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RangeXTD Wi-Fi Booster Reviews Reveal Repeater and Router Range Benefits

July 10, 2020 GMT

Homewood, IL - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 10, 2020 -  RangeXTD is a WiFi extender that uses the router to boost the internet connection. The device can be set up anywhere there is an internet connection to improve the WiFi speeds and reduce dead zones or weak signals.

Households with slow internet speeds can be a stressor for home members, especially during peak hours. When this happens, the number of people using a particular network might lead to reduced speed. It isn’t the number of connections established that slows down one’s access, but the activities consumed by these devices. Due to this active use, many are likely to be driven out of their senses. Who can forget the fact that many consumers around the world are now working from home!


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In such cases, a WiFi booster or extender might come in handy, and this is where it is most applicable to introduce RangeXTD.

Here’s what we’ve gathered on this device thus far:

What is RangeXTD?

RangeXTD is a compact WiFi booster than aims to extend one’s established WiFi network to areas deemed “dead zones” or lacking signal. As described on the official website, these areas can be within a single floor or even across several stories.

How does RangeXTD work?

Given that the RangeXTD is considered a WiFi booster, it works because of its two wireless routers. The first one picks up on an established WiFi network, while the other receives signals from the former so that it can be extended farther away.

How to setup RangeXTD?

First, individuals need to establish a range extender based on their router specifications. Then the router needs to be correctly synchronized with RangeXTD. Usually, additional plugs are required to activate traditional boosters; however, this device has been designed to support convenience. So, individuals are needed to plug it into a socket to get the signals transferred from one router to another.

For optimal results, areas with thick walls should be avoided, as it could take much more time to receive signals through them. Similarly, the fewer obstructions present, the better. Though many devices can be connected to RangeXTD, it might be best to test its function by adding a few devices at a time.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)What is the difference between WiFi extender, booster, and repeater?

There are virtually no differences between WiFi extenders, boosters, and repeaters. They all serve the intended goal of extending WiFi coverage, but different manufacturers use different terms to mean the same thing.

What features does RangeXTD have?

RangeXTD is described as:

  • Supporting “lightning-fast” data transfer speeds up to 300Mbps
  • Offering multiple connection modes, some of which include WiFi repeater, router and access point
  • Promoting quality internet access without even a cent raise to one’s monthly bill

What are the specifications of RangeXTD?

RangeXTD was designed to support WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK signals. Moreover, it comes with dual built-in 3D antennas, cooling vents, and LED lights that indicate signal strength.

Is there a limit on the number of devices that can be connected to RangeXTD?

According to the claims made, RangeXTD doesn’t have a limitation on how many devices can be connected. Hence, everyone can benefit from extended WiFi signals.

Is RangeXTD moveable after installation?

Although RangeXTD needs to be placed closer to a traditional router at first, once the setup has been completed, it can be moved to one’s liking. Whether it be much closer or farther away, as long as it is within the wireless range, the connection should be smooth. That said, the ideal location is supposedly half-way between the router and one’s respective device.

What would be the benefits of purchasing more than one RangeXTD?

By purchasing additional RangeXTDs, individuals can anticipate their respective wireless signals to be extended even further. The more devices present, the more reliable the connection as long as they are not set up in a daisy chain (i.e., devices should not be connected in a sequence or ring).

What range does RangeXTD cover?

As suggested on the official website, coverage is likely to vary. However, given indoor conditions and the presence of obstructions, this range can be anywhere from 70m to 230 ft.

How much does RangeXTD cost?

Designed to match U.S., European, Australian, or United Kingdom outlets, here is a summary of purchase options worth considering:

  • One (1) RangeXTD Wi-Fi Booster + Plug: $49.95 + $8.95 S&H
  • Two (2) RangeXTD Wi-Fi Boosters+ Plug: $99.90 + $9.95 S&H
  • Three (3) RangeXTD Wi-Fi Boosters+ Plug: $112.39 + $10.95 S&H
  • Four (4) RangeXTD Wi-Fi Boosters+ Plug: $149.85 + $11.95 S&H

In addition to a discount of 50%, RangeXTD has been backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, if consumers aren’t satisfied with this device, it needs to be returned within 30 days of delivery to get a full refund.

To contact customer service regarding the team’s refund policy, consider the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: U.S. (toll-free): (855) 623 0435
  • Canada (toll free): (855) 625 0787
  • UK: 33080 80756
  • Australia: (02) 5133 5357

Who is behind RangeXTD?

Based on the provided address, Strong Current Enterprises Limited is responsible for RangeXTD, a company based in Hong Kong. In further researching this company, it has come to our attention that they are more so an economic platform “for sourcing high-quality, well-packaged products.” This leads to the question as to whether or not they are responsible for RangeXTD.

Here’s their address for future reference:

Company Address:

  • 68308 G/F Kowloon East Building
  • 12 Lei Yue Mun Road
  • Kwung Tong Hong Kong

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, RangeXTD is a device that boosts WiFi to the deadest of zones in one’s home. A device like this is especially crucial in a household of five or more members, as too many people on a network can quickly reduce its strength. Some of the factors that might make RangeXTD appear attractive include its price, features, ease of setup, and strength.

Ease and price seem to have impressed existing customers as beginners can install the necessities without incurring extra costs. Additionally, many reviewers claim that RangeXTD was smoothly working with no problems witnessed to date, increasing the value for the price. That said, some areas need further investigation.

For starters, it seems like Strong Current Enterprises Limited is widely known for its poor customer service and delayed product shipment. These are concerning when individuals come across a problem that needs resolving, not to forget the mere fact that tracking their purchase can become difficult. Though mixed reviews are found on their service as a whole, many have complained about the lack of email confirmations, long processing times, and in some cases, not having received the product altogether.

To ensure that these problems are not experienced, consumers are strongly urged to contact customer service before placing an order.

To learn more about RangeXTD, click here.