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Brixton Metals Significantly Increases the Number of Cu-Au Targets at its Thorn Project

December 15, 2020 GMT

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brixton Metals Corporation (“Brixton” or the “Company”) (TSXV: BBB) (OTCQB: BBBXF) is pleased to provide its rock and soil geochemistry results summary from the 2020 season on its vast 2,594 square kilometer Thorn Cu-Au-Ag Project. A total of 1473 rock samples and 5588 soil samples were collected throughout the Thorn Project.

Highlights from 2020 Rock and Soil Geochemistry

  • 81 rock samples returned greater than 1 g/t Au and 5 samples were greater than 31 g/t Au
  • 68 rock samples returned greater than 1% Cu and 4 were greater than 5% Cu
  • 38 rock samples returned greater than 100 g/t Ag and 6 were greater than 1000 g/t Ag
  • 1057 soils were above 30 ppb Au, 263 were above 100 ppb Au and 45 were above 500 ppb Au
  • 2298 soils were above 100 ppm Cu, 148 were above 500 ppm and 40 were above 1000 ppm Cu


Chairman and CEO of Brixton Metals, Gary R. Thompson stated, “The push for more geochemical work at the Thorn Project has been a huge success this year. The 2020 field season, plus this past winter geochem data mining from 150 historical assessment reports of 10,524 soils and 3200 rocks and strategic mineral claim acquisitions, generated 6 new large scale copper-gold targets. The new total number of copper-gold targets at the Thorn Project now stands at 9, significantly increasing the probability of making a major discovery along its 75-80km of favourable geology.”

Mr. Thompson continued, “At the end of 2020, Brixton finds itself in the best position, both financially and from a project perspective than it has ever been in. Brixton is expected to finish the year with CAD$9 million in cash, a strong partner in High Power Exploration advancing its Hog Heaven Project, an active drill program at Langis pursuing a maiden resource and nine targets with potential to yield a major discovery at Thorn. Looking ahead to 2021, we plan to continue advancing each of the targets at Thorn with additional geochemical work, new geophysical work and drilling where warranted.”

The highest 20 gold-in-rock samples are listed in Table 1 below. The highest gold value from the 1473 rocks samples was collected from the Outlaw West Target which returned 68.8 g/t Au. The target with the greatest number of high-grade gold samples was the Trapper Target which had ten of the Top 20 gold-in-rock samples and ranged from 6.0 g/t Au to 47.0 g/t Au. The Camp Creek Target had five in the Top 20 gold-in-rock ranging from 6.0 g/t Au to 14.1 g/t Au.


The highest copper-in-rock sample was 7.2% Cu and came from the Camp Creek Target which also had 5 samples in the Top 20 for high-grade copper samples ranging from 4.5 To 7.2% Cu. Three targets namely Camp Creek, Metla and East Target had 5 samples in the Top 20 for high-grade copper samples, see Table 1 below.

The highest silver-in-rock grade was 2890 g/t Ag which came from the Outlaw Target. The Camp Creek Target had by far the most high-grade silver hits, returning 14 of the Top 20 high-grade silver samples ranging from 135.0 g/t Ag to 1890 g/t Ag.

Click here for link to Table 1. A Summary of Results of Rocks 2020:

The overall gold-in-rock samples are summarized in Table 2 below. The Trapper Target returned the greatest number of gold samples in all four grade categories: 1 g/t, 5 g/t, 10 g/t and 31 g/t Au. Eighty-one rock samples returned greater that 1 g/t Au. Twenty-one rocks samples were greater than 5 g/t Au. Twelve rocks samples were greater than 10 g/t Au and 5 rock samples were greater than 31 g/t Au. The Trapper Target had 26 samples greater that 1 g/t Au, 10 rock samples greater than 5 g/t Au, 6 samples greater than 10 g/t Au including 4 samples greater than 31.0 g/t Au with the high of 47 g/t Au.

The overall copper-in-rock values are summarized in Table 2 below. Sixty-eight rock samples returned greater than 1% Cu with the highest copper value of 7.2% coming from the Camp Creek Target. Twenty-nine of the 68 sample greater that 1% Cu were from the Metla Target. The Metla Target had 11 samples that were over 2% Cu out of the 31 samples over 2% Cu. Four samples returned over 4% Cu, 2 from Camp Creek, 1 from the East Target and 1 from the West Trapper Target.

The overall silver-in-rock values are summarized in Table 2. Thirty-eight rock samples were greater than 100 g/t Ag and nineteen of these came from the Camp Creek Target. Seventeen rock samples were greater that 250 g/t Ag and ten of these came from the Camp Creek Target. Ten rock samples were greater than 500 g/t Ag with six of these coming from the Camp Creek target. Six rock samples were greater than 1000 g/t Ag with four coming from the Camp Creek Target.

Click here for link to Table 2. Rock Sample Statistics 2020:

During the 2020 field season 5588 soil samples were collected throughout the Thorn Project which is summarized in Table 3. The Top 10 gold-in-soils values ranged from 2,660 ppb Au to 16,750 ppb Au. The two highest gold-in-soil values were from the Metla Target returning 13,300 and 16,750 ppb Au respectively. The Outlaw Target had 6 soil samples in the Top 10 gold-in-soil values ranging from 2,660.0 ppb Au to 11,700.0 ppb Au.

The highest copper-in-soils came the East Target which was 3860 ppm Cu. Six of the Top 10 copper-in-soil values where from the East Target which ranged from 1860 ppm to 3860 ppm Cu.

The Outlaw Target generated the greatest number of gold-in-soils values. Anomalous gold-in-soil values of greater than 30 ppb Au from the 5588 samples was 1057 samples of which 500 were taken form the Outlaw Target, 273 were from the East Target, 220 were from the Metla Target, 19 from the West Target, 17 from the North Target, 9 from Trapper and 9 from Camp Creek. A total of 263 samples were greater than 100 ppb Au, of which 149 samples were from the Outlaw target. A total of 128 samples were greater than 200 ppb Au of which 76 were from the Outlaw Target. A total of 45 samples were greater than 500 ppb Au, of which 32 were from the Outlaw Target.

The Metla Target and East Target generated the greatest number of high copper-in-soil values. A total of 2298 samples from the 5588 collected were greater than 100 ppm Cu, of which 585 were from the Metla Target, 548 were from the East Target, 308 were from the Outlaw Target, 88 from the West Target, 48 were from the Trapper Target, 28 were from the North Target and 2 were from Camp Creek. A total of 148 samples returned greater than 500 ppm Cu of which 77 samples were from the East Target, 40 were from the Outlaw Target, 27 were from the Metla Target and 2 were from the West Target. A total of 40 samples were greater than 1000 ppm Cu of which 23 samples were from the East Target, 11 were from the Outlaw Target, 4 were from the Metla Target and 1 was from the West Target.

Click here for Table 3. Soil Geochemical Summary Results from 2020:

Prior to this season’s geochemical surveys, data mining of assessment reports and new property acquisitions the Thorn Project consisted of 3 targets, Camp Creek, Outlaw and Chivas. In addition to the Camp Creek Target, 3 new targets stand out as large scale copper targets: Metla, West Target and the East Target. The North and South Targets are of interest for copper as well but have had very limited sampling to date. The Figure 1 is a summary of all the data to date.

Click here for Figure 1. 2020 Copper Geochemistry and Compilation of Anomalous Data:

Two areas of interest stand out as gold dominate targets and they are the Trapper Gold Target and the Outlaw Gold Target. The Trapper Target is a NW-trending 7km long anomaly that consists of highly altered volcanic hosted zone with quartz stockwork-brecciation and visible sulphide mineralization. The Outlaw Target is a 4.3km east-west trending sediment hosted gold anomaly. Most targets contain both copper and gold, whereas the West Target is copper dominant (low gold), the Trapper and Outlaw are gold dominant (low copper).

Click here for Figure 2. 2020 Gold Geochemical Results and Complilation:

Brixton commissioned Fathom Geophysics to conduct a property-wide alteration mapping using ASTER and SENTINEL 2 satellite data. The satellite alteration footprint is showed in the figure 3 below along with the location of all targets.

Click here for Figure 3. Satellite Alteration Footprint of the Thorn Claim Block:

The Camp Creek Target

The copper-gold-silver mineralization within Camp Creek are of high-sulphidation veins containing pyrite, tetrahedrite, sulphosalts +- enargite where veins range from 0.1m to 5m meters in width, or breccia matrix filled sulphide/sulphosalts as diatreme or hydrothermal breccias. Copper results in Figure 4 are a complilation of all surface geochemical results for Camp Creek area. The Camp Creek Corridor has a minimum 2km long strike and has a series of northeast trending parallel veins-breccias over 1.5km wide that include the Talisker and Gelnfiddich zones. Thirty-five samples from Camp Creek area returned greater than 5% Cu with a high of 32.8% Cu. The Camp Creek target include the Oban diatreme polymetallic breccia which is about 100m in width having a north-south mineralized structure.

Click here for Figure 4. Camp Creek Copper Geochemistry:

The West Target

The West Target is a new area of interest which is dominantly copper (low gold). Including the 2020 soil and rock sampling, 14 rock samples returned greater than 1% Cu and a high of 4.3% Cu. Porphyry related veins with chalcopyrite, bornite, malachite and chalcocite were sampled at this target. An airborne radiometric and magnetic survey was flown at the West Target and revealed a large potassic-altered zone that encompasses the majority of the copper anomalies. Potassic alteration is known to occur at the center of large porphyry Cu-Au deposits.

Click here for Figure 5. West Target Copper Geochemical Compilation and Radiometrics Anomaly:

The Metla Target

The Metla Target was developed into a 20km Cu-Au anomaly by the strategic acquisition of the core lands held by Stuhini Exploration that came with significant previous work. The Figure 6 is focused on the compilation of copper values but the high gold values can be seen on Figure 2 and at the new release dated August 24, 2020 at the following link: http://brixtonmetals.com/brixton-metals-to-acquire-the-metla-property-expanding-its-thorn-project/ . An airborne radiometric survey flow over the central Metla Target which highlights an open ended multi-kilometre potassic altered zone which corresponds well to the high copper numbers. Most of the 2020 sampling focused on the Eastern portion of the Metla Target area where 11 rock samples returned greater than 1% Cu with a high of 3.4% Cu. The total number of copper values greater that 1% from the Central and East Metla combined are 36 with the highest copper value of 15.2% Cu from the Central Metla Target area. Mineralization is porphyry related with chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite and malachite/azurite.

Click here for Figures 6. Metla Target Copper Geochemical Compilation and Radiometric Anomaly:

The East Target

One of the new target this season is the East Target which is located on the East edge of the Thorn property. Twenty-two rock samples were greater than 1% Cu with a high of 5.2% Cu. Two large multi-kilometer copper-in-soil anomalies were identified on the East Target.

Click here for Figure 7. East Target Copper Geochemical Rocks over Soils and Alteration:

The South Target

Geochemical surveying at the South Target was limited given that other targets were prioritized, with only one rock sample of 1.5% Cu. However, the size of the alteration footprint at this target is remarkable (i.e. 20km x 20km) and worthy to follow-up with subsequent geochemical surveys and prospecting/mapping.

Click here for Figure 8. South Target Copper Rock and Soil Geochemical over Alteration.

The Trapper Target

The Trapper Target returned the highest number of gold anomalies in rocks, with 26 samples greater that 1 g/t Au, 10 samples greater than 5 g/t Au, 6 samples greater than 10 g/t Au including 4 samples greater than 31.0 g/t Au, with one of 47 g/t Au. Please see more details from a previously released news about the Trapper Target gold samples: http://brixtonmetals.com/brixton-metals-finds-multiple-gold-samples-greater-than-1-oz-t-at-the-trapper-target-on-its-thorn-project/.

The Trapper Gold trend is a NW-SE striking, 7km long gold trend which resulted from the strategic acquisition of the Trapper claims from Kodiak Copper earlier this year, see news and details at the following link. http://brixtonmetals.com/brixton-metals-to-acquire-the-trapper-gold-copper-property-and-related-royalties-further-expanding-its-thorn-project/

In 2017 Brixton drilled hole THN17-142 which returned 6.4m of 2.8 g/t Au and is located at the Chivas Target located in the northern portion of the Trapper Gold Trend characterized by a large gold-in-soils anomaly.

Click here for Figure 9. Trapper Gold Target, Gold Geochemistry:

The Outlaw Target

The Outlaw Target generated a high number of gold-in-soil and gold-in-rock samples this season. Details of 2020 drilling can be seen at the following links:


Click here for Figure 10. Outlaw Soil and Rock Geochemistry:


Soil and rock geochemistry has proven to be an effective tool in targeting mineralization at the Thorn Project. High priority targets include Trapper, Metla, Outlaw, Camp Creek. Secondarily, but also of interest, are the East and West Targets. Drill-ready targets for 2021 include Trapper, Metla, Outlaw and Camp Creek.

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