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Raphael Vargas, A 29 Year Old Multi-Millionaire & Serial Entrepreneur Changing Lives With His Story

December 17, 2020 GMT
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2020 / From the beginning, Raphael's story was far from what you'd expect from someone so successful. At the age of 17, following a reckless path, Raphael was kicked out of high school due to drug charges ...
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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2020 / From the beginning, Raphael's story was far from what you'd expect from someone so successful. At the age of 17, following a reckless path, Raphael was kicked out of high school due to drug charges ...

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2020 / From the beginning, Raphael’s story was far from what you’d expect from someone so successful. At the age of 17, following a reckless path, Raphael was kicked out of high school due to drug charges and constantly getting into fights. Being sent to an alternative school, he found himself having to take a public bus every day for 3 hours just to get to a school of 8 students who were mostly gang members, drug dealers and covered in tattoos. Only having to attend school from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM, surely left a lot of time on the table for Raphael and his friends to roam the streets, getting into some major trouble.


At the age of 18, Raphael faced a life-changing moment that most could only imagine experiencing themselves. Showing up to a party that was shortly after busted by the police turned out to be a life-threatening day for him. As he was leaving the party, 3 men started to approach him, which caused him to turn around and go back into the party. Little did Raphael know the owner of the house was a gang member as well. Raphael was jumped by multiple gang members, getting hit with bats, brass knuckles, and getting his face broken from the impact. Scarily enough, it didn’t end there. He was then cornered in a room filled with 10 to 15 guys holding guns, bats, and other weapons, telling him, “you’re not going anywhere.”

As they started to approach Raphael, he knew that was it. At the age of 18, he was going to see his life end right before his eyes. By the grace of God, it just so happened, there was a window by his feet that for some odd reason led to the basement of the house. Raphael quickly broke the window and fell through into the basement, where he would find his way out of the house and make it to the hospital, where he spent 2 days getting patched up. Today, Raphael has a tattoo of that window on his body.

After recovery, Raphael was still being followed by one of the gang members. He found out this man was shot to death not too long after. This served as a huge wake-up call for him, knowing that his threat was gone and he was given a second chance.

“I was 18, had someone trying to kill me, going through major depression, my house burnt down, my mom and my mentally disabled brother had to move, dad wasn’t there at the time, and it was just really one of the most stressful moments of my life. A lot of pressure.” Raphael says.

After countless sleepless nights living out of hotels with his mother and mentally disabled brother, Raphael asked himself over and over again, “Why am I here? Why am I alive? God, what do you want me to do?” Pushing himself to get to church and seek a relationship with God really had the tables turning for Raphael.


At 21 years old, he paid a mentor the only $3,000 he had to his name. Raphael says, “He robbed me; he just took my money and ran with it. He left me empty-handed. I wanted to go after him, but I made a commitment to change. At the time, my mother was working 2 jobs, my brother is mentally disabled, we moved into a new place, and I just had to watch my mom suffer. She was telling me every day, “just go get a job, go to college, get a job,” and I said no, mom, I promise I’m going to do this real estate thing and make it happen.”

His mother thinking it was a scam, didn’t condone it and continued to push him to get a job and go to school. Raphael knew that even if his own mother didn’t believe in him, he would have to believe in himself. He reassured his mom, “I promise, mom; I’m going to do it.” He went on to more sleepless nights of studying, watching YouTube video after YouTube video, and reading book after book for 9 months without a break. He knew he had to make this work. As he was studying, Raphael was laughed out of real estate offices when trying to land a job.

“I sold everything I had so I could pay for business expenses, leads, lists, etc.…I went through 9 months of my mom in my ear every day. No one believed in me. I was praying every single night, praying to god, just crying myself to sleep.” Raphael recalls.

9 months in, Raphael was at his last straw. Ready to give up, he was just praying to god over and over again that Real Estate would work for him. An awakening moment struck him as he closed his first deal just as he was about to give up. From getting kicked out of high school, to a near-death situation, to a $30,000 payday, Raphael truly defied all odds.

“It was the most emotional day of my entire life. The first thing I did was took my mother and my mentally disabled brother on a vacation to California. I’ll never forget that day.” Raphael says.

Starting at 21 and landing his first real estate deal for $30,000 really changed every aspect of Raphael’s life. From 23 to 24 years old, he made his first million dollars. In just 2 real estate development deals, he had racked up over $550,000 in profits within a 2 month period.

Routine and habit were huge factors in Raphael’s successes. Waking up at 4:30 am to hit the gym, saying his prayers after his workouts, fasting until 4 pm, reading books on self-development, getting to the office early, and working all day every day. From 21 to 26, non-stop development pushed Raphael to exponential growth and financial freedom. Raphael states, “I needed to expand, I expanded in Tampa, started flipping 10-20 houses per month. I had to end my partnership with my business partner, and everyone thought I was going down, but I went savage mode and expanded into 10 more markets flipping 50 houses a month. I was doing over $4,000,000 a year, building a huge team, just expanding like crazy.”

After seeing repeatable successes over and over again, this was the perfect time for Raphael to transition into teaching others how he was able to accomplish what he was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Through faith, prayer, and an insane work ethic, Raphael became a Multi-Millionaire in his early 20′s and knew he could help others do the same. Soon came 2019, where he would start teaching over 1,300 investors and become recognized by Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies for Real Estate Investment Education. Turning countless students into millionaires, he would run into yet another roadblock.

With every good entrepreneurial story comes inevitable obstacles. Another bad partnership pushed Raphael out of the real estate education business and caused him to rethink what it was that he wanted to do next after making his fortune. He knew a getaway in Tulum, Mexico, would be a way for him to regain clarity, talk to god 1 on 1, and connect with his true purpose again. Deciding to get into e-commerce such as Shopify and Amazon, Raphael quickly saw massive successes once again. Not knowing that Covid-19 was coming, it did everything but hurt his business. He says, “When covid came, E-commerce blew up. I had no idea that covid was coming. All I knew is that God told me to do it. We literally did over $10,000,000 in 7 months.”

If there’s one thing Raphael knows how to do, it’s how to be a success in anything that you do with no exceptions. Never falling short of building more financial freedom, he took a portion of his profits to invest in Forex. He stated, “I gave my Forex fund manager $300,000, and he turned it into $1,200,000 in 4 months. So we raised a bunch of capital, and I put more money in myself. Now we have a multi-million dollar forex fund.”

So, just a little recap of Raphael’s successes: Built an 8-Figure e-commerce business, flipped over 1,000 properties and holds a multi-million dollar forex fund. All from a kid that no one believed in. A kid that didn’t even graduate high school and never went to college to become a multi-millionaire and a growing massive Instagram following influencing hundreds of thousands of people.

Now Raphael is giving back once again with his all-new mastermind group giving away all of his knowledge on forex, real estate, marketing, and e-commerce.

Throughout all of his successes, his companies built, his millions made, being able to retire his mother, take care of his mentally disabled brother, help thousands and thousands of people, donating hundreds of thousands, Raphael attributes his success to one thing; The guidance of God.

“I was guided by God with every decision I’ve made. Every single decision. Everything I did in my life was guided by god. Everything I am today is because god guided me in this direction. God directed me to Real Estate, he directed me to e-commerce, and he directed me to forex.” - Raphael

From a troubled kid to a serial entrepreneur, Raphael has been through it all and wants everyone in the world to know this one thing: “Have faith even when no one believes in you. When your own mother doesn’t believe in you, friends, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, or whoever. God values you a lot more than people value you. Never put your value in the hands of other people, put it in what God thinks about you. Lock in on what God’s purpose is for you.”

Raphael’s vision moving forward includes three simple but very powerful components:

1. Create Leaders

2. Dominate Markets

3. Give Millions of Dollars

To find out more about Raphael Vargas, you can follow him on Instagram @realraphaelvargas. You can check out his mastermind here


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