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Jorge Arevalo Shares Three Insights on the Benefits of Clean Energy

January 19, 2021 GMT

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 19, 2021 / One thing is clear: the pervasive nature of human activity is overwhelming our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other toxic air pollutants. As these harmful gases invade the planet, we face significant environmental impacts that cannot be undone. While there has been a large amount of skepticism and doubt surrounding clean energy, innovations have decreased barriers and revealed new potential for businesses and the environment.

“Making the switch to cleaner energy helps achieve a critical goal: stopping climate change by reducing harmful emissions. Industry and business have a critical responsibility and opportunity to lead and drive changes that will have a real impact on their organizations and the world,” said Jorge Arevalo, CEO and founder of eCombustible.


One way that Jorge Arevalo is helping businesses embrace this opportunity is through eCombustible fuel and technology. eCombustible is a clean, alternative hydrogen-based fuel that can be tailored to any gas-dedicated internal combustion engine or stationary thermal application that requires heat for production - meaning virtually all industrial processes. This hydrogen-based fuel has potential uses in various sectors, including industry, transport, power and distributed energy.

As the energy industry continues to take steps towards a more sustainable future, here are three insights from Jorge Arevalo to keep in mind regarding the benefits of clean energy.

1. Saving the environment

There has been significant coverage attacking some of the world’s leading companies for the environmental impact they create. But businesses also have the ability to reduce their negative impact and lead the revolution towards green energy.

“While individuals have their part to play in protecting the environment, businesses are some of the largest creators of greenhouse gases. By empowering businesses with clean energy solutions that work and don’t require significant investment, we can enable them to make the changes necessary to be strong environmental stewards and begin to reverse climate change effects,” said Jorge Arevalo.

eCombustible can play a big role in supporting businesses in this change as it is a zero-emissions fuel that can replace fossil fuels. With low capital investment required for transition, it is quickly becoming an energy solution for companies across industries.

2. Alternative energy will never run out


Renewable energy is naturally replenished, and unlike the finite supply of fossil fuels, these types of energy sources are nearly limitless. Not only are these resources abundantly available in some capacity nearly everywhere, but their production is less environmentally damaging than fossil fuels.

While sun and wind energies have their limitations, hydrogen-based fuels are seen as particularly secure and consistent. While the production of hydrogen used to result in the creation of CO2 emissions, new approaches to creating hydrogen with wind or solar energy lessen the negative impacts. As such, alternative energies are not only renewable but can be used to produce other green forms of energy as well.

3. Boosting the economy

Clean energy is necessary to battle the harmful effects of climate change, and also has the potential to boost the economy. Providing direct and indirect economic benefits on both a macro and micro level, renewable energy has the ability to prevent climate crises, reduce energy costs, stabilize energy prices and unlock innovation. And because clean energy is much more labor-intensive than traditional energy sources, it carries the promise of creating jobs for the American people and generating monumental economic growth.

With energy solutions like eCombustible becoming available at incredibly low-costs, going green is becoming less prohibitive and a hallmark of a good business. The savings realized from green energy transitions allow companies to reinvest in different sectors of their company, which can, in turn, further propel the economy.

The use of clean energy and hydrogen-based fuels has the power to enable a world that will be more regenerative and restorative for future generations. The global shift of clean energies is achievable, especially as advancements in hydrogen fuel technology, as seen by the eCombustible fuel, have been demonstrated. Through collaboration between researchers, policy-makers, stakeholders, and business leaders, the world has the opportunity to speed up the much-needed transition to a sustainable energy future.

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