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Pavel Lisitsin Gives His Views On The Problems Of Effective Freight Forwarding

November 27, 2021 GMT
Pavel Lisitsin Gives His Views On The Problems Of Effective Freight Forwarding
Pavel Lisitsin Gives His Views On The Problems Of Effective Freight Forwarding
Pavel Lisitsin Gives His Views On The Problems Of Effective Freight Forwarding

11/27/2021, Ukraine, Kiev // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

Pavel Lisitsin presents his views on the freight forwarding process. First of all, it should be noted that the increasing complexity of shipment schedules means a growing number of businesses that depend on the freight forwarding sector.

And under certain circumstances it will be beneficial for you to use forwarders, ” advises Pavel Lisitsin. ” They can have a positive impact on your business model thanks to their experience and contacts in the shipping industry ”.

One of the most effective tactics is to combine various forwarders into a dynamic network that can react quickly to changes in market conditions.

If you are thinking about expanding your shipping business, you should think about freight forwarders because they will help you navigate the complex network of logistics, ” assures Pavel Lisitsin.


By using as highly professional freight forwarders as possible, you will reduce delays at customs, and your internal shipping network will benefit from a smoother movement of cargo from port to land freight.

Don’t accept offers from service providers that have either not been vetted or have been ‘tested’ and found to be inadequate in some respects, ” warns Pavel Lisitsin.

For a new or small business, it can be a challenge to hire a freight forwarder for the first time. Pavel Lisitsin suggests a few important steps you can take in your quest for the most efficient delivery.

Find a good freight forwarder and get a good offer - Pavel Lisitsin

Once you’ve selected a supplier, request a commercial proposal to determine if it’s a fair deal for your company. Look for a team with a good reputation and offering a wide range of services.

Obviously, customer service should be excellent, ” Pavel Lisitsin is sure.

Ideally, the freight forwarder should understand your specifications and budget.

Discuss your goals and objectives in detail while you decide if that freight forwarder has what it takes to deliver what you need. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. For example, ask about additional services such as warehousing, packing and consolidation.

Whether you are an importer or an exporter, each way contains certain rules that you need to follow, ” says Pavel Lisitsin.

Some shipments may require you to be both importer and exporter at different points throughout the supply chain.

Start by delivering your goods to the warehouse for processing. Some freight forwarders may offer custom packing services. Your proximity to the warehouse will determine the time you spend and can take anywhere from a few days to weeks.


However, based on his professional experience, ” adds Pavel Lisitsin, ” it is rare to reach the 30-day mark before this stage is completed. If this stage takes more than 30 days, you have to ask yourself if you are getting good value for money in your supply chain ”.

Pavel Lisitsin describes in detail the next stage, the passing of customs and excise procedures. The cargo must go through customs clearance for import or export. The freight forwarder will check the shipment to make sure the inventory is accurate.

All prohibited items, ” Pavel Lisitsin points out, ” must be excluded from the shipment before it reaches port territory ”.

Whoever sends, receives or ships prohibited items may be subject to legal penalties. Some freight forwarders do not offer customs clearance services, so when you make your initial agreement, you need to ask about the level of service.

For example, as an alternative, you can turn to the services of a third-party customs broker, ” advises Pavel Lisitsin.

The best freight forwarders can take care of both exports and imports, so you don’t have to worry about your involvement in the process. A good freight forwarder will manage all of these processes according to the contract and applicable laws.

Make sure that your team cooperates with him and will hand over all the documents required for authorization, ” notes Pavel Lisitsin.

Pavel Lisitsin: arrival and processing procedures

Then, Pavel Lisitsin focuses on such issues as what in the logistics industry is called arrival and processing. When a shipment arrives at the port of destination, certain procedures will be initiated. All pending paperwork must be completed. You must pay all bills to the carrier and make arrangements for delays.

Your freight forwarder is involved in this process, ” reminds Pavel Lisitsin.

It makes sense for you to study the contract to understand what support you can count on during the entire process.

The final step is to arrange for land transport, which will be used to deliver the shipment to its rightful owners. You should have safe vehicles in sufficient numbers to transport the entire shipment from the terminal or port to the distribution warehouse. Most companies tend to use truckers. It is important to ask your cargo forwarder to confirm that he will provide this service. Otherwise, you can make alternative arrangements so that the cargo is not delayed in the port.

To summarize, Pavel Lisitsin advises to make sure you know every procedure and every partner in the freight forwarding process. Hire the best companies that have a good reputation and are willing to do their best to meet your needs. Read the “fine print” in the contract and discuss all the details if there are “gaps” that need to be filled. In conclusion, Pavel Lisitsin says that, above all, you should have a good plan and solve problems at the first opportunity. In this way, freight forwarding will become much easier for you.

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