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Caring For Others’ Founder Eslene Richmond-Shockley Publishes Book Chronicling 25 Years of Community Service

Nonprofit publishes ’Caring For Others: Giving a Voice to the Faces of Poverty’ available on Amazon

“As Caring For Others celebrates its 25th anniversary, I felt compelled to share what I’ve learned growing this non-profit.”— Caring For Others CEO and Founder Eslene Richmond-Shockley

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 / / -- Caring For Others, a 501c3 working to eradicate poverty, is proud to announce the publication of “Caring For Others: Giving A Voice To The Faces Of Poverty,” a hardcover book available for purchase on Amazon. The book’s publication syncs with the nonprofit’s 25th anniversary and reflects on the organizations’ work with impoverished communities globally.

The book follows Caring For Others Founder, President and CEO Eslene Richmond-Shockley on a heartfelt exploration of the human side of poverty. Through her compassionate lens, readers are invited into the lives of those impoverished, who are often unseen and unheard in society. Richmond-Shockley weaves personal anecdotes, compelling research and profound insights to illuminate the struggles individuals and families living on the margins face.

“As Caring For Others celebrates its 25th anniversary, I felt compelled to share what I’ve learned growing this non-profit,” Caring For Others CEO and Founder Eslene Richmond-Shockley said. “From growing up impoverished myself in Guyana to being honored at the White House this year, I hope that my journey can serve as an inspiration for others.”

In the book, Richmond-Shockley delves into the multifaceted nature of poverty, uncovering its harsh realities and systemic roots. From inner-city neighborhoods to rural global communities, she introduces readers to real people whose stories illustrate the daily challenges of economic hardship and social exclusion. Yet, amidst the adversity, Caring For Others celebrates the resilience and humanity of those living in poverty. Through poignant narratives, readers witness the strength and dignity of individuals facing adversity, from struggling for basic necessities to pursuing dreams against all odds. Beyond raising awareness, Mrs. Richmond-Shockley offers actionable insights and practical advice for readers inspired to make a difference. Whether through community engagement, advocacy, or philanthropy, she empowers readers to become agents of change in the fight against poverty while also advocating for systemic reforms to address its underlying causes.

From its humble beginnings, Caring For Others has grown from a literal food closet in a church to being recognized during a White House ceremony in February of 2024. During the event, it was announced that Caring For Others committed to providing more than 9,000,000 pounds annually of fresh and nutritious fruits, vegetables and protein to thousands of families in need by 2030.

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