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Tustin Chiropractor Voitenko Wellness is Now Offering Innovative Therapies to Help People with Osteoarthritis

September 28, 2020 GMT

From Cold Laser Therapy to Inferential Current Treatments and More, Voitenko Wellness is Devoted to Relieving the Pain Caused by Osteoarthritis

TUSTIN, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2020 / Dr. Amber Voitenko, founder of Voitenko Wellness in Tustin, California, is pleased to announce that she is now offering a variety of innovative therapies to help people with osteoarthritis.

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As Dr. Voitenko noted, osteoarthritis affects 32.5 million American adults. If untreated, it will get worse over time.

In order to help alleviate the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, Dr. Voitenko was inspired to offer chiropractic treatments that are designed to align the joints in the body. This, she said, has been shown to help prevent, slow and even stop osteoarthritis.

To assist patients who have osteoarthritis, Dr. Voitenko will design a course of treatment that is tailored for each person. For example, cold laser and infrared therapy is a method that can help people with joint pain. The use of infrared light wavelengths can not only increase circulation, but they may also increase the production of collagen and stimulate the release of ATP while reducing pain and stiffness.

Another innovative treatment that Dr. Voitenko has used to successfully treat osteoarthritis involves the use of an inferential current.

“Sometimes referred to as TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, this treatment uses a safe, low level electric current to soothe painful joints and stimulate the body’s production of natural pain killers known as endorphins,” Dr. Voitenko said, adding that endorphins are a chemical that the body naturally produces.

Once her patients with osteoarthritis are feeling better, Dr. Voitenko works with them to create a routine of gentle stretches, yoga-like moves and other therapeutic exercises that are easy to do on a daily basis, and can help the body stay in a healthy and normal state.

About Voitenko Wellness:

Voitenko Wellness has been in business for more than 10 years and was started by Dr. Amber Voitenko, who has been practicing for more than 20 years. They are a Chiropractic wellness center based in Tustin, CA that has helped thousands of people get out of pain, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and prevent future spinal decay, naturally. Their purpose is to help as many people as possible avoid having to turn to surgery or pain medication. For more information, please visit


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