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Gold is a Better Way: Adam Baratta 5 Moves to Checkmate USD?

October 7, 2020 GMT
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Gold is a Better Way: Adam Baratta 5 Moves to Checkmate USD?
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Gold is a Better Way: Adam Baratta 5 Moves to Checkmate USD?

10/07/2020, San Francisco // KISSPR //

As many of our readers may be aware of, on the 16th of September, the United States Federal Reserve proceeded to change its annual inflation targets, leading many experts to believe that the Dollar’s reign may finally be over. In this regard,  finance guru Adam Baratta  thinks that over the coming 3-5 months, the Feds will continue to make several disruptive changes that will forever change the course of American financial history.

So who exactly is Adam Baratta?


Adam Baratta is an economist and investment advisor who first came to national prominence a few years back for his accurate predictions regarding the price action of gold and other precious metals throughout 2018. To be a bit more specific, since making his previously mentioned call, the price of gold shot up 326% about the Dow Index. If that wasn’t enough, Baratta was one of the few economists to accurately predict the “Black Swan” event at the start of 2020.

That being said, this time around, Adam is sure that the Fed will initiate a series of moves that will nearly ruin the US Dollar’s dominance forever in the coming few months. Furthermore, as part of the ’ 5 Moves to Checkmate’ summit, Baratta will outline the potential monetary impact that the Fed’s decisions will have on the income, savings, and overall wealth of all middle-class Americans.

A Closer Look at the ‘Five Moves to Checkmate’ Summit

As part of the ‘Five Moves to Checkmate the US Dollar Summit,’ Adam will explain to his clients on The event will take place on October 8th at 8:00 pm EST, that mindset shift they need to secure their financial futures. He believes that investors who do not adjust with the times but instead continue to adhere to their passive index investing models will lose a lot of money.

Also, it should be pointed out that Adam’s summits are free to subscribe to and that his web seminars can be attended by anyone, anywhere across the globe free of cost. In this regard, it should be mentioned that Adam’s last such offering — titled “The Black Swan” — went viral within just days of circulation and was watched by more than a million people worldwide.

Last but not least, every individual who signs up for this free event will be provided with a copy of his #1 National Bestseller, The Great Devaluation.


What will you get by registering for the ‘5 Moves to Checkmate’ seminar”?

The program will inform users about the future of the US Dollar and how the premier currency is destined to crash massively in the coming few months.

Adam will look at the various ways in which the recent stimulus packages (that were issued by the US government to its citizens due to the COVID-19 situation) have caused an irreparable amount of damage to the US economy.

The summit will offer attendees a whole host of niche information that the average American person knows nothing about. For example, as per Adam’s research, over the next six to seven years, the US Dollar will continue to decline at an unprecedented rate. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, the US dollar has dropped by nearly 12% about other premier fiat currencies like the Yen, Swiss Franc, etc.

In his book,  Gold is a Better way, Adam accurately predicted that in 2018, the stock market’s value would dip by a minimum of 20% — the prediction eventually came true.

Free Goodies

As mentioned in an earlier paragraph, people who register for the “5 Moves to Checkmate” summit will be provided with a copy of Adam Baratta’s national bestseller, “The Great Devaluation.” As part of the book, users will be taken through the annals of economic history and be shown how exactly the American monetary system works and how the Fed is an independent body that is governed by the interests of the global elites.

Some of the critical facets of the book include:

  • It teaches readers how the US has continued to grow in value over the last 50 years or so at the expense of America’s middle class.
  • The book takes an in-depth look at the various mechanisms of monetary manipulation that are still being used by central banks today.
  • It takes a look at how the political and financial elites can create bubbles and establish a global debt crisis whenever they want.
  • How one can secure his/her financial future in the most effortless manner possible

How can I sign up for the 5 Moves to Checkmate Summit?

The easiest way to sign up for this free event and will take place on October 8th at 8:00 pm EST, via the official company website. To register for the ‘5 Moves to Checkmate’ summit, all one has to do is simply visit the official company website —  https://start.goldisabetterway.com  — and follow the simple instructions that have been outlined there.


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