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2nd Precision Health Virtual Summit Provides Look at Innovation Advancing the Promise of Personalized Medicine

September 9, 2021 GMT

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- hc1, the leader in critical insight, analytics, and solutions for precision health, announced today the successful completion of its 2nd annual Precision Health Virtual Summit. Registrations for this year’s event grew by 10%, evidencing a growing interest in the innovations and collaborations ushering in a new era of precision health.

The two-day event held in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare featured leading experts including keynote presentations from Katherine Capps, president of Health2 Resources and co-founder and executive director of GTMRx (Get the Medications Right) Institute, and David Nash, MD, MBA, founding dean emeritus of Jefferson College of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University.


In “Precision Health and Population Health: Friends or Foes,” Nash discussed how two of healthcare’s priority initiatives can work in tandem to achieve cost, access and clinical outcomes goals. Nash explained how eliminating waste in population health is a driver for precision health and ties into addressing cost and access concerns in delivering individualized care for all patients.

“It’s amazing how much is changing and how quickly it is changing. Precision medicine – harnessing the human genome and being able to deliver precision, personalized care—it’s a kissing cousin of population health; it’s a subset; it’s a pillar. One thing is clear: they are not on a collision course. Quite frankly, they are incredibly complementary,” Nash said.


“The field of precision health is moving at light speed—the fastest in history,” Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD, General Manager, Healthcare Analytics Solution, AdventHealth, told “Precision Health and Genomics: Unlocking Individuality” session moderator Mackenzie Bean, Writer/Reporter, Becker’s Hospital Review. “Think about where we were in 1985 with personal computers and IT. Well, that’s actually where we are today with omics and with precision health. Not just the next 25 years we’re gonna see those truly amazing changes, but even within the next few years we’re gonna see light speed changes. What’s needed for that is we’ve got to develop the clinical decision support tools that allow physicians to easily access what’s presented to them, in an easy to understand way, in their workflow, that’s actionable that more importantly puts patients at the center of the program.”

In her presentation, “The Future of Precision Health,” Capps discussed how personalized medicine and gene therapies are laying the groundwork for better care today and in the future. After providing a real-life account of the medication struggles of a patient with multiple complex conditions, she provided an overview of a new solution called Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM)—a method that differs from traditional medication therapy management (MTM) and takes a systematic, integrated and collaborative approach to medications built on an understanding of how genetics influence efficacy through pharmacogenomics.

“The ultimate goal is precision preventative medicine. We believe at the institute that we can move from precise to personalized medicine through the expansion of CMM in the delivery setting through application of knowledge, access to clinical pharmacists, leveraging pharmacogenomics testing. It’ll reduce burnout, increase physician, patient satisfaction. It’ll lead to better outcomes at a lower cost and it’ll ensure that we achieve the quadruple aim,” Capps said.

Brad Bostic, Founder, chairman and CEO of hc1, opened the virtual summit with an address that focused on the challenges of healthcare’s current one-size-fits-all care delivery model and how data silos create barriers to holistically addressing the needs of individual patients. He also discussed how high-impact technology partnerships are changing this dynamic through a new class of solutions called Precision Health Insight Networks (PHINS).

“I really found it an energizing, exciting opportunity to bring together people from all different parts of the healthcare value chain to talk about how we can solve this challenge of one size fits all trial-and-error care and move to more of a model that’s focused on the end outcome of the patient and bringing the most precise possible approach to healthcare,” Bostic noted in his closing remarks. “Today we’ve got about 30% of all healthcare dollars being wasted. In the future, we really need to fix that, and together we can do it. We also see about 128,000 people per year in the U.S. dying from taking medications as prescribed, and with new precision medicine techniques, with better precision approaches to managing health across populations, we can do much, much better and eliminate those unnecessary dollars and unnecessary deaths.”

Sponsors of the Precision Health Virtual Summit include AWS, Snowflake and leader sponsor Quest Diagnostics. The event was offered free of charge and can be accessed on-demand at

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