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Copy Trading: How to Mimic Proven Traders? - The Lazy Trader

September 19, 2021 GMT

09/19/2021, London, UK // KISSPR //

The investment world is a confusing platform for all those who are planning to start trading. When you are at a learning stage, an ideal is a must. When you are planning to start trading, copy-trading is a helpful medium. This medium allows you to copy proven traders and their strategies.

This medium has ensured to give the best exposures to the benefits of trading, especially for all those new in this trading world. Following experienced and knowledgeable traders help you to learn better. Though regularly practicing the correct strategies will help you achieve more.

In this blog, we have listed how you can mimic the proven trader for better trading experiences.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a financial platform, which allows you to copy the trade directly. You can automatically copy the trades that other established traders already open. The source aims to give opportunities to all the new traders. The best way to grasp the opportunity to achieve success is under proven traders’ guidelines and strategies.


Who are Proven Traders?

Proven traders are the established traders who have successfully proven themselves. They are the traders who have been practicing this for years now. These traders have good knowledge about trading and share their knowledge through social networks or other connections.

Proven Traders discuss their strategies and ideas on when and how to play your chance in the trading world. They are the ideals for all those traders planning to achieve great success in this field. Circling their guidance is a great way to understand how to trade.

How to Mimic Proven Traders?

When you plan to mimic proven traders, follow some genuine traders. Here are the pointers which will help you in finding an ideal proven trader for mimicking.

Regularly check the changing strategies.

Proven traders keep changing their strategies based on the market situation. As the traders have excellent knowledge regarding the market, they know when to maintain the same strategy and when to change. If you are new to the business and mimicking a proven trader, understand this aspect and regularly check the market.

Keep regularly checking on the market to help you strategize your move and understand your proven traders better.

Follow the relevant moves.

You do not need to follow every move of the proven traders. There are chances that their moves may not work in the current situation of the market. In such circumstances, you should explore more established traders and understand their practices. This will help you in understanding different ways to sustain in the market without bearing any severe loss.


Exploring more proven traders will lead you to different marketing situations. In this, you will find something relevant to your current market condition. Based on the experience of those traders, you can examine and act accordingly. This will help you understand the trading market in a better sense.

Understand when to stay on and off.

Proven traders know precisely when to stay quiet and when to play the best move. This is one of the best features a beginner should learn. It is not easy to identify whether it is the correct time to invest or not. Proven traders have got years of experience to understand when to move and when to stand back. They discuss every situation for the traders’ understanding.

It is advisable to learn those market situations to avoid loss. After practicing regularly, you will experience some loss which will not create a vacuum. Eventually, the moves of these proven traders will help you from significant losses and lead you to success.

Understand every move and adapt accordingly

Just like discussed earlier, it is not necessary to follow every single move of the traders. You have to study and understand them. Practice them with a smaller investment. If you succeed in understanding, adapt them accordingly. This will lead you to independent trading without entirely depending on the established traders.

Broader the market fields

Usually, beginners focus on different proven traders from the same trading field. Instead, they follow proven traders from different specific markets. This will help you understand all the different markets. Initially, stay on one single trading field. However, learning to trade in all other specific markets is a good practice.

Educate yourself in every trading market to get a better experience for yourself.

These are some of the best ways to mimic your proven traders.

The Bottom Line

Copy-Trading is an excellent source to start trading. It gets even more beneficial if you know how to mimic proven traders. It is crucial to understand that following every experienced trader blindly is not a prominent way. Thus, these factors of how to mimic your proven traders help you understand their plans and moves better.

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