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Heal n Soothe Review: Customer Insights, Benefits and Free Trial Offer

November 7, 2020 GMT
Heal n Soothe Pain Relief Supplements
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Heal n Soothe Pain Relief Supplements
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Heal n Soothe Pain Relief Supplements

11/07/2020, McHenry, Illinois // KISSPR //

Heal-n-soothe is one of the most popular joint supplements for arthritis backed by science. It is a well-studied supplement helping millions of people deal with chronic pains. Since its market launch, the supplement has been an affordable and natural way of getting relief from pain related to arthritis.

Heal-n-soothe supplements are still popular, but recently there are questions on its legitimacy. Post-pandemic, the ratings for heal-n-soothe fluctuated dramatically. What’s causing these sudden fluctuations, and are these Heal-n-soothe warnings. What are the comments on Heal n Soothe free bottle offer, and is there anything to worry about its legitimacy?


The general reviews for heal-n-soothe do not cover the 2020 scams to watch out for, and neither provides useful tips. Read on to this updated 2021 Heal-n-soothe review, which reveals the essential information, proven tips, and customer insights from the buyer’s perspective.

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What Is Heal-N-Soothe?

Heal-n-soothe tablets are a proteolytic enzyme supplement that treats several symptoms related to arthritis and chronic pain. It is also known as Dr. Paris Heal n Soothe or Living well nutraceuticals heal n soothe.

The supplement’s formula composition is developed by Dr. Brian Paris, the board-certified member from the Healthy Back Institute, and sold by the highly-acclaimed brand Living well nutraceuticals.

Many research suggests that it is an anti-inflammatory joint-supplement that reduces stiffness and pains in people with osteoarthritis. Best of all, a mixture of the ingredients used in its composition is clinically-tested to prevent cancer and provide pain-relieving effects. All-in-all, the supplement promotes better health and gives relief from pain.

In recent years, Proteolytic enzyme supplements have received worldwide recognition and a large customer base. Heal-n-soothe is one such supplement containing a combination of proteolytic enzymes and other beneficial ingredients. The ingredients in Heal-n-Soothe formulations are intended to treat joint pains. Taking Heal-n-soothe provides pain-relieving effects.

That said, the Heal-n-soothe supplement has been studied very extensively. There are some positive findings of it which you must know about. Learn what the supplement does to your body and how it helps in overcoming arthritis problems.


Does Heal N Soothe Work?

Heal and soothe for arthritis is a proven supplement that is popular among many. Is Heal-n-soothe good? Point specific, the supplement works in several ways for keeping the body fit. It helps in staying fit, active, and lively. It works as a systemic enzyme therapy, which is highly effective in improving inflammation and prevent a series of muscle and joint-related problems such as arthritis.

The key ingredients used in Heal-n-soothe are systemic proteolytic enzyme, which provides therapeutic body maintenance in staying healthy, fit, and active. The supplement combines powerful pain-fighting nutrients and systemic enzymes synergistically. The potent blend promotes joint flexibility, creates a pain-defense mechanism, and heals joint pain naturally.

You will get to know more about the supplement’s efficiency in the next section, which explains how heal n soothe works and activates the properties.

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How Heal n Soothe works?

How does Heal n Soothe work?  How does it help in staying fit and active? You will know all about these in this section, explaining how the supplement works throughout the body.

Heal-n-soothe works in four stages, and as per the consumers using the supplements, the best results are visible in the final 9th week of consumption. Here’s how the supplement works in promoting a healthy, fit and active body –

  • Step 1: Detoxifies and eliminates toxins

As soon as you take the supplement, the first actionable step of it begins. It is mainly a cleansing and detoxifying stage, which lasts only less than a week. During this phase, your body discharges all harmful toxins that have been a barrier to pain-relief and healthy mobility. It completely detoxifies the colon and liver from all harmful tissues, toxins, and wastes within four to five days.

  • Step 2: Controls the inflammatory process

After the harmful toxins and wastes are eliminated from the body, you are minutes away from enjoying a stimulating and new healthy life. The second phase starts in the second week, and this is when the anti-inflammatory agents and the enzymes start to manage the inflammation of your body. The systemic enzyme blend, along with the anti-inflammatory agents, starts to improve the body’s defense mechanism, and you’ll notice a reduction in your pain and swellings.

  • Step 3: Reduces build-up in Arteries, and Enzymatic mechanism begins

The third step begins in the second month of consumption. The improved inflammation response provides the pathway to better joint health. During this step, the supplement dissolves the scar tissue, effectively digests them, and breaks down the fibrin, making the blood vessels clot. The mechanism proactively cleans the build-up in arteries, which, in turn, improves blood circulation and joint health.

  • Step 4: Restores mobility and provides an enzymatic shield

This is the final step when Heal-n-soothe restores the mobility and proves to be more than a pain-relief supplement. As your body now has a better inflammatory process, you no longer have to worry about joint pains. All in all, your body achieves a new shield against damaging radicals and a healthy immune response keeping the inflammation in check.

Heal-N-Soothe Ingredients And Supplement Composition

Heal n soothe 90 count capsule bottles come with clear labels and ingredient lists along with the potency level. It was helpful to know about the amount of enzyme and ginger root extract we were getting per serving when we received the bottle.

It is especially important to have clean information on the ingredient when it comes to proteolytic supplement blends. Both the enzymes used in it can be either plant or animal-derived. Also, the potency level of the enzyme helps in understanding the supplement’s efficacy. Here is a list of the Heal-n-soothe supplement that you must know about.

  • Systemic enzyme blend: The proteolytic systemic enzyme blend is the key ingredient in the supplement’s composition. The blend consists of Papain, Bromelain, Protease 6.0, Alkaline Protease, and Protease AM.  The chief enzyme Bromelain is all-natural and extracted from pineapple. These enzymes work as a biocatalyst to speed up the healing process of joint pain. For instance, Papain heals damaged tissue, and Protease AM reduces inflammation. Also, scientific research and clinical studies show that the enzyme blends help create a healthy inflammatory response, which is essential for the flexibility of the muscles in the body.

  • Boswellia extract: Boswellia extract is an ancient herbal medicine that has been used in the Indian culture to treat ailments. The extract comes with healing and anti-inflammatory properties that promote the healing of wounds naturally.

  • Citrus bioflavonoids complex: Citrus Bioflavonoids are extremely powerful antioxidants that are itself sold as individual supplements. The supplement is popular among those who want to move their joints freely and get rid of stiffness. Heal-n-soothe combines these key ingredients in its formulation, and the result helps enhance the main connectivity tissues of the body.

  • Ginger root extract: Ginger root is one of the most wonderful ingredients in treating several health concerns. The extract is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Each supplement’s serving is formulated with ginger root extract to help ease severe inflammation among those suffering from chronic pain, such as arthritis.
  • Yucca root: Toxins produce inflammation in the body. The extraction from the Yucca root helps remove these harmful toxins from the body.
  • Turmeric rhizome: Turmeric’s antioxidant properties help prevent the body from damages caused by free radicals. The ingredient is also.
  • Alpha-Lipoic acid: The compounds present in Alpha-Lipoic acid is beneficial in preventing bone destruction and chronic inflammation. There is clear evidence behind its efficiency and that we will be covering in the upcoming section of this research paper.
  • Rutin: As Citrus, Rutin is yet another powerful ingredient loaded with bioflavonoids. The flavonoid compound in Rutin helps prevent oxidative stress and even cancer.
  • Devil’s Claw root extract: Each of the Heal-n-soothe capsules contains a 30mg of Devil’s root extract – a potent blend of the essential and active plant compound. It is a flowering plant, and the root extract’s infusion stimulates the flow of blood and eases indigestions effectively.

Now that you know what’s inside Heal-n-soothe, it is time to know about the benefits.

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What Are The Benefits Of Heal N Soothe?

So, what is heal N soothe good for? The supplement has proven to treat several concerns related to joint pain and arthritis effectively. Read on to the following benefits of Heal-n-soothe -

Heal-n-soothe is a natural healing supplement that provides long-lasting pain relief. Formulated with safe and potent pain-relieving nutrients, the supplement builds pain defending mechanism inside the body. All the ingredients work together to provide the following nine health benefits-

  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response
  • Promotes immune response
  • Supports blood circulation
  • Flushes out harmful toxins and removes damaged tissues
  • Reduces joint discomfort
  • Reduces back pain
  • Increase bone density
  • Heals surgical wounds
  • Improve arthritis pain
  • Provides fast muscle recovery

Several consumers taking Heal-n-soothe has found benefits in alleviating severe to moderate arthritis. Surprisingly, those taking the supplement as a part of the experiment or trial-and-test soon shifted from their regular medication to it. Heal and soothe also help prevent stiffness, back pain heals the crippling pain of arthritis, and keep cartilage healthy.

The most amazing benefit of Heal-n-soothe is that it helps in calming the headaches related to chronic pain. That means hardly would there be any need for taking an extra painkiller. Visible muscle flexibility differences can be felt in and about two to three weeks after taking the supplement. According to the instruction, a regular dosage helped in permanently getting rid of arthritis pain, among many. Heal-n-soothe is a supplement that you may be considering both for joint pain and osteoarthritis.

Heal N Soothe Pros And Cons To Know About

By now, we know all the positive things about Heal-n-Soothe supplements. But, what’s not to love about it? So, we have compared it with other similar supplements and listed good and bad findings. As with any supplements, there are both pros and cons to taking Heal-n-Soothe supplements.


  • An all-natural joint supplement to treat joint health
  • Supplements the body with ample joint-nutrients
  • Provides long-term treatment for arthritis
  • Works faster than other pain-relief supplements
  • No side effects
  • Contains No Animal derivates
  • Free Trial-testing
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • Heal-n-soothe in stores is not available but only available for online purchase
  • Not recommended for those having a corn allergy
  • The supplement may not be appropriate for those taking blood thinner or antibiotics
  • Not recommended for children

Heal N Soothe Side Effects

Is there any side effect of taking the supplement? Can you take it with other medications without any risk? These are some points that we will be uncovering in this section. We have gone through tons of Heal-n-soothe customer reviews and complaints and summarized the main gist you need to know.

Heal-n-soothe side effects are very limited. It has an excellent track record of being safe, and there are zero side effects that one needs to worry about. However, the efficiency of the supplement contradicts as with anyone taking antibiotics or blood-thinning drugs. If you are taking antibiotics or drugs that thin blood, it is preferable to consult with your doctors or physicians before taking the supplement.

It takes time for the body to adjust with Heal-n-soothe, but that is for only a week or two at maximum. During the first week of taking the supplement, you may experience a short-time runny nose, and this symptom is common among those with sinus issues. However, the official manufacture assures that there is nothing to worry about. The users of Heal-n-soothe also experienced vaginal discharge and change in the smell of the waste during the initial phase of taking the supplement.

Let’s recap the side-effects of Heal-n-soothe from the following list-

  • The efficiency of supplement contradicts with antibiotics
  • Sinus drainage and post-nasal drips such as mucus secretion
  • Fluctuations in blood pressure
  • Indigestive concerns such as loose stools or gas formation during the initial phase

How To Use; Heal N Soothe & Quick Start Guide To Efficacy

If you want to make the most out of your Heat-n-soothe and enjoy the satisfaction guaranteed that comes with it, here’s a quick guide to activate the full benefits.

Heal-n-soothe activates as soon as you take the recommended dosage. But the best way to take the supplement on an empty stomach. The enzymes break down and get absorbed easily in an empty stomach. So, consider taking Heal-n-soothe before or after an hour of taking any food.

The key to enjoying the full efficiency of the supplement is consistency. Be consistent with your consumption, and stick to it. There is no problem if you take Heal-n-soothe more than the recommended dosage. Consider increasing your dosage if you are someone whose work involves a lot of joint and muscle movement or perhaps, an injury.

Extra intake is beneficial for extra pain relief. As with any supplements, results may vary. Some feel the immediate difference within the first two to three days, while others feel the difference within the third week. Patience is the key, and you must give the supplement the proper and adequate time to work its efficacy.

Heal N Soothe Where To Buy?

It is highly recommended to buy Heal n soothe from the official manufacturer’s website. Avoid purchasing it from anywhere else, such as Amazon or eBay. Heal n soothe eBay platform has received several customers’ complaints on the confusing payment plan and recurring subscription. Also, Heal n soothe amazon stock is out.

As such, it is best to buy the genuine Living well neutraceuticals heal n soothe from the main manufacturer, the Healthy Back Institute. Heal n soothe website also offers various promotional and trial offers. But heal n soothe the best price is only available from the manufacturer indeed.

Heal n soothe Price, Trial offer & Getting the Best Deal

As of November 2020, Heal n soothe price is $59.95 per bottle. The 3-bottle and the six-bottle costs $169.00 and $289.00, respectively. Due to tax and freight, the shipping cost may vary a little. That means the price of heal n soothes in Canada and the USA is different from that of the heal n soothe in Australia. The supplement supplier is USA-based, which means the shipping cost of heal n soothe country-wise will be different.

One great way to reduce your heal n soothe cost is to go for the three bottles. The cost of three bottles is comparatively much less in terms of shipment and regular heal n soothe price.

Currently, Heal-n-Soothe has a free bottle offer from the manufacturer, You just have to pay the shipping and handling fee. So here is a chance to get a free trial bottle from the Heal-n-Soothe official website.

Heal N Soothe Real Customer Reviews

Over the years, Heal n Soothe has helped many people live an active and healthy life. So, we share with you three of the hand-picked Heal-n-soothe customer reviews that explains all about it-

“I feel lucky to come across Heal and soothe because I never thought it could be so easy to get rid of my back pain. It has been more than 54 years that I have been suffering from joint stiff, and as soon as I started taking the supplement, it healed me so fast that now I can enjoy life to its fullest. The best part is that my fungus nails started to go away.” - Mathews, 66.

“My grandchildren are my greatest join, and I couldn’t play with them due to my constant back and joint pain. I was frustrated, and nothing helped in relieving the pain. I took the prescribed medicines the pain used to get back after a while. Matters started to get out of hands when I was diagnosed with arthritis. I was very concerned and wanted to figure out a way by all means. I researched, and Heal-n-soothe was very popular at that time. I gave it a shot, and my goodness! It is like a wish come true for me. Thanks to Heal-n-soothe for taking away my pains” – Bernard, 45.                             

“I work more than eight hours a day at my farmer, and I really wanted a pain-relief supplement that does what it claims to do. Fortunately, I came across this miracle supplement that has bought the energy back into my life. I have been taking Heal-n-soothe for a year and a half now, and during this time, I never felt the need to take any medicine or hot-press treatments. My pain groans, and moans simply vanished. “Jeremy, 38.

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Heal N Soothe Complains & Scam Alerts

We have found several Heal n soothe complaints. Surprisingly, the complaints have nothing to do about the product’s performance; rather, they relate to completely something different. In this section, I am also uncovering Heal and soothe scams alerts to watch out for and customer bad experiences, if any.

Recurring Monthly Subscriptions:

Undoubtedly heal n soothe free offer is the most lucrative deal but know what you are signing up to when ordering it. The recurring monthly subscription is a Health n soothe scam to watch out for, and several customers complain about it. Although what we liked is how Healthy Back Institute (HBI) handed the customer complaints and refunded the product eventually.

Covid Shipping Issue:

Apart from recurring monthly subscription, there is another Heal n Sooth complaint on the customer service. Perhaps, due to the overwhelming amount of orders, Heal n soothe customer service is always busy, and many customers face problems re-ordering the product. Covid-19 restrictions have also caused a delay in the Heal n soothe return products.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Heal N Soothe

So, there are few things to Keep In Mind Before Buying Heal-n-smooth and any supplement in general. It might be tempting to grab the Heal n soothe free bottle offer but be sure about what you are signing up for. Check twice about the monthly recurring subscription and then proceed with the final step of your purchase.

There are several things to learn from Heal n soothe customer reviews post-pandemic. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the heal n soothe cancel subscription feature may take time to get active. Expect a delay in shipment. In this case, you may call directly at heal n soothe contact number, which you can get from the FAQs. You can avoid the expensive overseas call by simply emailing them through the contact form section.

Heal N Soothe Reviews - Final Verdict

You may try and google heal-n-soothe or feel free to go through other reviews for heal n soothe. You will never get all the above important information, customer insights, and the honest update on the heal-n-soothe scam that is taking place. Confess it or not, this is the most informative Heal-n-Soothe review that that covers everything.

FAQs on Heal-n-Soothe

  • Who sells heal n soothe?

Answer: Heal n soothe is sold and formulated by a brand named Living Well Nutraceuticals in collaboration with an accredited medical team from the Healthy Back Institute. The product is sold on many eCommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay. But it is always recommended to buy the supplement from the official heal n soothe site.

  • What is heal n soothe good for?

Answer: Heal n soothe is good for getting muscle and joint pain relief. It is also helpful in preventing several concerns related to arthritis. The supplement is formulated with potent enzymes and powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients, eliminating toxins and creating a healthy immune system. Consumers who took the supplement experienced better muscle flexibility, fit and active health, and body.

  • Where to find heal-n-soothe?

Answer: You can find heal-n-soothe by living well in many eCommerce sites. But we highly recommend to buy it from the main manufacturer of the Heal n Sooth product and note that, heal n soothe at Walmart is not available indeed. Currently, Heal n soothe amazon UK product stock is out. Buying it anywhere else other than the manufacturer leaves you at the risk of getting hoax heal-n-soothe.

  • How much does heal n soothe cost?

Answer: The retail price of the supplement of 1 bottle is $59.95 as of November 2020. Currently, Healthy Back Institute is offering a free trial offer for particular countries, and you can grab it from the manufacturer’s website. Heal n soothe United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand customers can enjoy this free trial offer. For more information on the 2020 Heal n soothe price, please refer back to the above sections.

  • How to take Heal n Soothe?

Answer: Heal n soothe is an oral supplement, and it is required to take three capsules per day. It is recommended to increase the dosage to up to 6 or more per day for noticeable results and severe pain or stiffness cases. If you want to make the most out of the product, please read our Heal-n-soothe Quick start guide to efficacy.

  • Does Heal n Soothe work?

Answer: Heal n soothe pain relief supplements have been helping millions of people worldwide get relief from chronic pains related to arthritis. All the ingredients used in it are clinically researched and proven to help promote fitness to the body. Evidently, Heal n soothe works among many.

Furthermore, the reviews on heal n soothe arthritis along with heal n soothe testimonials have also been very positive. Since the product launch, it has gained a large customer base and popularity among over-the-counter medical communities. We have gone through Heal n soothe consumer reports, and the majority of the consumers experienced pain relief in one way or another when taking the supplement. So, yes, the supplement works, and the 100% money-back guarantee from the manufacturer indicates that it is also risk-free.

  • How good is heal n soothe for arthritis?

Answer: Several studies have shown that systemic enzyme supplements are an effective treatment for pain-related injuries. The enzyme present in heal-n-soothe composition speeds up the wound healing process efficiently. It works as a powerful catalyst to remove harmful toxins, which, in turn, boosts the immune system normally. Also, heal n soothe reviews are very positive, and not all the hundreds can be wrong indeed.

  • Does Walmart carry heal-n-soothe?

Answer: No, heal-n-soothe is not available in Walmart or any store other than the online official. Please don’t misinterpret heal n soothe cream as the supplement. Both are different in terms of performance, dosage, and ingredient list. If you see any products labeled as heal-n-soothe, it must be different and not the supplement.

  • How can I get Heal n Soothe free trial offer?

Answer: Currently, the Heal n soothe free trial bottle offer available for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand customers. The best way to get a free offer is to purchase it from the Official Heal n Soothe living well website and stay updated on it.

  • Is Heal n soothe safe to take?

Answer: Yes, the supplement is 100% safe and refundable. The formula of Heal-n-soothe is allergen-free and vegetable-friendly. However, you must go through the full list of living well heal n soothe ingredients and check if you are allergic to any of it. If you are pregnant or have an ulcer, you must consult with your doctor before taking Heal-n-soothe. You must also know about heal n soothe interactions explained in the above heal n soothe side effect section.

  • Is Heal-n-Soothe legitimate?

Answer: Yes, heal n soothe living well is a legitimate supplement that has been available since 2013. It is formulated and manufactures by one of the world’s best supplement manufacturers in the United States. Just as the above research paper, there are several heal n soothe legit researches and studies all pointing towards its legitimacy. Tens of thousands of people worldwide achieved proven benefits when taking the supplement but beware of third-party vendors.

  • How to cancel heal n soothe?

Answer: Any users of heal-n-soothe can cancel the recurring subscription by visiting the official site or by complaining to the heal n soothe healthy back institute customer service. You can also use the form available  here. Upon visiting the link, you will come across the heal n soothe login dialogue box, and once signed in, you can easily cancel the subscription.

  • Is Heal-n-soothe a good product?

Answer: Yes, Dr. Paris Heal n Soothe is a good product for pain relief. Consumers taking heal-n-soothe supplements got noticeable improvement in their health and fitness. There are several other benefits of taking the supplement and this we have already covered in the above heal n soothe reviews.

  • Can I buy the Heal n Soothe in Australia?

Answer: Yes, you can buy heal n soothe in Australia. But the question should be where to buy heal n soothe in Australia. We recommend buying heal n soothe by living wells from the Heal n Soothe official manufacturer’s website. They offer global shipment, free trials, and a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

  • Is heal n soothe available in Canada?

Answer: Yes, Heal n soothe is available in Canada. The official site has a global shipment policy. However, you may consider going through heal n soothe Canada reviews to know about the current situation post-pandemic. It goes the same for the UK and New Zealand customers.

  • What is the heal n soothe phone number for customer service?

Answer: The official heal-n-soothe phone number is 1-800-216-4908. For international customers outside of the United States, heal n soothe contact number is 0011-240-780-4319 or 0011-240-780-5977.

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