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The better you smell, the better you game?

November 2, 2021 GMT
The 0.1% Effect - AXE
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The 0.1% Effect - AXE
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The 0.1% Effect - AXE

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Ahead of the League of Legends Grand Finals, AXE conducted an experiment with the help of four world renowned streamers RossBoomSocks, Robertocein, Xchocobars and Lpgjustjohnny to test the theory that wearing Axe body spray increased confidence(1), therefore could potentially impact overall gaming ability by up to 0.1%(2).

The 0.1% Effect experiment was conducted by partnering with four renowned gamers from the U.K, U.S, Mexico, and Germany. Each participant received their own 0.1% kit ahead of the experiment, which included a monitoring band and AXE body spray. The experiment was conducted in two phases – phase 1 being the control where the participants play without using AXE, and phase 2 being conducted with participants using AXE. Upon completion, our scientists recorded participants’ vitals and their changes between each phase.

Ultimately, there was a slight uplift in performance detected, roughly aggregated to 0.1%, across the four participants. But could 0.1% potentially be the difference between winning and losing? To further test the 0.1% theory AXE will now widen the sample size by inviting additional gamers within select markets to experience the confidence boosting properties of AXE for themselves. Additionally, anyone can learn how to conduct their own experiment at home by visiting for instructions.


To better understand these results, AXE teamed up with a world-renowned expert on the psychological science of smell, Dr. Rachel Herz, who is a neuroscientist, TEDx speaker and published author of both books and numerous research publications. Dr. Herz noted that “I am not at all surprised to see that Axe had a positive effect on two of the subject’s performance. Scents have the ability to alter our emotions and moods more than any other sensory experience. This is because of the unique connection in the brain where scent, emotion, memories and associations are processed.”

“AXE was designed to make young people look, feel and smell their best and through our 0.1% Effect experiment, we explored whether it could even help them game at their best,” said Mark Lodwick, AXE Brand Director. “As an Official Partner of League of Legends, we collaborated with notable League of Legends streamers to test the theory that smelling good can impact confidence and in turn, game play.”

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Notes to Editor

About the research:


A study by Liverpool University showed wearing Axe Body Spray increases your confidence - (Roberts, S. C., Little, A. C., Lyndon, A., Roberts, J., Havlicek, J., & Wright, R. L. (2009). Manipulation of body odour alters men's self-confidence and judgements of their visual attractiveness by women. International journal of cosmetic science, 31(1), 47-54)


The Axe 0.1% Effect Objective: To determine the effect on gaming performance with AXE and without AXE

About our streamers:

Lpgjustjohnny: Johnny is a former host, caster and analyst for the first German esports TV shows as well as national and international esports and gaming events, Johnny has set remarkable milestones in the scene, such as having been part of the first League of Legends TV show.

RossBoomSocks: Ross is one of the most popular League of Legends content creators in the UK. Ross uses creativity to draw in his legion of fans; he once turned his childlike drawing of Urgot into a real-life plushie. He started 8 years ago and now brings some humour and fun to the gaming world of League of Legends amidst the competitive nature of it all.

Robertocein: Roberto is an influencer primarily known for his YouTube channel. His popularity has evolved on the Internet thanks to his edits, gameplays, streaming and his humorous and entertaining videos. Although he is famous throughout Mexico, his popularity has spread to other countries around the world thanks to his engaging personality and collaboration with other renowned youtubers. Roberto Cein’s content and gameplays are headlined by the famous Minecraft game, League of Legends, as well as other PvP games for which he has gained great recognition in the medium.

Xchocobars: Also known as Janet Rose, is from Toronto, Canada. She has been a variety streamer on Twitch for 7 years and is best known for playing Valorant, APEX Legends, League of Legends and her involvement with the popular content creator group, OfflineTV.

About our scent expert:

Dr. Rachel Herz is a world-renowned expert on the psychological science of smell, Dr. Rachel Herz is a neuroscientist, TEDx speaker, and published author of two books and numerous research publications. She is also a valued consultant to international corporations, an entrepreneur, and is on the faculty at Brown University and Boston College.

About AXE® 

AXE, is the No. 1 men’s fragrance brand in the world*. AXE champions confidence for guys by helping them look, feel, and smell their best while navigating the attraction game. With a full line of grooming products including body sprays, deodorants, anti-perspirants, shower gels, shampoos and styling products, AXE gives guys the tools to feel confident, self-assured, and attractive to the world around them.

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 *Source Euromonitor International Limited; Beauty and Personal Care 2017 edition; as per Men’s Deodorants & Men’s Fragrances retail value sales combined; UBN; 2016 data; Lynx includes all AXE/Lynx/Ego sales 

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