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Press release content from PR Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Edge Delta Announces Live, Interactive, Open Environment for Free and Unlimited Exploration

July 16, 2021 GMT

SEATTLE, July 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Edge Delta, the new layer of intelligence that automates and optimizes observability data using stream processing and federated machine learning, today announced an open demo environment ( https://demo.edgedelta.com ). The demo requires no login credentials or payment details, and allows users to freely explore a fully functional environment, the real time insights being generated, and the value of the platform based on live continuous streaming data.

This innovative concept is a response to frustration from DevOps, SRE, and Security teams with the inflexible and tedious trial process imposed on them by most analytics vendors. They have to endure lengthy and expensive proof-of-concepts involving their production data in order to evaluate and understand the value of those systems. This is inefficient and exposes teams to additional potential security risks. Edge Delta eliminates this unnecessary hurdle by providing a fully functional environment with actual data to provide a comparable understanding of value for most teams.


“This open environment has a significant role to play in addressing the most prevalent frustrations in DevOps and Security,” said Ozan Unlu, Founder and CEO at Edge Delta. “We’re breaking down the walls and removing hurdles - engineers today don’t want a quick look at the product to involve high effort, and this new open approach accelerates collaboration and progress.”

Edge Delta is designed to provide valuable insights and data pipeline control with minimal configuration and reduce the data needed to power analytics by 90% or more. In combination with the backend SaaS enrichment and correlation service, Edge Delta offers the ability to analyze orders of magnitude more data at a fraction of the technical and financial costs. A typical use case is a DevOps team previously analyzing logs at a rate of 1TB/day from K8s infrastructure in Splunk. After implementing Edge Delta, the team can reduce the data input to Splunk to as little as 15 GB/day while matching the existing same dashboards and alerts as well as enabling additional ML and AD insights. The resulting stack also allows for far more than 1TB/day to be analyzed. Increasing visibility and coverage while massively reducing costs and false positives has an overwhelming positive impact on the effectiveness of DevOps, Security and SRE organizations.


Gaining momentum, Edge Delta has recently surpassed user statistics of 1,000,000+ per year from over 425 cities in more than 40 countries across all open environments and paid accounts. Edge Delta includes open and transparent pricing listed online at https://edgedelta.com/pricing/

About Edge Delta

Operational and Security use cases that require real-time insights are forcing engineers today to make difficult decisions around how their production monitoring systems are architected. The exponential growth of data has made the traditional centralized approach of sending all logs, metrics, and traces to a one-size-fits-all data lake has become both technically limited and financially infeasible.

Before Edge Delta, this meant making concrete decisions that forced engineering teams into rigid data pipelines. Edge Delta is taking a modern approach to observability by giving enterprises the ability to use distributed stream processing and federated machine learning capabilities for intelligent, dynamic, and automated data routing to optimal destinations. Organizations now have access to limitless analytics and unparalleled visibility leading to significant operational efficiencies and predictability that was previously not possible.

To download the paper, request a demo, or have an engineer help with setup, please visit https://edgedelta.com/get-started/

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