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SKEDit: A phoenix rising from the ashes to help businesses with WhatsApp messages

February 16, 2022 GMT

02/16/2022, Beirut, Lebanon // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

Messaging apps are on the rise. Many people would say that they prefer messaging to making phone calls. This is because it is a faster, more convenient way to communicate. There are all sorts of different messaging apps out there, but the most popular one by far is WhatsApp. With over 2 billion active users, it’s no wonder so many businesses are starting to use it for customer communication. However, WhatsApp can be a bit daunting for businesses as it lacks the key feature required to save time - Scheduling. Fortunately, a new phoenix has risen from the ashes to make it easier for businesses to use WhatsApp: SKEDit

SKEDit is a message scheduling app created specifically for businesses. It’s a communication tool designed to automate messages and help businesses grow and increase productivity. With SKEDit, businesses can easily schedule WhatsApp messages, SMS, emails, and set call reminders. Thousands of users in over 175 countries use SKEDit for marketing, sales, task reminders, delivery updates, scheduling appointments, and much more. Last month, SKEDit introduced WhatsApp Auto Responder along with the features that users had been asking for. This function is a game-changer for businesses looking to personalize auto-replies.


The productivity application was developed by a family team of Hassan Khater, Jad Khater, Mounir Khater, Jeffrey Ramia, and Mohammad Zoughby for personal usage and reminders. The company was founded by the Khater family in Beirut and had been dealing with a lot of stress lately, owing to the economic crisis as well as other challenges. After the product’s release, people started writing about it all over the world. The founders studied the marketplace and discovered a way to turn it into a marketing tool for businesses. SKEDit was first released in Q3 of 2017, and soon it reached the milestone of 1 million messages monthly. Today, SKEDit has over 2 million downloads, and the company is ready to compete on a global scale.

Why Choose SKEDit?

What makes SKEDit unique is that it’s able to work with all kinds of other tools. Businesses can use SKEDit to schedule WhatsApp messages, Emails, and SMS. Companies can automate the entire business using just one tool. Moreover, the team at SKEDit is constantly adding new features to the app, making it even more powerful and effective. The company recently introduced SKEDit Pro, which includes broadcast lists, the ability to add all kinds of attachments at once, and the option to create custom repeats. The all-new SKEDit Pro makes scheduling even easier and more efficient.


SKEDit emerges as the perfect tool for businesses looking for a more personal approach that enables real conversations with customers. After releasing the SKEDit Pro version, the company now released a new package, the Business Package. This Package includes features such as Creating Drip Message Campaigns, Creating Broadcast Lists, Adding Multiple Attachments, Message Analytics Dashboard, Bulk Import of Recipients, Saved Message Templates, and Sending Unlimited Messages to Unlimited Recipients. The marketing and sales teams can now create drip campaigns and send tailored messages directly on WhatsApp with the help of SKEDit’s new Business Package.

SKEDit is available in 12 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Malay, French, German, Turkish, Russian, Indonesian, and Italian. It is on a path to establish itself as a one-stop communication shop for business and messaging apps. The objective in the near future is to introduce additional messaging app channels such as Signal, Telegram, Slack, and Viber.

SKEDit just revealed the release of another new feature that users had been looking forward to - WhatsApp Auto Responder. This feature has been developed to complete the communication cycle. It simply puts the conversation on autopilot. Users may use pre-programmed text and keywords to respond to incoming communications with this automated response feature. This ability to interact with customers in real-time and on-demand will be available across all packages provided by SKEDit. It will assist companies in fulfilling consumer demands promptly and whenever necessary.

There are several advantages to SKEDit. For one, it is effortless to use and is a one-stop-communication shop. Businesses no longer need to hire a team of specialists to maintain and run all different tasks separately. SKEDit gives the opportunity to automate and manage messages on multiple communication channels from just one platform. This not only saves time and money but also adds value. Users can automatically send messages to as many people as they want, with as many attachments. Additionally, the SKEDit team is always supporting all its users and is available 24/7. No matter what happens, businesses will get help when needed most. SKEDit: Schedule - Auto Send - Auto Reply.


About SKEDit

SKEDit was created with the goal of assisting professionals and organizations in meeting the demands of today’s digital world. We’re on a quest to make communication more convenient and efficient. We strive to provide scheduling solutions that help professionals get things done.

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