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Top 20 Entrepreneurs And Their Tips For Success this Decade by NWM

August 11, 2020 GMT
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2020 / As we enter this new decade, our society has been faced with a lot of unexpected challenges. It's left many people with no choice but to keep working to pay their bills and provide for their families. ...
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2020 / As we enter this new decade, our society has been faced with a lot of unexpected challenges. It's left many people with no choice but to keep working to pay their bills and provide for their families. ...

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 11, 2020 / As we enter this new decade, our society has been faced with a lot of unexpected challenges. It’s left many people with no choice but to keep working to pay their bills and provide for their families. Many businesses were left with no choice but to adapt to use of technology under the circumstances that Covid-19 forced to the marketplace.

In relation to this, Next Wave Marketing has created a list of the top 20 sought out Entrepreneurs in their respected spaces with their tips to succeeding in today’s current market and the future. These individuals have continuously adapted to changes throughout their careers. As you continue, you will learn a little more about each individual and their unique stories that have allowed them to become successful and their tips to help you succeed in the future.


#1 Marc Effron

Marc R Effron is the founder of Legacy Health Center which is a behavioral health care business. Legacy Health Center provides solutions to the marketplace with their Substance Abuse Disorder and mental health programs. The team at Legacy Health helps not just the loved one struggling with substance abuse but the whole family dynamic. They are a top rated provider in the country and their premier program with 225 employees and commitment to excellence puts their clients in a position to thrive and not just survive. One of the biggest obstacles Marc R Effron and his business faced at the start of this decade has been capacity. Alcohol sales rose along with the spike in unemployment which led to more people being alone without support and becoming addicted. Legacy Health Center expanded their space and hired more certified employees to combat the epidemic. In regards to upcoming projects, Marc R Effron and his team are working towards opening new locations for Legacy Health in the hardest hit areas in America with substance abuse to bring the quality and care that they provide. Marc R Effron’s tips for others to be successful in this decade is to stay true to your core values, find the joy in helping others, believe in yourself, and follow your passion! Marc forecasts future success for Legacy Health Center in continuing to work with states and their communities to create awareness with correct formation and resources for families who have a loved one suffering from mental health or substance abuse disorders. He plans to grow his business to be the leading provider in the industry. To learn more about Legacy Health Center and Marc R Effron, click here.


#2 Dave Fox

“Adapt quickly because we live in an unpredictable world where adapting your business based on what is going on in the world is the only way to be successful,” that’s what Dave Fox the founder of Focus Global Talent Solutions had to say when asked about his advice for others to be successful this decade. Focus GTS is a specialty staffing and recruiting company that provides niche talent in IT. Their focus is in digital marketing technology, Cloud, AI/Data science and Business intelligence. Focus GTS was in a very difficult sector coming into the Covid-19 pandemic because virtually all companies stopped hiring due to the level of uncertainty we were all facing. Dave Fox and his team had to make difficult decisions quickly but that ultimately put them in a position of strength as business began to pick back up and grow. Dave has worked tirelessly to make sure that Focus GTS is positioned to become the prominent player in the Niche IT staffing and recruiting space in the coming years. Dave believes that life is all about growth and this is a philosophy that he applies to both his personal and professional life. He is constantly looking for ways for both himself and his company to aggressively expand and take new ground. Dave’s ability as a leader to make hard decisions about his business quickly is what has put Focus GTS at the forefront of the industry. To learn more about Focus Global Talent Solutions, click here.

#3 Rick Jordan

Rick Jordan is a nationally recognized voice on Cybersecurity, Business, and Ethics, appearing nationwide as an expert guest on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. He is Founder & CEO of ReachOut Technology, one of the best Cybersecurity and IT Management firms in the country, and a consultant to the White House. Rick hosts his podcast, ALL IN with Rick Jordan, reaching fans in over 30 countries. Rick’s advice for success in this decade is that you are meant for more, no small thinking and place no limits on your vision. He expands by saying “Jump ALL IN! No side hustles. Do what you love, and make your one thing your only thing. With this mindset you are destined to crush it!” Rick Jordan forecasts future success for his business over the next 24 months, embracing the changing technology, social and business trends, and is predicting 10X his current revenue for ReachOut Technology. Rick describes one of the biggest obstacles at the start of this decade was acquiring and retaining the right talent that also had entrepreneurial mindsets. Those that are willing to invest their endless time, efforts and vision, will help you build something meaningful. For Rick, his vision will protect our country and its people from Cyber Crimes and Threat Actors. Rick Jordan’s upcoming projects include acquisitions, building a mastermind within his industry, two documentaries ( Liberty Lockdown and Cyber Crime), and continuing to grow his personal brand. Rick is extremely thankful for his 3 kids, wife and ReachOut Technology team for keeping him grounded, humble, and connected to his beliefs. To learn more about Rick Jordan and his business ReachOut Technology, click here.

#4 DJ Sackmann

DJ Sackmann is the founder of DJ Sackmann Training and Hoopstudy which is an online basketball training business. The team at DJ Sackmann Training and Hoopstudy helps basketball players, trainers, and coaches improve in their respected basketball vertical by providing basketball training and educational content. DJ Sackmann is known globally as one of the top basketball minds in the world with tens of thousands of customers and clients across the globe along with over 1 Million social media followers across various platforms. His success comes from training some of the top players in the world and providing valuable educational content that helps players, trainers and coaches succeed in their basketball craft. DJ Sackmann’s tips for other entrepreneurs to be successful in this decade is to adapt your business with the current technology, and understanding that with the constantly changing landscape of our technology potential pivots are almost an inevitable part of your journey. Knowing that pivots are part of the process will help you be patient and enjoy the process rather than feeling like your initial plans failed. DJ forecasts future success for his business in pushing his brand HoopStudy with the goal to become the #1 basketball education source in the world. One of the biggest obstacles DJ Sackmann has faced has been navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, while taking his business digital. His ability to adapt to the changing technology and current events allowed him to develop an at home basketball program for players during quarantine which was very successful. As for what is next for DJ Sackmann Training and Hoopstudy as a business, they are focused on building their online company as well as creating a new basketball recruiting platform which will be released in the near future. To follow along with DJ Sackmann’s journey and learn more information, click here.

#5 Brooks O’Hearn

Brooks O’Hearn is the founder of Shamrock Capital Group which is a family owned real estate investing business. Brooks and his team at Shamrock Capital Group provide affordable housing solutions to Americans who are currently in unsafe living situations due to poor ownership or management. They also specialize in real estate education so that hard working families can take control of their retirement and create lasting wealth for generations to come. While renovating over $30 million dollars of deal estate, Shamrock Capital Group has learned that most investors are interested in profits and aren’t prepared to provide quality living solutions. With their experience on both sides, they are in a unique position to change the outlook of quality affordable housing in this country. By focusing on homeowners and tenants first, the team at Shamrock Capital Group can ensure investors protect profits on their real estate investments. Brooks O’Hearn forecasts future success for his business in a huge transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Brooks and his team positioned their business in a unique way to take advantage of their creative business model. Brooks describes one of the biggest challenges at the start of this decade as going entirely virtual in an antiquated industry like real estate where adapting to the modern technology is essential, and exactly what Shamrock Capital Group did. Brooks O’Hearn ’s tips for others to be successful this decade is people first, profits second. He goes on by saying “A business owner has a moral obligation to focus on their people first. Second, you and your brand are one image so make sure they align. Be prepared to attract your ideal customers and deflect those who don’t align.” To learn more information about Shamrock Capital Group and get started today, click here.

#6 Ken Ibizugbe

Ken Ibizugbe is the founder of Blue Capital Academy which is a business where he teaches potential students how to participate in the foregin exchange (Forex) markets. Forex is a growing market and Blue Capital Academy brings solutions to the marketplace such as providing online & in person teaching worldwide on how to trade in the forex market. Ken and his team give out trade idea alerts while creating an amazing community for the world. Ken forecasts future success for his business in completely automating the process for students. One of the upcoming projects Blue Capital Academy is working on is creating an app for their business and releasing an online Spanish course. Every entrepreneur faces obstacles when they start out on their journey, but it is how you approach those obstacles and learn from them that will determine your success. One of the biggest obstacles Ken Ibizugbe faced when starting his business and going into this new decade was realizing his own worth and the success he could achieve. Ken’s advice for others to be successful in this decade is to believe in yourself and create free value for your business when first starting out to create a community. Learn how to capitalize on your community for the value you provide by creating a company. Finally, never give up through the obstacles you face because that is what makes you strong. To learn more about Ken Ibizugbe and Blue Capital Academy, click here.

#7 Elliot Lee

Elliot Lee is the Co-Founder of the Lina & Elliot Group at The Keyes Company which is a full service Real Estate Consultancy and Advisory Firm. They have achieved over $1 Billion in sales and are consistently ranked among the top producing teams with The Keyes Company. Lina & Elliot Group provides solutions to the marketplace by providing veteran level guidance and advanced technology platforms to service the South Florida real estate market. Elliot Lee’s advice for other entrepreneurs to be successful in this decade is to embrace technology, be consistent, and understand the importance of customer service. Lina & Elliot Group is on track to increase their sales by 100% in closed business this year and is also adding development with assets currently under management. Elliot Lee describes one of the biggest challenges at the start of this decade as navigating the Covid-19 pandemic and says while this has produced certain challenges in the marketplace, it has also created a pent up demand from buyers all over the country. As for what is next for Elliot Lee and Lina & Elliot Group, they are currently evolving their team and curating customer service technologies specifically to aid the buyer and seller to make informed and calculated decisions and also expanding their assets under management. To learn more information about Elliot Lee or get started with Lina & Elliot Group today, click here.

#8 Dolmar Cross

Dolmar Cross is the Co-Founder of Real Advisors, a publishing company in the Digital Marketing Industry. Founded in 2017, Real Advisors is a national leader in the financial education industry. They offer their students comprehensive workshops, online classes, courses, coaching, and mentorship in many areas. It is Real Advisors mission to create the best financial education programs in the world by marketing and publishing real-world experts. The team at Real Advisors is dedicated to doing the heavy lifting for their clients so that their experts can focus on what they do best - growing and scaling each clients core operations. Dolmar Cross’ tips for others to be successful in this decade is to tap into the digital and virtual world. He explains by saying, “find your passion, be ambitious, and leverage that to build an online digital brand.” Dolmar forecasts future success for his business in hosting training events and offering high-value coaching and mentorship both digitally and virtually. One of the biggest obstacles Dolmar Cross faced as an entrepreneur has been having the bandwidth to publish more than one expert at one time. He and his team have had to learn the importance of extreme focus and optimization. As for what is next for Real Advisors as a business, they are focusing on in-house projects and brands. They will also be expanding into other niches soon. Dolmar Cross recently launched a new real estate investing business, which is now buying houses nationwide. The goal is to further support his clients by doing deals together nationwide. To learn more about Dolmar Cross and Real Advisors, click here.

#9 Joshua Sporn

Joshua Sporn is a rising star and Mortgage Loan Officer at United Mortgage in Melville NY. He is among the fastest growing Loan officers in the New York Metro area and provides (cutting edge) solutions to the marketplace such as home financing for residential properties. As his Instagram handle so eloquently puts it, the “Mortgage Dr.” is all about service and efficiency in the mortgage space. Joshua is also about to launch a new platform that will deliver integrated technology, data and analytics to help create a user friendly customer experience, enhance loan quality, decrease turn times, support compliance and improve borrower satisfaction. Joshua focuses on best in class service, and recognizes that the mortgage application process is not a one size fits all concept; Josh diagnoses any issue and guides each client on the path to homeownership and low rates.. One of the biggest obstacles Joshua Sporn has faced at the start of this decade has been the Covid-19 pandemic. This caused a housing shortage locally and demand has risen tremendously for Residential financing needs. He expands by saying “Keeping pace with the ever changing world or real estate and mortgages has been a challenge as a large part of the business is remote. It is important to keep the communication and continuity between departments as seamless as possible.” Joshua’s advice for others to be successful in this decade is to work hard, be organized, adapt to the current technology, and keep customer service your top priority. To learn more about Joshua Sporn and his business, click here.

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#10 Jimmy DeCicco

Jimmy DeCicco is the Oldest Brother and CEO of Super Coffee, the fastest growing, ready-to-drink coffee company in the Food and Beverage industry. Super Coffee delivers sugar-free, enhanced coffees and creamers to grocery stores nationwide. Super Coffee exists to mass produce positive energy through zero sugar, enhanced coffees and creamers. They are the #1 independently owned CPG coffee company in the US with bottled coffees, creamers, k-cups, and ground coffee available in 25,000 stores nationwide as well as on Amazon. One of the biggest obstacles Jimmy DeCicco has faced at the start of this decade has been driving brand awareness through trial which has been much harder throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Super Coffee’s competitors have much bigger media budgets, which forces them to be creative and resourceful. Today Super Coffee has 90 full-time employees and plans to scale to more than 250 over the next 2 years. Jimmy and his team are building in the processes and tools to scale their culture as they scale the business. Diversity and inclusion are at the focal point of their hiring efforts because in order to solve problems they need a team that brings a variety of perspectives and opinions to move forward intentionally. Jimmy DeCicco’s advice for others to be successful in this decade is to work hard and be nice to all people. Hard work is not enough without compassion and compassion is not enough if you do not outwork your competition. To learn more about Super Coffee, click here.

#11 Jason Klock

Jason Klock is the founder of Klock Entertainment which is a Wedding DJ & Live Event Production Company. Klock Entertainment provides Wedding DJ, Lighting Rentals, and Live Event Production Services for Corporate Events. When Jason and his team work weddings it is about maximizing special moments, crowd control, and using their experiences to create magic with their couples. With corporate clients, the team at Klock Entertainment uses the latest technology, visual effects, and set design to broadcast your message with the right voice in big rooms to get the proper attention and focus out of every attendee to retain the message. Jason Klock forecasts future success for his business during Covid-19 because it is an opportunity for him to recreate the business he wants. He believes that when restrictions and fear become lifted from our nation, the entire industry is going to boom and is determined to be prepared for that in all aspects of the industry. One of the biggest obstacles Jason faced was the pandemic attacking the entertainment industry and leaving his business with only 15% of the projected annual revenue. The tips that Jason Klock has for others to be successful in this decade is to be consistent and always be sincere. He expands by saying “Always have yourself in a position to over-deliver with your clients because there is always someone willing to work harder than you. Staying consistent, sincere, and over-delivering will help you stay on top and be the one outworking competition.” Jason is continuously working towards expanding his business and serving his clients. To learn more about Jason Klock and his business, click here.

#12 RJ Pepino

RJ Pepino is the Co-Founder of Sell House Columbus which is a Real Estate Holdings Company. Sell House Columbus provides a unique homeownership program that helps prospects lease homes while working on their credit to eventually buy them. They are a solutions based house buying company focused on the best solution for their customer. The team at Sell House Columbus has years of experience and is one of the most trusted home buyers in the Central Ohio region. RJ Pepino’s advice for other entrepreneurs to be successful this decade is to create a solutions driven company while keeping customer service as your top priority, and the success and money will follow. RJ forecasts future success for his business in expanding to other areas, adapting to the changing environment, and enhancing his systems for the business. One of the biggest obstacles RJ Pepino faced at the start of this decade was finding more housing inventory which required adapting the businesses marketing strategies and systems. This ended up being one of the best things RJ could have done, and helped his business thrive during the pandemic. As for what is next for Sell House Columbus, RJ and his business partner Dave Payerchin are working towards expanding with a lending and consulting branch of their company. To learn more about RJ Pepino and his business Sell House Columbus, click here.

#13 Nick Perry

Nick Perry is the founder of Want To Sell Now which has quickly become one of the top Real Estate Investment businesses in the United States. Nick started this company six years ago with almost nothing to his name and grew it to a multimillion dollar operation with a beautiful office space and world-class employees. Want To Sell Now is based in Austin, TX and buys property directly from homeowners nationwide. The team at Want To Sell Now is able to provide each client with cash quickly for their property and partner with local investors who complete the remodel of their property. Nick Perry has been successful through sheer tenacity and relentless work ethic. His tips for others to be successful in this decade is to become an expert in the industry, never take your mind off your goals, and demand a high level of excellence and customer service from everyone who represents your brand. Nick forecasts future success for Want To Sell Now is to not only be the #1 Single-Family Home Buyer but also Commercial Real Estate Buyer in the US. This can be accomplished in the next few years as Nick Perry and his team have the infrastructure and skills in place to dominate all aspects of real estate acquisitions. One of the biggest obstacles Want To Sell Now has faced as a business has been the courthouses and title companies being closed during the pandemic which kept them from closing transitions until they reopened. This was a setback for the company, however they learned from the situation and are prepared for if it happens again. As for what is next for Nick Perry and his business, they are primed to take over the commercial real estate market and have the systems in place to achieve this starting in 2021. To learn more about Nick Perry and his business, click here.

#14 Chase Gentry

Chase Gentry is the CEO and founder of Chase Gentry Real Estate. Chase is a listing specialist and focuses on newer innovating marketing techniques to ensure maximum exposure for his client’s home. Marketing the home well, with an enticing blitz campaign, is the key to selling homes quickly and for top dollar. Chase also assists home buyers and loves seeing their new lives transform with their new home. Chase Gentry is also a relocation expert for anyone looking to move out of state or into California and is well connected throughout the country and also holds a real estate license in Nevada. He is a former professional soccer player and uses many of those same disciplines and qualities in his business such as integrity, drive, and service. Chase is always willing to go at-bat for his clients and negotiates hard on their behalf, treating their money as his own and making sure they keep as much money in their pockets as possible. Chase Gentry’s tips for other entrepreneurs to be successful in this decade, are to put your customers/clients’ needs before your own, be dependable, and provide the highest level of service & product - that is the key to a successful business. Chase forecasts future success for Chase Gentry Real Estate in continuing to help as many people with their Real Estate needs as possible and ensure they receive the results they deserve, by providing the highest possible customer service and making sure his clients are well taken care of. The team at Chase Gentry Real Estate is constantly innovating and finding ways to market, strategize, and maximum the opportunity for their clients. One of the biggest obstacles Chase Gentry has faced, has been educating others about the current Real Estate market. It has been difficult to highlight the fact that the industry is going very strong despite obstacles at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but now many buyers and sellers have settled in and are strongly motivated. As for what is next for Chase, he is working on new marketing techniques, growing his service area, and strategizing new ways to put himself, and his clients, ahead of the competition. To learn more about Chase Gentry and his business, click here.

#15 Matt Hersh

Matt Hersh is the founder and CEO of Hersh Research Institute LLC which is a Business Coaching & Consulting company. Hersh Research Institute provides business acceleration solutions to the marketplace such 1-on-1 coaching, small group accelerators, customized strategy consulting, and coursework education. Their team works with individuals who have a compelling vision but find themselves stuck in a “time-for-money” loop and feel unfulfilled. Many people seek Matt Hersh’s expertise to help them reach immediate and long-term goals. Matt’s coaching process is truly holistic and has helped him quickly make a name for himself in business consulting, executive coaching, and online marketing. Matt Hersh has turned his passion into a business and shows motivated clients how to centralize their work in a strengths-based system so that they can pivot to where the real impact and value lies. Matt forecasts future success for his business in doubling revenue every year for the first 5 years in business. Matt Hersh’s tips for other entrepreneurs to be successful this decade are to get clear on what you want, get confident in your path, and get a coach to help you effectively execute. One of the biggest obstacles Matt faced at the start of this decade was getting out of his own way and realizing what he is truly capable of. As for what is next for Matt Hersh and his business, he is currently working on creating online marketing education for expert coaches. To learn more about Matt Hersh and Hersh Research Institute LLC, click here.

#16 Jay Jones

Jay Jones is the founder of Social Media Marketing which is a Marketing and Promotion business. Social Media Marketing provides solutions to the marketplace such as Ad Management for businesses looking to grow their online sales, custom online store builds for start-up businesses, and social media growth for entrepreneurs. Jay Jones’ brand strives to help their clients increase their social media presence in order to maximize their sales and enable quick and effective growth. Jay and his team have a burning passion for what they do and are eager to help any other businesses, you can reach them on Instagram. Jay Jones’ tips for other entrepreneurs to be successful in this decade are to establish good relationships with clients and colleagues, reinvest your money, and be prepared to do what others aren’t. Jay expands by saying “To be a good entrepreneur you must do what a lot of your friends and family probably aren’t prepared to do. Once you have a vision, make it a plan, and once you have a plan make it a goal. Educate yourself on the industry until you make that goal a reality.” Jay Jones forecasts future success for his business in branching off into the social media management sector also which is a current project he is working on. One of the biggest obstacles Jay faced at the start of this decade has been the competition in the industry but his teams passion for putting the customer first and having great customer relations helped their business grow and challenge the competition. To learn more about Jay Jones and his business, click here.

#17 Aaron Eide

Aaron Eide is a Mortgage Lender AKA Mr. Mortgage Guy and is the founder of ID Properties, which owns and manages residential investment properties. Aaron sells mortgages in all 50 states, and his primary focus of business is working with Physicians. ID Properties holds investments throughout Minneapolis MN. He spent over 8 years creating a process that simplifies the complicated and often cumbersome experience of home buying. Like any entrepreneur, Aaron went through trial and error before finding the perfect business model. Hundreds of past clients, and their feedback has helped him provide impeccable service to all current and future clients. Aaron Eide designed his mortgage process to foresee common roadblocks, stressful moments, and navigate clients around them. He commits to providing a clear, concise, and direct path from start to finish. Aaron’s advice for other entrepreneurs to be successful in this decade is to be responsive, credible, and do business with integrity. Aaron forecasts he will close over 70m in mortgage volume this year and setting his sights on $100m for 2021. One of the biggest obstacles Aaron Eide faced at the start of this decade was finding quality people with common goals to be a part of his team. As for what is next for Aaron, he is currently working on a project towards dropping weekly video content on social media. To learn more about Aaron Eide and his business, click here.

#18 Yaman Abuibaid

Yaman Abuibaid is the CEO of Deluxe Realty Marketing, a fast-growing agency based out of Niagara Falls, ON which currently has 30 full-time employees. Deluxe Realty Marketing provides solutions to the marketplace such as appointment booking for real estate agents, teams and brokerages. Deluxe Realty Marketing is partnered with hundreds of real estate professionals and offers a done-for-you service utilizing lead generation, ISA qualification, and appointment setting. Yaman Abuibaid forecasts future success for his business in expanding their services to countries worldwide, and partnering with 1 million realtors. One of the biggest obstacles Yaman faced at the start of this decade was building proper systems and dividing the company into different departments to allow for quick hiring and training in order to keep up with the demand. Yaman Abuibaid’s tips for others to be successful in this decade is: “Remove yourself from repetitive tasks and hire as soon as you can afford it. With proper systems, your employees will be your biggest assets and be the driving force for accelerated company growth. The hardest part is reaching $10k/month. After that, you’ve established your business and have proven your product or service to sell. Reaching $100k/month then $1M/month is much, much easier.” As for what is next for Yaman and his business Deluxe Realty Marketing, he is looking forward to partnering with a 600-agent brokerage based out of Toronto, ON. To learn more about Yaman Abuibaid and his business, click here.

#19 Jeff Corriolan

Jeff Corriolan is an affiliate of Keys Company Real Estate which is a Property Management business in the Real Estate Industry. Keys Company Real Estate strives to provide solutions to the marketplace such as easing the stress of the homebuying process and provide guidance every step of the way. Jeff Corriolan works with buyers, sellers, and renters to ensure their dreams become a reality. Jeff’s tips for other entrepreneurs to be successful in this decade is to follow up, be consistent, and have an unwavering belief in yourself and your goals. Jeff forecasts future success for his business in working with a massive group of real estate professionals to help buyers and sellers around the world. One of the biggest obstacles Jeff Corriolan faced at the start of this decade was time management. Jeff placed a high importance on ensuring that he is not taking on more than he can handle and overextending himself. He is working on blocking off time for the important things to get done, and doing what makes him happy in his free time. As for what is next for Jeff Corriolan and his business, he is looking to purchase and hold 10 pieces of real estate in the next year. To stay updated on Jeff Corriolan and his journey, click here.

#20 Brian Iregbu

Brian Iregbu is an affiliate of Wonder Us Property Group which is a Real Estate Investment Company. The team at Wonder Us Property Group provides fast cash solutions for home owners that want to avoid long drawn-out sales processes. They also provide affordable housing to the marketplace and give individuals with troubled credit the opportunity to become homeowners while offering safe high interest returns for investors. Brian Iregbu forecasts future success for his business in expanding to other major metropolitan markets while revealing his company’s blueprint to building a million dollar business. One of the biggest obstacles Brian Iregbu faced at the beginning of this decade was scaling his business and getting out of the day to day operations by hiring excellent staff he can rely on. Brian is a firm believer in creating a business around your lifestyle that helps as many people as possible. He encourages every aspiring entrepreneur to start now, with where you are and with what you have. Brian Iregbu’s best advice for others to be successful this decade is to surround yourself with high achievers and never stop learning. Brian launched a mobile app last year called Anydeal which is now available on IOS and Android where he helps hundreds of investors analyze deals and increase profits. One of the current projects Brian is working on is relaunching that app in a few months with major updates that will bring a lot of value to the marketplace. To learn more information about Brian Iregbu and his business, click here.

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