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Nyiah Courtney of DC One of 126 Murdered Children Nationwide Since 2020

July 20, 2021 GMT
Nyiah Courtney
Nyiah Courtney

WASHINGTON, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Bishop E.W. Jackson, President of STAND, has founded the Awakening Hearts & Minds Project (“AHM”) and a GOFUNDME page to respond to the epidemic of murdered children nationwide. STAND [Staying True to America’s National Destiny], is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization established to bring Americans together across racial and cultural lines to uphold Judeo-Christian principles and values.

The AHM Project is chronicling the deaths of innocent children across America. They have created a “Gallery of Forgotten Children” with pictures of children murdered since the start of 2020. The number, according to their research is 126 children murdered in street violence since the beginning of 2020. Almost all of these children are black. The latest is the six year old, Nyiah Courtney killed in Washington, DC, on Friday night near the intersections of Martin Luther King and Malcom X Avenues.


Bishop Jackson says, “Police departments are suffering from defunding, budget cuts, massive retirements, resignations and increased attacks. Cops are being ambushed and murdered in unprecedented numbers. The result is an unprecedented increase in crime and violence in the inner city which is falling heaviest on black citizens, and especially children. Black Lives Matter, Mayors and city councils accuse the police of targeting black people, but police aren’t killing these children. I’ve talked to parents of these murdered children and they say that BLM and the politicians who preside over these war zones are doing nothing. If BLM is about saving black lives, why are they silent about the murders of these children?”

STAND’s GOFUNDME page (gofundme.com/f/murdered-children) raises money for rewards for apprehension of the perpetrators; to help parents with funeral expenses; to foster better relations between police and the community and to implement short term and long term strategies to end the violence.

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