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Atoshi CEO Liao Wang was invited to give a speech at “China Blockchain Day”

October 27, 2021 GMT
Atoshi CEO Liao Wang was invited to give a speech at "China Blockchain Day”
Atoshi CEO Liao Wang was invited to give a speech at "China Blockchain Day”
Atoshi CEO Liao Wang was invited to give a speech at "China Blockchain Day”

10/27/2021, New York, NY // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

On October 21, 2021, to deeply study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on blockchain, the “China Blockchain Day” hosted by the Blockchain Professional Committee of China Communication Industry Association, was held in Xinglin Villa of the State Council.

This conference invited Mr. Wu Zhongze, former vice minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, member of Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of the 11th National People’s Congress,Mr. Wang Bingke, Chairman of China Communication Industry Association,Mr. Wang Jun, Executive Director of the Blockchain Special Committee of China Communication Industry Association, and a number of outstanding leaders and experts, including the author of Blockchain Reform- Chinese Thinking, Mr. Zhu Youping, and ATOSHI CEO Mr. Liao Wang to give


speeches and exchange ideas.

The conference was presided over by the Deputy Secretary-General Wu Yanfang and Secretary-General He Chao with the Blockchain Professional Committee of China Communication Industry Association. Mr. Wang Bingke, President of China Communication Industry Association, made the opening speech.

After the opening ceremony, experts from blockchain industry gave speeches on “Promotion of Blockchain Reform Action”. Among them, ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang mentioned in his speech: “The joint publication by 18 ministries and committees may make many people have many concerns about the future of blockchain. However, blockchain belongs to the world. If we want to make a correct conclusion, we should look at this matter from the perspective of the world. China’s policies are not to curb the development of blockchain, but to allow blockchain to develop in a healthy and orderly manner in accordance with China’s current situation.From the perspective of time, no one can stop the trend of blockchain. For example, Bitcoin is now $66,000. As the number of people holding it increases, it may go up to $100,000, $200,000, or even more than 1 million dollars in the future. Bitcoin is the simplest example of the power and vitality of this industry.Blockchain can solve the problem of trust and meet the needs of social development in real life. Trust is priceless. Trust in finance can greatly improve payment efficiency and production efficiency, reduce the payment cost to 1%.When blockchain is applied to copyright, copyright can be transferred immediately.When blockchain is applied to e-commerce, customers can participate in wealth distribution,and enjoy the dividends of economic development.”

“The future scale of the blockchain industry will be very huge. The power of blockchain finance is infinite. A giant company will surely appear in the blockchain field, and its market capitalization will be over 10 times that of today’s largest company.”


Then,CEO Liao Wang analyzed the application of blockchain in the financial industry from a geographical perspective: “At present, China is in a period of foreign exchange control, so the development of blockchain finance in China is relatively limited. However, China encourages other technical aspects of blockchain applications. Just like this conference, it was convened to thoroughly implement the spirit of Chairman Jinping’s important speech on blockchain. There are many countries where foreign exchange is open,so blockchain finance there will usher in rapid development. Especially for those countries that do not have their own currencies, they value the simplicity,efficiency and unlimited value-adding potential of the blockchain finance. In these countries, blockchain finance will play a great role.”

Next, ATOSHI CEO Liao Wang gave an example of his own business and shared approaches of blockchain reform with his years of research and investment experience. He said: “ATOSHI is empowering the real economy with blockchain technology. For example, our shopping mall has a strict review system.It will review every item on shelves to ensure the prices of products are not higher than Jingdong and Taobao. In JD and Alibaba, at least tens of thousands of employees are required to conduct reviews in this way. Our review cost is almost zero,because our users can participate in review. Our shopping mall has more than 7 million users, many of them regard the mall as their own business. This is a particularly powerful motivation that promotes rapid development of the mall. Compared with traditional e-commerce, this is a very huge advantage.”

Mr. Liao also added: “We are using the blockchain to empower our short video APP(Detok) to compete with Tik Tok. Detok has more functions than Tik Tok. It has roles of buyer and seller,and advantage in review.Besides, we also make videos into NFT assets, so users can buy, sell and rent.

In addition,ATOSHI is running ATOSHI Charity and games to empower the real economy.In the past two years, ATOSHI has achieved very dazzling success. I’m full of confidence in the blockchain empowering real economy, and full of expectations of the company’s future.” He said there are tens of thousands of roads for blockchain reform. As long as you believe it and work hard, everyone can find a broad road that suits them.

Finally, CEO Liao concluded in a very witty and humorous tone: “The world belongs to you, also belongs to us, in the end, the world belongs to crypto holders.“Warm applause and approval broke out from the audience. Many participants claimed those words were very classic.

The success of “China Blockchain Day” allows us to see the trend of blockchain more clearly. We must take the blockchain as a core technology, as an important breakthrough for independent innovation and industrial innovation.

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