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PRESS RELEASE: Paid content from Prodigy News
Press release content from Prodigy News. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Get the business growth you deserve through Amazon or Walmart with MarketplaceOps

November 25, 2021 GMT

11/20/2021, Los Angeles, CA // PRODIGY: Feature Story // offers marketing strategies specially designed for sellers growing through Amazon and Walmart. With so many vendors on both platforms, it can be hard to stand out and be seen by those that truly matter.

Founders Fernando Campos and Nick Young have been successful in their endeavors even prior to setting up MarketplaceOps and taking the companies they had worked for to new heights. With success stories and million-dollar growth experiences under their belt, they have grown their agency to become leaders in the industry.

Data-backed Decisions

One big differentiator is how MarketplaceOps leverages technology and data to help their clients make better decisions. For instance, a critical metric to succeeding on Amazon is the click-through-rate (CTR) on your main image. MarketplaceOps will run several polling campaigns to determine why customers prefer one product over another, which packaging do they like better, and their design team incorporates the feedback to make improvements to the image. Leveraging actual customer feedback, they are able to dramatically increase CTR which translates into more sessions and sales.


Protecting your brand

Having a strong brand for your product or business is not enough, although it is important. You need a strong and consistent identity so that your demographic and target audience can pick you out and recognize your brand. However, it is also increasingly easy to build counterfeit products, piggy-backing off that identity that you have already built. MarketplaceOps can help stop this from happening by protecting your intellectual property. This isn’t something that many people think to do but MarketplaceOps is entirely serious about helping their clients garner success and this is one of the most important things that you have to do in order to achieve that level of success.

One fake seller and a negative review can damage your reputation. In a world of e-commerce where reviews are as valuable as gold, a negative review will reflect harshly on your business - and it’s not like the customer will do their research and discover that they’ve gotten the product from a shady seller. They would more than likely post negative reviews directed at your brand and business, thwarting other customers from trying your product.

Boosting your sales


Now comes the part that every seller is interested in: How to boost your sales. MarketplaceOps has got that part covered as well. Merchandising strategy is one of their specialities and they will ensure that both their clients and their client’s customer base will be happy with the way the product looks and how it’s marketed to them. In addition, they work with a best-in-class advertising platform, Pacvue, to efficiently use advertising spend to grow your brand. Pacvue allows MarketplaceOps to write intelligent automations to help achieve a brand’s goals.

Combined efforts for enhanced results

MarketplaceOps combines the specialities of SEO optimization, marketing strategies, product merchandising, supply chain, content design, and support all under one in-house team. Clients don’t have to worry about looking for a different agency in order to improve on any other aspect of their business with MarketplaceOps’ integrated model.


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