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Foligray Reviews – Potent Hair Pigmentation Formula That Works?

May 22, 2020 GMT

Foligary is a dietary supplement specially designed for people who are facing premature graying of hair. This supplement is free of synthetic chemicals, it contains all nutritious natural ingredients which help the hair follicle to enhance  its health and regain the already lost hair follicles.

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Foligray Review: It is a product of Vitabalance Inc., as per the manufacturer, this supplement provides protection against further color loss from hair. On other hand, it also provides a boost to hair growth with the help of its contents. It has been manufactured with high quality extracted ingredients in the USA and is GMP certified.

Premature aging has never been graceful and also it ruins appearance. With rapid graying of hair the confidence also shatters, leaving you in blues. Hair imposes the first impression we put on people we meet whether in personal or professional gatherings. So, its always important that hair should look healthy, thicker and darker to leave a good impression. Through simple natural modification the hair health can be improved and they can retain darker color.


How Does Foligray work?

The color of hair depends on an element called Melanin; it is a group of pigment which gives color to hair and skin. This element has two main types namely; eumelanin and pheomelanin. The quantities of these two elements determine the color of hair, and are mainly stored in melanocyte cells in follicle. It provides color to the hair from the root when they grow.

With time these cells produce lesser color, hence the hair that grow are majorly gray. This happens due to aging, any physical deformity, malnutrition or stress and the only color hair gets is light shade or grey. Some other influential factors that affect hair color like environmental conditions and hydrogen peroxide. To prevent the graying of hair the only possible solution is to strengthen the melanocytes.

Foligray supplement enriches the follicles and supports in healthy hair growth. The contents of this product provide the required nutrition to support the regain of hair color and prevent further graying. The right blend of vitamins, minerals help in the boost of enzymes that are to support hair health.

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The quality of hair depends on the health of follicle so Foligray pills help to develop follicle health. Being a natural ingredient based product it does not come along any side effect. Its capsule form is easy to intake and its proper usage can show visible results within weeks. It is suggested to take 2 capsules daily for healthy and rapid damage repair.

Foligray Ingredients


This product has all the natural ingredients that help in bettering the health of hair. It is a combination of enzymes, vitamins and minerals that helps in creating a healthy internal and micro environment to help the growth in longer means. It strengthens the follicle for sustainable impact and hair health.

The ingredients are as follows:

Catalase: It is the most prime and active ingredient of the supplement. By nature it is an enzyme which helps in lowering the toxic element in the hair follicle, namely hydrogen peroxide. Science suggests that the main cause of graying of hair is said to be accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair root. If it is found in abundance the color of hair turns light either gray or white. This enzyme helps in converting hydrogen peroxide into water through an oxidation process.

Polygonum multiflorum: Commonly known as Fo-Ti, it is a herb that is frequently used in Chinese ancient remedies for baldness. It provides strength to hair that helps them to grow. It has been used for decades now. It may help in development of papilla cells which help and support the growth.

Copper: The mineral which is always essential for internal health, its deficiency is likely to promote growth of gray hair. Copper helps in the production of pigments known as melanin which keep the hair darker. This also supports growth of tyrosinase which lowers graying of hair.

Pantothenic acid: Commonly known as vitamin B5, it enhances the health of adrenal glands that produce hormones which are required to fight the stress. It is not produced naturally within the body so the oral intake is the only option to fulfill the body requirement. It may help in repairing the thinning of hair and damage caused by heating for styling.

The list of healthy ingredients does not end here it also contains biotin, folic acid, zinc, horsetail extract, barley grass juice, and berries to enrich hair with much needed supporting nutrients for regaining their color and preventing further graying.

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Who Should Use It?

Those people who are suffering from abnormal graying of hair. Whether male or female, this supplement is safe to use for both of the genders, everyone above the age of 18 years can use it without hesitance.

Where to Buy and How Much Does It Cost?

Foligray is an exclusive supplement that comes with the best deals for you to take advantage from. It is available for purchase only on the official website: here’s the link You can place your order on its official webpage. Each bottle contains 60 capsules which covers dosage of the entire month. Even its price is also economical, it comes with discount offers

 You can get one bottle for $24.95 only
 Two bottles for $44.96
 Five bottles for $89.90 (i.e. $18/bottle)

Foligray Reviews Final Verdict

Gray hair is nothing less than a nightmare for most people, especially when they start appearing at a young age. Foligray is a vital product developed to cater the problem of gray hair. This product is free from synthetic chemicals and is based on natural occurring ingredients. It appears to be side effect free and easy to consume.

The core phenomena that this product works on is elimination of hydrogen peroxide which is the root cause of gray hair, it is done with the help of catalase. With its proper intake the follicles regain their health which helps in growth of healthy, strong, black hair, having such beautiful hair is a dream. Foligray may help you in achieving the hair health you want. Buy it today for a discounted price from the official website (link given below).

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