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Press release content from Globe Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

‘Batteries on Blockchain’, Aloe Ecell is Redefining the Future of Batteries.

October 25, 2021 GMT

VILNIUS, Lithuania, Oct. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Do you know that batteries account for around 80% of all e-waste?

Over 89 billion batteries are consumed each year; these are improperly disposed of, ending up in landfills and releasing toxins into the environment, polluting the air, water, and land. In India, for example, chronic lung illness and liver cirrhosis induced by battery exposure are two of the leading causes of death. When the global data are examined, the number continues to rise.

Aloe Ecell and the Future

Battery recycling is a new topic with a lot of potential for improving our planet’s quality of life. To do this, a revolutionary and innovative method of functioning is required. Which are the two most crucial characteristics of Aloe Ecell.

Aloe Ecell is a non-toxic, 100 percent eco-friendly aloe vera-based breakthrough battery. The Aloe Token drives this breakthrough by introducing Batteries on Blockchain. The Aloe Ecell ecosystem is designed to address battery-related environmental and health risks by combining the power of Blockchain technology with the dedication of a motivated community, all while creating a system based on financial benefits and strong reward culture.


But what is it about Aloe Ecell that makes it so fascinating?

  • Extraction of E-waste into gold standard fertilizers, medicinal raw materials, and Aloe Token. As a result, crops can now grow batteries, and batteries can now grow crops. That’s quite cool.

  • Aloe Token, the company’s native coin, acts as the ecosystem’s backbone. It allows holders to diversify their revenue by using Defi services like staking, farming, trading, and providing liquidity.

  • Active engagement, whether by battery deposition or collection, is rewarded through a substantial reward structure.

  • Aloe Ecell has partnered with Bitlocus - a fast rising crypto to fiat exchange to conduct its IEO.


Aloe Ecell is a ground-breaking technological innovation that will upend the existing quo while also benefiting the community.

With the rising rate of global warming, pollution, and other environmental challenges, as well as their influence on health, we must be more deliberate in our judgments.

Every small decision we make contributes to the change we want to see in our world. Aloe Ecell gives everyone the chance to make a difference while also earning money and benefiting from the Aloe ecosystem.

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