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Eric Pulier Shares Insights on How the Metaverse will Enhance Reality

May 2, 2022 GMT

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 2, 2022 / As brands and companies contemplate and explore the potential of Web3, many find themselves questioning the value and usefulness of the Metaverse beyond the virtual events and spaces it offers. A lifelong student and innovator of the web’s evolution, Eric Pulier, recently provided insight on the future impact of the metaverse, and how it will shape business and society in the not-so-distant future.

“I routinely challenge the popular opinion of the Metaverse as a hyped-up virtual reality game because I know - with absolute certainty - that the real metaverse is a tool to unleash limitless creative and financial opportunities for every person on the planet,” says Eric Pulier.

While many people see the metaverse as a place just for virtual meetings or a fad driven by speculative NFTs, according to Eric Pulier, in reality it is the future of marketing and a massive paradigm shift to the way people connect, manage their identities, express their creativity, and even generate income.


“The Metaverse creates a new kind of global marketplace,” said Eric Pulier. “One that is owned by the people and not dictated by the goals of intermediaries, such as social media platforms or search engines. This democratization of the internet will empower people to connect, create, and monetize their ideas like never before.”

According to Eric Pulier, the industry is starting to focus on the marketing implications of the Metaverse, and with good reason. The Metaverse will allow brands to bypass social and search platforms as the main avenues for communicating with customers, and will empower consumers to decide which brands engage them and how. NFT wallets, which store digital assets, will also serve as digital proofs of identity. Wallets will hold Smart NFTs that offer tangible goods, such as discounts or exclusive content. Consumers will derive actual value from the brands with which they engage, in many forms not previously easy or even possible.

While this will certainly change the way business is conducted, the metaverse isn’t just a new iteration of marketing. The building blocks of the metaverse -- wallets, Smart NFTs, and virtual spaces -- also break down silos and barriers for people and society. For example, Smart NFTs will establish clear ownership over digital creations, physical content, and ideas, allowing content creators to not only earn a living, but also be rewarded through NFTs or payments by the virtual communities that benefit from their work. Creators will also have the ability to restrict who gains access to their work, to build royalty streams on secondary sales, and to use selectively and dynamically grant access tokens to communities of interest.


“The Metaverse will not just shift the way we monetize our skills, but also how we learn and connect,” explained Eric Pulier.

Outside of content creators, people of all walks of life will benefit from the metaverse. For example, medical students will be able to train virtually alongside a leading surgeon in a real-world setting. The experience around schooling will also evolve, as education will be delivered in a more contextual, customized, and incentivized approach. Imagine for instance, students being incentivized through Smart NFTs that provide them with rewards or access to new virtual spaces each time they pass a test or complete an assignment.

“The potential of the metaverse is truly limitless, as the experience is constantly being co-created with others,” said Eric Pulier. “Today we are focused on leveraging its potential to change the way we do business, learn, and engage each other. Tomorrow, the metaverse will address societal challenges such as free elections and income inequality. While its hard to imagine getting everyone a bank account, it is clear that everyone will have a digital wallet and the opportunity to be paid directly for their creativity or work.”

While the Metaverse is still early in its development, the basics are ready now and will enhance the way we live our lives, both on and offline.

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