjoy guilt-free thick, velvety hot chocolate everyday whether it is put inside a delicious chocolate smoothie or the morning cup of coffee.

Superfood lovers around the world strongly believe in raw cacao’s ability to satisfy one’s chocolate cravings. Besides unique taste as a factor, what makes it stand out is the nutritional value and benefits, with the latter ranging from possible alleviated stress (thanks to serotonin production) to reduced cataracts to many other benefits outlined below. Danette May’s Cacao Bliss superfood supplement chocolate drink mix is said to be the most delicious feel-good discovery on the planet as the 14+ year certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor, and NASM nutritionist is out to change the way people consume chocolate one healthy drink at a time.


Research has since shown that cacao contains a component called theobromine, which is a non-addictive means of treating depression. To think that this is just the tip of the iceberg is quite unreal, especially given its rich source of vitamins and minerals regarded as being useful in supporting different organs. The Cacao Bliss chocolate powder also contains powerful superfoods to supercharge results like Turmeric, known as the golden child of therapeutic superfoods, or MCT oil as being the king of healthy oils that can help with weight management and curbing cravings.

With that in mind comes Earth Echo, a brand that focuses on unleashing the power of superfoods. Given their vast line of products,  Cacao Bliss, a healthy alternative to sweet treats, has since become a top seller. Here’s everything there is to know:

What is Cacao Bliss?

Described as a dietary supplement, Cacao Bliss combines ceremonial-grade cacao and superfoods to ultimately support mental clarity, energy levels, and free one of sugar cravings.

What ingredients are in Cacao Bliss?

Close to 10 ingredients have been included in the Cacao Bliss formula. Here’s an overview of the reasons why Earth Echo chose them over others:

Raw Cacao

According to Earth Echo, raw cacao was selected because of its rich source of antioxidants, which in turn could possibly promote better skin health, energy levels, and suppressed appetite.



Turmeric is no stranger to the supplement space as it is a highly acclaimed Indian spice filled with anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, individuals can foresee an improvement in their joint and muscles health, and temporary relief towards exercise-related pain.


MCT Oil (namely offered in powder form) was included to ensure that individuals are feeling satiated over long periods of time. This, in turn, could lead to a decrease in stubborn fat deposits and a boost in mental clarity and energy levels.


Another ingredient praised for its high antioxidant profile is Lucuma, which is an alternative to sugar that typically pairs well with caramel, chocolate, and a wide range of fruits. As for its benefits, Earth Echo affirms that it can protect cells against free radical damage and maintain preferred blood sugar levels.

4 Superfoods

As for the four key superfoods found in Cacao Bliss, they include cinnamon, Himalayan sea salt, mesquite, and black pepper fruit, all of which combined can:

Effectively digest glucose and regulate blood sugar levels

Reduce sugar cravings

Balance pH levels

Maintain immunity

Increase turmeric’s bioavailability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Danette May’s Cacao BLISS by Earth Echo  may be 100% USDA certified organic, Vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto friendly, Free of unhealthy sugars like other chocolate products, uses only the highest quality processing methods, is 100% guilt-free, produced in a non-GMO facility, tastes deliciously decadent (dessert-like!), a pure superfood with no artificial flavors or sweeteners and free of Soy, dairy and gluten; but there are still many unknown questions circulating about the Cacao Bliss product.

Here are the most popular questions that can help users gain clarity on what Danette May’s Cacao Bliss has to offer.

What do the Cacao Bliss’ nutritional facts suggest?

As seen on the nutritional facts, each serving (i.e., one scoop of 7.88g) contains 35 calories, of which 10% accounts for total and saturated fats, 1% for carbohydrates, 7% for dietary fiber, 2% for protein and 4% for iron and sodium respectively. In addition, individuals get close to 7.88 grams of Earth Echo’s superfood blend comprising of over eight ingredients.

Is Cacao Bliss gluten-free?

Yes, Cacao Bliss is gluten-free; in fact, it is also advertised as being dairy-, and soy-free. Besides, it is a keto-friendly formula that only embraces natural and organic ingredients.

What are the benefits of Cacao Bliss compared to the average chocolate bar?

The main problem that arises with an average chocolate bar is that it is excessively processed. While this is not true about all chocolate bars, those offered for much cheaper undergo a lot of processing, which eliminates cacao’s nutrients. With Cacao Bliss, the raw goodness of chocolate is celebrated so that individuals:

Have access to treat that is considered a guilt-free decadence

Can experience a calm state of happiness

Can enjoy rich chocolate while suppressing their appetites at the same time

Ingest a superfood blend poised to increase natural energy and mental clarity while reducing inflammation

How to take Cacao Bliss?

To make the  most out of Cacao Bliss, individuals have been recommended to add one scoop to 8 fl oz. of hot, warm, or cold liquids. This can include almond or coconut milks and even coffee. For fuller effects, Earth Echo’s cacao can be easily incorporated in baked goods and other recipes.

Does a return policy back Cacao Bliss?

Yes, Cacao Bliss is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If this supplement brings close to no satisfaction during the first 60 days since purchase, the Earth Echo team will give 100% of the money invested.

How to connect with the Earth Echo team?

To get in touch with the Earth Echo team, consumers have been advised to either send an email to  or to call at (888) 321-0405.

What does each Cacao Bliss purchase come with?

In addition to Cacao Bliss, individuals will also be provided with two bonuses. They are as follows:

Bonus #1: Cacao Lovers Cookbook

As the name suggests, the Cacao Lovers Cookbook includes every possible way that Cacao Bliss can be enjoyed. Many of the recipes found within the cookbook focus on healthy, natural, and fat-burning ingredients. To give an idea of what this might entail, check out the list the following suit:

Cacao coconut balls and cacao bites

Chocolate peanut butter cups

Guilt-free chocolate cake, healthy brownies, and waffles

Chocolate thin mint cookies

Almond butter cups smoothie

Bonus #2: Cacao Meditations

Cacao Meditations introduces individuals to two powerful meditations that one can listen to while taking Cacao Bliss. This is meant to put one’s mind at peace while promoting a sense of tranquility.

Where to Buy Cacao BLISS and How much does it cost?

The only way for consumers to buy Danette May’s healthy chocolate drink mix is on the official website for  Cacao Bliss at For a total of 30 servings (i.e., one pouch), the current going price is $59.95. However, by signing up for monthly subscriptions, individuals can save anywhere between 25 and 50%. Below is a complete breakdown of different price options under the subscription plan:

1 Cacao Bliss pouch: $53.95

3 Cacao Bliss pouches: $149.95

Buy 4, Get 1 Cacao Bliss pouch free: $199.94

About Earth Echo

Earth Echo was created with admiration for Mother Nature. According to the claims made, the team is on a mission to unveil nutrient-dense superfoods that help others reach their respective health goals. Most of all, this has been done with emphasis placed on sustainable practices and investments that neither destroy nor compromise natural resources. A company that once came into existence to address poor energy levels has now grown to promote healthy eating and living.

Final Thoughts

Earth Echo’s Cacao Bliss  appears to carry a lot of value – both health-wise and financially. In terms of the health factor, individuals are introduced to a supplement that can easily replace and plummet sugar cravings. As seen above, each serving consists of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, and fatty acids, which are all health-supporting elements.

Financially speaking, Earth Echo has since reduced the prices to ensure that each and every individual has access to this superfoods blend. In fact, over $6 per purchase can be saved by subscribing to Earth Echo rather than making a one-time purchase. Moreover, each pouch is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, which implies that there’s minimal risk tied to giving it a go. For more on the nutritional aspects of Cacao Bliss,  click here.