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HOSHINO HONTEN, Co., Ltd. Releases “Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo” the Popular Product Koji

March 19, 2021 GMT

Japan, Niigata, Nagaoka-SHI, March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 2-10-30 SETTAYA MACHI, NAGAOKA-SHI, NIIGATA, 940-1105 JAPAN - HOSHINO HONTEN (Headquarters: Settaya, Nagaoka-City, Niigata; President: Takashi Hoshino) will release the popular product Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo in the United States from March 2021. The product is known and used daily by professional chefs and ordinary consumers in all over Japan.

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Three characteristics of Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo

1. It is a traditional fermented rice seasoning made of rice, malt, and salt with a unique food processing method that maximizes the natural & rich flavor of rice.

2. It is the product came up with the experience and history of handling  koji  (malted rice) for more than 100 years in fermented culture.

3. It is made of 100% Japanese rice.

The birth of Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo

Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo is the highest quality product by combining over 100 years of experience and history with the blessings of the earth and fermentation culture.

Since its establishment over 170 years ago in the town of Settaya in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, Hoshino Honten has been using  koji, which calls as the “brewery’s treasure” for making of the finest miso product.

During the Edo perido, Settaya was one of the Shogunate’s lands where it’s known for an abundance of clean & natural groundwater. As taking full advantage of the natural resource, various breweries of miso, soy sauce, and Japanese sake have been existing side by side in Settaya.

Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo was born from our experience & technic as well as the blessings of natural reasources.

How to use Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo

- Use it as a natural umami seasoning for stir-fried foods and a variety of other dishes. Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo has a salt content of 15% itself, so it can be used as salt-alternative.  

 - Use it to season fresh meat and fish before cooking or barbecue. Sprinkle ingredients with Koji Ichiyazukeno Tomo and let them marinate in the refrigerator for a few hours to bring out the umami of the ingredients. Or sprinkle it onto fresh vegetables to cook flavorful natural pickles.



HOSHINO HONTEN was founded in 1846, in the final decades of the Edo period. Established in the town of Settaya in Niigata prefecture’s Nagaoka city, the old townscape surrounded by lush greenery continues to this day.

Over more than 170 years since its founding, HOSHINO HONTEN has pursued the creation of delicious products while also preserving tradition, he has won many awards at the National Miso Competition and the National Soy Sauce Competition in Japan.

Company profile

Company name: HOSHINO HONTEN, CO., LTD.

Location: 2-10-30 Settaya, Nagaoka-City, Niigata, 940-1105, Japan

Representative: Takashi Hoshino, President and CEO

Established: 1846

URL: https://hoshino-honten.com/

Business: Manufacture and sale of soy sauce, miso, pickles, and koji products

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