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Revive Scratch Repair Reviews (Shine Armor) - Does It Work?

October 7, 2020 GMT
Shine Armor
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Shine Armor
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Shine Armor

10/07/2020, San Francisco // KISSPR //

Shine Armor is a  topical paint repair product  that consumers can apply to their vehicles to repair damage to their car’s surface, like scratches and oxidation. The formula requires no machine to create this effect, and it should only need a single application.

What is Shine Armor?

Cars are a substantial investment, and most models are built to last for years. As strong as all of the different mechanisms on a car can be, the external body gets put through a lot with the environment, weather conditions, and other unavoidable exposure. However, there’s also an element of danger that consumers place their cars in a while parked at stores or restaurants. All it takes is one careless person to scratch the paint accidentally.


Rather than going to the body shop for a small scratch, there’s  Shine Armor. This new formula requires no water, machines, or even paint, but it still removes scratches easily. The magical effect isn’t just for the occasional scratch, as it helps with oxidation and even swirls from a wax application. It is safe to apply by hand with an applicator, though users will need to let it dry fully before buffing out the scratch. With such a quick reaction, users can fix any scratch that happens to their car on the same day that it occurred.

What makes this product unique isn’t necessarily what is in it, but what isn’t. There are no fillers or wax, which means that consumers won’t have to worry about a bad reaction on their paint or create smears from the texture. As an added feature, the formula even has a grape scent that it leaves behind.

Frequently Asked Questions on Shine Armour (FAQ) How long will Shine Armor last after applying?

For everyday driving or vehicles that are more highway and in the city, the company recommends applying the product at least once per month to protect your vehicle. However, once the product is applied should last 6 – 12 months.

Will Shine Armor work on headlights?

The Armor All Ultra Shine Headlight Restoration Wipes will, but the Shine Armour scratch repair will not. Pre-moistened wipes eliminate wondering how much to use, require sandpaper or tools, and set in about 3 hours, with long-lasting UV protection.

Can Shine Armor really remove scratches?

Yes! Removes all oxidation, any scratches, and swirls without damaging the paint and, at the same time, giving it a protective layer shielding it from the weather.


Purchasing Shine Armor

This must-have Shine Armour scratch fixer can be found on the  official website, though several packages are available. Stocking up will allow users to keep the formula in their garage for at-home corrections or in their car while traveling and running errands.

The packages include:

  • One bottle for $18.95
  • Two bottles for $18.50 each
  • Three bottles for $17.95 each
  • Four bottles for $16.95 each

Consumers that order at least two bottles will automatically qualify for free shipping. If the user’s car’s scratches cannot be removed, the company offers a 30-day return policy to get a full refund. To contact the makers of Shine Armour, consumers can phone the customer service 7 Days a week
from 10 AM to 6 PM at;


Made in the USA, Shine Armor’s ability to correct scratches without going to a shop makes it easier for any car owner to save big. The cost per bottle is significantly less than the labor cost, and it doesn’t even need that much elbow grease to work. With a refreshing scent of grape, the application may even be a pleasant experience, after all. Since the formula won’t leave streaks and can correct oxidation problems, it may become essential for  home-based auto care  as the soap that consumers use to wash it.


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