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Press release content from KISSPR. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.


January 6, 2021 GMT

01/06/2021, Chicago // KISSPR //

Discord is an excellent online platform that was created for avid gamers to connect and share ideas while streaming their favorite videos.

And while Discord itself is free to use, Discord Nitro is a premium service that is worth checking out if you’re looking to upgrade your overall Discord experience to its peak performance levels.

== Click To Get Free Discord Nitro & Classic Codes ==

Discord Nitro lets you upload larger media files, customize your digital profile with unique tags, boost your preferred servers, use animated emojis & stickers, plus much more all while enjoying access to an expansive collection of free games, and live chat options. But doing all of this will cost you quite a bit of cash.


The Discord Nitro premium service goes for 9.99 USD per month or 99.99 USD annually and it was designed to help users become more involved in the online community.

But today, we will be turning our attention to how you can activate these services for free by using Discord Nitro codes.

About Free Discord Nitro Codes

Any Discord user will certainly appreciate the value that free Discord Nitro codes can bring to the table.

== Click To Get Free Discord Nitro & Classic Codes ==

With the premium Nitro features and server boosts, you get to enjoy quite a handful of additional benefits that can enhance your overall text, voice, and video chat experience on Discord.

This simply means that you can use Discord Nitro codes to upgrade your profile and stand out among other users without spending a dime. On top of all that, you can also play up to 70 free games or more!

Note however that these promo codes are essentially unique 19 digital characters that will no longer remain active after 48 hours.

We’ve highlighted a few more Discord Nitro perks below:

  • GIF Avatars
  • Global custom emojis
  • Discord Tag customization
  • Higher quality game video sharing resolution
  • Server boosting
  • Larger media file uploads (between 8MB to 100MB)

Where Can I Find Free Discord Nitro Codes?

Discord is well known for entering into partnerships with popular gaming brands like Xbox to offer free game passes and free Discord Nitro codes to loyal fans.


There are also dozens of third party tech/gaming websites, blogs, and Discord Nitro code generators out there that publish updated promo codes regularly in a bid to attract visitors.

You can also find giveaways hosted regularly on social medial platforms like YouTube and Facebook with free Discord Nitro codes up for grabs.

Free Discord Nitro codes are also great gifting ideas, especially among gamer pals. Luckily, users are allowed to transfer free Nitro gifts to each other.

Here’s how:

  • First, you’ll need to find a friend who is a Discord HypeSquad member.
  • Ask him/her to log in to their Discord account and then navigate to their Inventory web page.
  • Once there, your friend should notice a Free Nitro icon under the Gift Inventory menu.
  • Now all you have to do is redeem that Nitro code using your Discord account.

You can now enjoy using Discord Nitro free of charge for 1 month.

How Do I Redeem Free Discord Nitro Codes?

Luckily the redemption process for working Nitro codes is not complicated.

  • You can get started by signing in to your Discord account or creating one if you’re using the service for the first time.
  • Next, go to the homepage where you’ll find the Library button; click on it.
  • Afterward, look under the Gift Inventory menu where you’ll find the Redeem Code section.
  • Now you can type out or paste the unique 19 digital character code for redemption.
  • Roundup by clicking on the Redeem button.

That’s all! You can now check your account inventory to confirm that your premium Nitro rewards have been activated.

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