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Sugar Balance – Shocking Report Released

October 28, 2020 GMT

10/27/2020, Chicago // KISSPR //

Diabetes has proven to be one of the most deadly diseases facing mankind today. Many of the patients diagnosed with Diabetes have had to accept the sad reality that the disease is irreversible. The patients have to struggle with Diabetes for the rest of their lives, relying on insulin injections and constant medication forever. But is Diabetes a death sentence?

Finally, there may be hope for diabetic patients: A solution that promises to reverse the Diabetes condition into full recovery in just a few weeks. The solution is in a new tablet called Sugar Balance. 


Sugar Balance Reviews

We have come up with a comprehensive review to look at how the new Sugar Balance medication works for Diabetes patients. However, before we start on the Sugar Balance review, let us first have a closer look at the Diabetes. We need first to understand what Diabetes is, the causes, and how Sugar Balance tablets can help reverse the condition. 

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A new Look at Diabetes

Well, essentially, Diabetes is all about blood level sugars being out of proportion. For a long time, we have been led to believe that Diabetes and the imbalance in blood sugar are related to pancreatic cells. With Diabetic patients, the pancreatic cells get damaged, causing insulin insensitivity.

However, medics may have been half-right. What if you learned that one more organ is involved in the diabetes-insulin connection; the liver –for example.

Consider the causes of Diabetes.

What causes Diabetes?

Diabetes has two forms; Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 Diabetes is not very common and results from the action of an individual’s immune system killing the pancreatic beta cells(The beta cells are tasked with the production of insulin.)

On the other hand, Type 2 Diabetes is the more prevalent form of diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes mostly affects people in the latter years of life and has become very common today due to lifestyle changes.

The new Sugar Balance medication is promising to bring a halt to the rising cases of Type 2 Diabetes in the world by approaching the disease differently. 

Fat liver and Type 2 Diabetes Connection

With Type 2 Diabetes being the more prevalent, we need to consider the ailment’s other possible causes. According to recent research, we can conclude that a connection exists between the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver (NAFL) disease and type 2 Diabetes. The liver disease is the major cause of Type 2 Diabetes in the USA.


Therefore, a fatty liver could be the major cause of Diabetes. The fat deposits on the sick liver hinder the liver from adequately controlling the levels of fasting glucose in the body, putting the patient at risk of insulin resistance and insensitivity. Worse still, the insulin resistance goes ahead to strain the pancreatic beta cells, causing diabetes.

The Diabetes Solution – Sugar Balance

Sugar Balance is a promising drug manufactured in the USA by Direct Formula and recognized by the NIH as an anti-diabetic. The new drug is an all-natural compound, a mixture of herbs that stabilizes blood sugar levels in just a matter of days. The medication promises relief to diabetes patients in just a few days.

With the new Sugar Balance solution, you can forget the glucose monitors and other medications related to diabetes and live a more joyous life, diabetes-free. The medication also offers other benefits such as weight loss, as you will see below.

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How does Sugar Balance Work?

According to Dr. Pearson, Sugar Balance’s main researcher, the identification of the fatty liver as a major cause of type 2 diabetes was a major breakthrough in coming up with a cure for diabetes. A fatty liver as a cause of diabetes means that the condition can be reversed. The solution is in the reduction of the fat deposits on the liver.

Scientific Proof

To back up the claims of diabetes reversal by the normalization of pancreatic cells, our Sugar balance review considers scientific proof. Research conducted at Newcastle University’s Magnetic Resonance Central proved the theory. In the study, diabetes patients were put through gastric bypass surgery, which involves the shrinking of the stomach and then shifting to a low-calorie diet. 

The results showed a decrease in the amount of triacylglycerol in the liver and pancreas. In just a matter of days, insulin sensitivity in diabetics was back to normal.

A second experiment at the institution didn’t involve gastric surgeries. Instead, the patients were put on a diet of 600 calories/day. The blood glucose levels in the patients dropped in a matter of days. The conclusion was that the caloric restriction in the patients resulted in the restoration of the normal beta function and insulin sensitivity.

Low-Carb Diet for Diabetics

A low carb diet assists in diabetes treatment by keeping blood glucose levels under control. As you reduce carbohydrate intake, your blood glucose levels stay low. The body reacts by burning down fats instead of carbohydrates.  As a result, you lose the fat deposits around the liver.

Hence the Sugar Balance mechanism:

As we have seen, a change in diet can lead to the slimming of a fatty liver, thus reversing Type 2 diabetes. Sugar balance has several contains herbs that focus on getting rid of the fat on the liver to restore blood sugar levels. Thus, the medication can reverse type 2 diabetes in just a matter of days. 

The importance of using Sugar balance to Control Blood Sugar Levels

Sugar balance is an effective treatment that provides an alternative way to approach and treat the most common type of diabetes – Type 2 diabetes. 

The medication works by thinning the fat liver to enhance the production of insulin and regulate blood sugar levels. Insulin controls the amount of glucose in the blood cells. When the amount of sugar in the blood cells increases, insulin balances the concentration. 

Normal blood sugar is essential for healthy body functioning. An imbalance could be result in a myriad of problems such as weight gain, sleep problems, anxiety, among other health issues. 

Sugar Balance has been a great advantage to patients, especially the ones suffering from diabetes. Whenever the blood sugar level increases, sugar balance helps return the sugar level to normal range; thus, guaranteeing patient safety.

Diabetes Reversal

Sugar Balance has helped over 260,000 people restore normal blood sugar levels and recover from diabetes. The drug is increasingly getting more popular as the treatment offers protection from many other ailments, especially the ones related to blood sugar levels.

By getting rid of the fat on the liver, Sugar Balance protects patients from type 2 diabetes.

What’s more, the formula is safe for everyone and has zero risk for patients.

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Sugar Balance Ingredients – Blend of Natural Herbs

To learn why Sugar Balance is so effective, let us look at the drug’s main ingredients. Sugar Balance is a blend of over 8 natural herbs that have been proven to have a positive effect in balancing blood sugar levels.

Some of the herbs have been highlighted below.

1. Schizandra Chinense Fruit

The Schizandra Chinense fruit is the major ingredient in Sugar balance. The fruit has medical benefits of improving glucose tolerance, thus, being an ideal anti-diabetic.

2. Licorice Root Extract

The licorice root is another Sugar Balance ingredient with anti-diabetic effects. The root targets explicitly the fatty liver and help reduce blood glucose levels.

3. Astragalus Root Extract

The Astragalus root contains an anti-diabetic formula, making the herb an effective anti-diabetic. The root contains an active ingredient called Astragalus membranace, which helps in lowering blood glucose levels. 

4. Wild Yam extract

The fourth ingredient in Sugar Balance is wild yam, which also contains diabetic-healing properties. One of the causes of type 2 diabetes is Streptozotocin infection. Allantoin, the wild yam’s active ingredient, and the yam’s water can cure Streptozotocin infection, thus, reversing diabetes.

5. Balloon Flower Root Extract

Sugar Balance also contains balloon flower extract, a renowned Chinese herb. The extract enhances glucose homeostasis by strengthening the vitro and vivo insulin sensitivity. Additionally, the extract lowers the fats in the liver, reversing diabetes.

6. Solomon’s leaf Extract

Solomon’s seal is another effective Sugar Balance extract with proven anti-diabetic properties. Due to the leaf’s high flavonoid concentration, the extract can regulate blood sugar levels.

7. Lycium Chinense Fruit Extract

The Lycium Chinense, also known as Goji, is a powerful antioxidant with hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic effects. The fruit extract not only regulates blood sugar but also reduces the fat deposits on the liver. 

8. Mulberry Leaf

The mulberry leaf is yet another herb used as an ingredient in Sugar Balance. The leaf has anti-diabetic properties as the leaf can lower fasting blood sugar levels.

Additional Health Benefits of Sugar Balance

Sugar Balance Pros

  • Sugar Balance is 100% safe due to the use of natural ingredients
  • The treatment is cheaper than the other conventional treatments of diabetes
  • Sugar balance boosts productivity
  • The treatment energizes the body
  • Sugar Balance is toxin-free
  • Sugar balance also enhances weight loss
  • The product is easily accessible on the official website.
  • The company provides a secure online payment method for patients.

Side Effects

  • The Sugar Balance could just be the perfect medicine. So far, Sugar balance has no side effects.
  • However, to be on the safe side, treat Sugar Balance as a medicine, and do not consume the supplements unless you are diabetic.
  • Expectant and lactating mothers are also advised against using the product to avoid ill interactions. 
  • Lastly, follow the physician’s instructions to avoid overdose, which could be fatal.

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Sugar Balance Use

So, how do you use Sugar Balance? Read along the Sugar Balance review to learn more.

According to the Sugar Balance official website, you should start experiencing positive effects from Sugar Balance within the first four weeks. However, just like with other treatments, you need to be consistent on usage. Also, since human bodies are not alike, Sugar Balance may affect people differently.

Sugar balance should last for 180 days, depending on the dosage. However, on average, adults should take one tablet three times daily. 

Sugar Balance doesn’t have an official dosage for children, so you will need to consult with health practitioners to determine suitable options for kids under the age of 12.   

Meals to take when using Sugar Balance Treatment

With diabetes, diet is very important. You should always ensure to have a balanced diet all through your treatment. A good diet makes it easy for the body to function normally, balancing insulin and blood glucose levels.

  •  Avoid foods that imbalance blood sugar such as soda drinks, artificial sweeteners, and starch.
  • Suitable foods that you can stick to during the treatment period include broccoli, whole grains, lentils, and other vegetables. 
  • If you have access to a GI chart, refer to the chart and stick to the foods that have a low GI score – the lower the GI score, the less likely the food is to affect blood sugar levels.

Eating Habit

Besides diet, you also need to change eating habits when dealing with diabetes. A good strategy is to eat smaller portions of food at frequent times during the day. Ensure your food is rich in the healthy ingredients including vitamins, proteins, and fiber, for balancing sugar levels.

Including the following foods in your diet will supplement the treatment’s effects.

  • Whole grains like barley and oats
  • Vegetables (kales, spinach, broccoli, et al.)
  • Legumes such as black beans, soybeans, and kidney beans
  • Cinnamon

Sugar Balance Buying Guide

Our sugar balance review would be incomplete without a proper buying guide for patients. Since the supplements are mostly supplied online, you should be careful to avoid scammers. 

Where to Buy

To be safe, always purchase Sugar Balance tablets from the company’s official website. Other online sellers could claim to have the tablets, but you can never be sure if the tablets are genuine.


Sugar Balance comes in three packages. 

  • 1-6 month supplements
  • 3-month package
  • 6-month package


The prices could vary depending on the season. You can visit Sugar Balance official website for more information and to place orders.

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Returns and Refunds

The worst thing you want is to end up investing in a treatment that won’t bear results. Lucky for you, Sugar Balance have a quite appealing return and refund policy.

The policy is meant to build a trust between the diabetes patients and the company and enhance trust. You can try the treatment without having to worry of loss of your money. The company promises improvement within the first four weeks, so with the return policy, you have ample time to test the product.

  • 60-day Return Policy

The return policy is quite attractive to doubtful patients. The 60 day return policy shields you from loss should the product be unsatisfactory. You just have to return the product within the first 60 days after purchase for a cash refund.

  • 100% Refund policy

In case of dissatisfaction, Sugar Balance promises to refund the cash 100%. That means you have nothing to lose trying out the treatment.


The last step in our Sugar Balance guide is to consider the treatment’s safety. How safe are Sugar Balance supplements for patients?

The answer to the question is that Sugar Balance is an entirely safe treatment. Like we explained earlier, the medication has no side effects, and the supplement’s natural ingredients make Sugar Balance a holistic approach. 

People that have tried the treatment have found Sugar Balance a perfect remedy due to the quick relief from diabetes as well as the medication’s other health benefits.

FAQs about Sugar Balance 1. Do the sugar balance supplements work?

Sugar balance has been scientifically proven as an effective remedy for type 2 diabetes. So far, about 3 million individuals globally have benefitted from the drug.

2. Could Sugar Balance be a scam?

Sugar Balance tablets are 100% legitimate. Many people have already benefitted from the supplements. Besides, the company behind the supplements offers a money-back guarantee, which is a great thing.

3. Where can one get Sugar Balance Medication?

Sugar Balance Company has an official website   where you can buy the supplements. Avoid buying from other sites to avoid scams.

4. Can one buy Sugar Balance supplements from Walmart?

No, you cannot buy the supplements from Walmart. You should only buy Sugar Balance from the official site. Other sources like Walmart could be selling sugar balance from other producers, and the drugs may not produce the desired results.

5. Is Sugar Balance medication FDA Approved?

Though the FDA tested the product, no official approval has been given concerning the medication. However, since the FDA did not find any harmful ingredients in Sugar Balance, the supplements are safe for use.

6. Can I find Sugar Balance Contacts?

Yes, you can easily find the contacts for Sugar Balance online. Just visit the official site, and after placing your order, you will see the company’s official email and number for contact.

7. How does Sugar Balance work?

Balance is an effective medication for diabetics. The medication works by helping the affected patients control blood level sugars. Additionally, sugar balance pills also boost body metabolism, removing excess fats.

8. Which is the best medication for lowering blood sugar?

So far, Sugar Balance is the best medication to treat diabetes. The supplements help lower blood sugar, thus, helping patients recover from type 2 Diabetes.

9. How can one balance low blood sugar?

Low blood sugar is very harmful to affected patients. To balance low blood sugar, ensure to eat meals regularly. You can also use a supplement like Sugar Balance.

10. Why is it difficult for diabetics to lose weight?

Diabetes is very harmful to the body. The ailment causes insulin resistance, which prevents the body from effectively lowering glucose levels. Following the condition, the liver breaks down the glucose into fat. That explains why diabetics find it difficult to lose weight.

Final Verdict

According to our comprehensive Sugar Balance review, we can understand why sugar balance tablets have been getting a lot of hype lately. The praises are for a good reason; the supplements offer a scientifically-proven remedy to reverse diabetes alongside the tablet’s other health benefits.

Moreover, compared to the available diabetes treatments, Sugar balance provides a better solution for diabetes patients. The supplements are cheaper than regular diabetes medication, and the supplements also promise real hope of recovery to patients.

From our assessment, Sugar balance passes as a legitimate solution for diabetes patients. Having analyzed the treatment’s pros and cons, as well as advantages over regular diabetes medication, we can confidently recommend Sugar Balance to patients.


If you are diabetic, you have nothing to lose by trying the Sugar Balance treatment. You can count on the company’s money-back guarantee policy to shield you from losing money to a worthless cause. 

If you are not sick, you can as well use the new information for good. Share the Sugar Balance reviews with a diabetic patient to provide an alternative solution for them.  You never know, you could put a smile on a face or two.

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