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Press release content from Prodigy News. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Metaverser is looking for its first Mayor

December 18, 2021 GMT
Metaverser is looking for its first Mayor
Metaverser is looking for its first Mayor
Metaverser is looking for its first Mayor

12/13/2021, Singapore, Singapore // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Virtual Island Paradise’s first Island property sale will elect mayor.

The island only has 3278 plots with 71 pre-built houses. An advanced home builder enables players and the new generation of digital architects to build digital NFT Real Estate to live in, or trade. The Metaverse aims to compete with the likes of blockchain native Decentraland.

Only land and homeowners will get access to enter Hombaba Island in the initial rollout phase. The elected Mayor will have some definite and indefinite privileges explained below.

What is Metaverser?

The Blockchain-based game offers users many opportunities to play and earn MTVT, the currency of Metaverser. It is the first multiplayer open-world blockchain game where you can play with an avatar created based on a picture of your own face, detecting 468 biometric spots (468 Face Landmarks). Metaverser offers play-to-earn missions and challenges but also enables you to mine MTVT within the Metaverse, using an innovative smart-contract based in-game miner powered by virtual electricity that needs to be purchased in-game. The miner is placed in your home or in the data center on every island that houses 300 free miner slots.


Formula 1-type races, concerts, and many more innovative features make Metaverser a very interesting project to follow. The game is currently in Beta testing with a limited number of users and will be released to landowners in February of 2022.

The Metaverse is built on Unity 3D and will be available on the web using WebGL, Windows, Mac, and soon on Mobile and the Oculus (Meta) VR platform.

The Mayor and the Initial Asset Offering

Metaverser is looking for the first mayor of Hombaba Island. This privilege comes with some benefits that are temporary and others that remain indefinitely.

The island consists of different parts such as a city, a mountainous area and a desert, a natural park with AI-powered animals, and the Nakomoto International Airport.

The highest bidder on the first land sale auction of Hombaba Island will be the Mayor of Hombaba for 12 months.

Privileges and Benefits of the mayor

The mayor will receive the following benefits:

- 2 lifetime AI-powered bodyguards that protect the mayor in case there is an attack on him

- Access to the mayor’s 12 seater Limousine for 12 months

- Free Electricity and Utilities for lifetime

- Free billboard for lifetime (can be rented and sold)

- Access to City Hall’s Mayor office for 12 months

- One free Ad during every concert on the Island for 12 months

Initial Asset Offering


After the election of the mayor, the initial Asset offering begins. Land and houses can be previewed prior to purchase. A total of 3260 empty plots and 71 plots with prebuilt buildings of different size and proximity to the city center will be available for purchase.

The Initial Asset Offering begins on the 20. December 2021 12:00PT on

The election of the mayor begins on 20. December 14:00PT on





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