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‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Maybe’, Ignore … How to Track Meeting Attendance ...

October 4, 2021 GMT

RIGA, Latvia, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Poorly attended meetings tend to happen occasionally. 

When most of the attendees have responded with “tentative”, “maybe” or haven’t reacted to the email invitation at all, by the start of the meeting, it is unclear if it will be worth running.

This is an issue of the past.  

The tech company  dots.  is now introducing the latest member of their meeting productivity tools -  Meetinch Attend

Attend tackles this issue, providing a solution that none of the other digital tools does.  

Sounds intriguing? Let’s dive deeper.  

Meetinch Attend  is a digital assistant that tracks potential meeting attendance by analyzing attendee responses.  


Having the right (number of) people around the table is one of the pillars of any successful meeting. Even more,  65% of managers say  meetings keep them from focusing and completing their work.  

So, make sure every meeting is efficient and not a waste of time.  

Moreover, in case the key persons can’t participate, reschedule it, and avoid this time consumer with just 30% of the team present.  

How does  Meetinch Attend  work?  

1) Schedule the meeting  
Send out a meeting request to your teammates as per usual.  

2) Receive an automatic RSVP summary  
Set a time before the meeting to receive an RSVP status summary (code yellow, red, or green - keep reading to find out more about these): who has accepted the invite, who declined, and who’s tentative or hasn’t responded.  

3) Send out a reminder automatically  

So, what is the code yellow, red, and green RSVP summary? 

Those are the three ways the summaries appear in the email.  


Let’s say the organizer sends out an invitation with a meeting agenda to all attendees.  

Ideally, everyone can make it to the meeting, right? Well, that is not always the case. 

When one or more of the attendees still haven’t responded two hours before the meeting, the “yellow email” from  Meetinch Attend  is received. 

With a single click, a reminder can now be sent to these teammates in case they have forgotten about it or have changed their minds.  


Here’s another situation.  

Imagine some of those invited are still unsure about attending, but two of the colleagues have declined it. 

It could turn out to be a potentially inefficient meeting due to declined and tentative attendees, so the “red email” is received as a warning. 


What to do next? 

1: Reschedule the meeting as everyone’s presence is crucial.  

2: Keep sending reminders to the rest of the team.  

3: Enjoy a meeting with those who do show up. 


Congratulations! Here is the “green email”! Now, that’s when all those invited are ready to attend the meeting. 

Meetinch Attend  can be every business’s new digital RSVP tracking assistant. 

Ready to try it out? It’s free to start.  Learn more

For more information about Meetinch Attend e-mail

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