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Entrepreneur Callum Roche is the Master of Personal Branding

December 3, 2020 GMT
Callum Roche Inc
Callum Roche Inc
Callum Roche Inc

12/02/2020, 221B Baker Street, P. O Box Park Road, USA - 215431 // KISSPR //

Very few people know how to stand out and command attention as well as Callum Roche and his team at Supercharged Clout. While his companies are centered around making entrepreneurs and business owners famous, Callum is an innovator in his own right, and leverages his confidence and knowledge to his advantage. At 23 years old, Callum owns two businesses, both aimed at growing personal and ecommerce brands.

His companies grow brands by improving positioning, promotion, press and processes, a system Callum has engineered to drive results consistently. He earned his first dollar from the internet at the age of 12 and his passion for ecommerce compounded since. His first major taste of success happened when Callum was in university which made him dropout of his degree midway through the program.


Callum’s long-term goal has always been to help others make a difference and secure himself financially while doing so. His team and Ecom And Chill worked extremely hard to get the company profitable at first, onboarding clients with no set up fees to lower the barrier to entry. Luckily enough, the business model relies on a percent taken from the gross sales of each store, so what you put in is what you get out which made him determined to succeed with each brand.

Supercharged Clout is Callum’s elite personal branding agency. He went into the business already equipped with a vast understanding of growing ecommerce brands as well as having a natural talent for capitalizing on opportunities when they arise. This skill accelerated the company forward and it subsequently became a full-service social media management company that focuses heavily on positioning and promotion.

Callum feels that every entrepreneur should really be investing their time and money into social media if they want to expand their brand and turn more profits. People don’t just buy products or services, they buy people. The power of personal branding is still underestimated which will create an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners in 2021 to capitalize on it.

“In theory, the fastest way to double your business would be just to charge more and double your prices, right? But not every business owner can just start commanding twice the price from customers which is why they need to work on increasing brand value”, Callum explains.

According to Callum, “Value is broken down into two categories, you’ve got practical value and intrinsic. The best example is the Rolls Royce Ghost versus the BMW 7 series. From a practical standpoint, BMW actually own Rolls Royce and they have the same chassis. They both are well appointed and drive pretty smooth, other than a few cosmetic details and engine performance, they’re relatively similar”


So, what’s the difference? Well one costs north of $300,000 and the other less than $100,000. “The intrinsic value of the Rolls Royce is much higher. You pay for the experience and feeling of success when you pull up in this car rather than a Honda or a Toyota. It makes you feel something greater than just purchasing a commodity, that’s what people pay an extra $200,000 for and it’s because they’re positioned as the best in the business”, Callum stresses. Roche is certain that increasing your own intrinsic value is single handedly, the fastest and easiest way for a business to increase their profits and product demand.

Check out Callum Roche’s Instagram profile, @calroche, for a snippet of how he markets online as well as regularly updates on his future or you can visit his site here. “I’m still super young in my career right now. I’ve got big ambitions for the next 50 years,” he says. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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