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Several Types of Businesses That Benefit from Travel and Lifestyle Activities

January 12, 2022 GMT

01/10/2022, Chicago // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Travel and lifestyle activities can include a wide range of choices, such as staying at a hotel, taking a cruise or tour, doing sports like yoga or golf, etc. However, one common thread unites all travel and lifestyle activities: they require planning and research beforehand to be successful. For this case, most businesses need to do some marketing-related activities ahead of time before their customers will see them and choose them. For example, if you are a travel agent selling cruises, your customers will need to plan out their budget or know what they want before coming to you for help. This means that the time required before one becomes successful is longer than with some other businesses. The result makes entrepreneurs see running this type of business as not ideal. However, there are several types of businesses that can be very profitable doing just this type of marketing activity:


Destination-Based Products (Food and Wine Tours, Destination Spas)

Products in this category are popular because they can easily be replicated. This means that if you’re able to develop an idea for a food tour or destination spa, it’s easy to get started independently. However, some challenges here include finding qualified employees and ensuring the business stays profitable over time. There are also additional considerations when thinking about products like spas versus tours. With spas, customers may want more privacy, while there’s more focus on customer service with tours.

Education Services for Travel and Lifestyle Activities (Language Classes, Yoga Retreats, etc.)

This is one of the easiest areas of travel and lifestyle businesses to get started in. Many people don’t realize that starting an online language school is easier than it sounds.

You need to have good customer service. For example, try to often communicate with your customers via Skype or some other means of video chat. This will be very helpful for them if they ever need help or have questions about anything related to your business.


Carsharing is a business that deals with travel and lifestyle activities. Car sharing companies like Avail car sharing offer their customers cars for short-term use at easily accessible locations, where the customer pays by the minute, hour, or day. This saves their customers money as they do not have to pay for car insurance, fuel, or parking fees. Customers also do not have the hassle of owning cars, paying for road tax, or servicing.

Destination Products That Are Meant to Be Consumed in a Destination (i.e., Souvenirs, Vacation Homes/Condos)


As far as this type of business goes, you may want to consider whether selling made-at-home vacation homes or condos would be more lucrative. Both options are fairly easy to get started on, but one has more overhead costs. In addition, there are some other considerations you should think about before making a decision here. For example, if you’re selling made-at-home vacation homes, your customers must have the right space.

Marketing for Businesses Who Sell Travel and Lifestyle Activities

This is a very common type of business. With so many different types of businesses selling similar products or services, they need marketing tools to stand out from the crowd and get more customers. This is all marketing agencies can offer them in terms of value. Of course, this industry typically has high turnover rates since the work is often very tedious.

Many people enjoy traveling and participating in travel and lifestyle activities. These types of businesses usually have a lot of people behind them to support their operations. This is one area where you’ll want to try your best to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering something they don’t yet.


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