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DangoBuds Review – New Earbuds worth it?

October 17, 2020 GMT
DangoBuds Review – New Earbuds worth it?
DangoBuds Review – New Earbuds worth it?
DangoBuds Review – New Earbuds worth it?

10/17/2020, Chicago // KISSPR //

Surely you know that if you want to get something done quickly, it’s best not to go wrong at all. But if you suddenly get a call on your smartphone and you have to unravel the tangled wires on your headset first, it can be really annoying and stressful. Even when you’re listening to your favorite music on the go or playing sports, the cable is always in the way and annoying. Often it kinks in your pocket or the cable becomes such a mess that it will end up with a loose contact or a total defect.

This is where DangoBuds can help, because these small headphones do completely without cable and only work with HD Bluetooth technology. It’s not just an ordinary earphone, but also a headset, so you don’t have to change the earphones when you switch from listening to music to phone mode.


Why do I need these earphones?

The DangoBuds earphones can help you in a variety of situations where a cable gets in the way and you don’t have to worry about ripping the earphones out of your ear. Especially when you’re on the go or playing sports, they give you the freedom to do everything without the annoying cables. Thanks to their ergonomic shape and design, the earphones sit firmly in your ear and won’t slip or fall out. Their different hearing caps in different sizes give you the perfect fit for your ears.

This makes these DangoBuds receivers especially suitable for sporty people, because they remain stuck in your ear and don’t fall out even if you make violent jumps or start sweating in your ear. Due to their water resistance they offer the best protection against this and also against rain and other liquids.

Since they not only contribute to your listening experience of your favorite music, but they are also suitable as a headset for telephoning through an integrated microphone, you can switch between listening to music and telephoning anywhere without having to change handsets. More information and a discounted price can be found here on the official website!

DangoBuds review and recommendation

The special DangoBuds earphones are wired without cables due to their Bluetooth technology, giving you the freedom to do whatever you like without tangled cables. Especially in sports DangoBuds are of great benefit to you, because besides the missing cable they also fit very well in the ear due to their ergonomic shape and do not fall out even during heavy jumps or strenuous training.


Also for outdoor sports they offer you the perfect equipment, because they work even in rain and do not take any damage due to their water resistance. Their noise suppression offers you a very good sound quality on the road without annoying noise from the environment, nature or traffic.

And should you receive a call between your workout and listening to music, you can easily switch from listening to music to making a phone call without changing the handset, because the DangoBuds also function as a headset.

All these and many more functions that these headphones offer and that are advertised by the manufacturer are already very convincing and if you are looking for perfectly fitting and working earphones that also work in the rain and can be used as a headset, DangoBuds offers a good chance to get something good for your money.

--- Here to the official site! ---

DangoBuds technical details

The following technical facts and details are known about the DangoBuds earphones and should serve as information for you before a possible planned purchase:

  • - Connection: wireless with Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and HD rendering technology (with 360-degree clear 3D surround sound); two integrated microphones.
  • - Color: white.
  • - Shape and design: Ergonomic.
  • - Weight: 4 grams.
  • - Usage modes: water-repellent due to IPX7 water protection class; protection against rain, sweat, water.
  • - Charging: Recharge over 50 hours of play time up to 8 times through the 800 mAh portable charger (one charge provides 8 hours of play time).
  • - Use: As earphones (listening to music) and as a headset (making phone calls).

DangoBuds quality

The advanced technology with which the DangoBuds were designed already speaks for their high quality and functionality. The used HD Bluetooth technology with HD microphones and the HD rendering technology with 370-degree clear 3D surround sound are advanced and high-quality technologies in the field of wireless earphones with headset function and water resistance. In this form, there are few or no known headphones on the market that cover all these features and functions, making this area of technology so advanced.

DangoBuds review from different customers

Ordinary earphones are usually intended exclusively for listening to music and offer hardly any other functions such as telephoning. Listening to music is and remains the only function; and then it’s over. Even if they are wireless, they often do not have an integrated headset or microphone to use their earphones for wireless telephony.

That’s why the DangoBuds earphones offer something new to the market that not many wireless headphone manufacturers are developing. The DangoBuds earphones are also a headset, so it is no longer a hassle to switch from music listening mode to phone mode, put away the earphones for listening to music and then put on the headphones for phone calls. Switching is quick and easy and you can respond to an incoming call within seconds. These and many other features make these DangoBuds earphones all in all a very special innovation, bringing you variety and possibilities to do what you want to do anytime, anywhere, and where you definitely don’t need a tangle of wires.

DangoBuds users are also enthusiastic about DangoBuds, as the following customer reviews prove:

One user reports that he paid special attention to the sound quality and that this is the most important thing for him. In his opinion, the sound of these earphones was very clearly at the top end of what he would have expected from wireless earphones in this price range. The basses “boomed” very powerfully and left a sound pressure level in the ear canals that was very noticeable to him, but without masking the mids and highs, which were also very noticeable to him. Because of this enormous sound quality, he had the feeling of having one of the big and well-known expensive brands in his ears. For him it was very astonishing how the charging box of the listeners turned out to be so small and compact and still contained a rather large battery. Both the workmanship and the material appeared to him to be flawless and impeccable; when charging, the magnetic contacts sucked in securely. Connecting to a smartphone or laptop always worked without any problems for him. His conclusion was that it would be difficult to get even better wireless earphones with headset function at this price.

A user of DangoBuds describes that she has been buying Bluetooth headphones for a long time, but did not want to spend a lot of money on them. It rummaged in the Internet which there is so at selection and on DangoBuds encountered, which are supplied in a small box. In her opinion, the battery charges quite fast. The handling was very fast and very easy. She has already used DangoBuds twice while riding and also while driving, everything has worked out great and she has never lost her earphones, everything fits very well. She finds the sound good and the handling as well. In the end she is very satisfied with DangoBuds. For her, price and performance were very similar, she got what she expected.

Another user says that he thinks that these handsets shine especially with their long battery life and excellent sound quality when making calls. Although he used the earphones intensively every day, the battery lasted for several days. For him, DangoBuds were a lot of fun to use, because he no longer had to hold the phone to his ear, which was always a pain in the neck during long calls. With the headphones he had been using so far, which were wired, he thought it was a little better, but then it was still not quite the real thing. But as soon as he got into the enjoyment of wireless headphones, he would now never again want to do without them and buy wired ones. He could now move freely in the apartment and he no longer had to pay attention to anything. He finds the sound quality as well as the range of the listeners outstanding. Now he can understand his conversation partner perfectly and he can understand him as well. He can really recommend the listeners, they are really super. Likewise hearing music is a true pleasure for him, the sound is surprisingly good, the basses come through perfectly.

Another user said that he had been looking for cheap Bluetooth headphones for some time, as the ones he knew were far too expensive. He had found DangoBuds and at first he had been a bit skeptical. They quickly arrived at his place and he was surprised that the headphones could be charged directly in the box in which they arrived at his place. After he connected them to the smartphone, he tested the handsets directly and he was really surprised. They were “bomb-proof” in his ears, they didn’t fall out, and the sound quality was really great for this first-class price-performance ratio. In his opinion, they were very loud in his ears and they had a very good sound in the highs, whereas in the lows they rattled a little bit, which didn’t bother him, though. He definitely recommends the headphones.

--- Visit the official website to see more customer reviews! ---

Where can I order DangoBuds?

You can order DangoBuds basically everywhere on the internet, they are also available with a similar shape and design from Amazon in different price ranges and colors.

But the best thing is to order them directly from the manufacturer and supplier, then you know that you are getting the original DangoBuds and not a similar product with maybe much less features. With the supplier himself via his official website you can get various quantity discounts on your orders of up to 55 percent or a single discount on a single product of up to 35 percent.

You can pay via PayPal or credit card.

If you are not satisfied with your order and the goods, the manufacturer/supplier guarantees you a 30-day right of return, during which you will get your money back after returning the goods. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Who is the supplier of the product?

The following information can be found online about the supplier/manufacturer of the product:

Address of the company:

Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013

Email: support(at)buydangobuds(dot)com

Phone (customer service in English):

USA and Canada (toll free): 866 206 0629

United Kingdom: 033 0818 0883

Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5689

Information about earphones

It is no longer possible to determine exactly who invented the first earphones. Earphones, or headphones, are either put as small plugs directly deep into the auricle or as a large version placed on the auricles. In this way, the sound from the earphones reaches the ear canal directly and is “recognized” there without being distracted by environmental noises such as traffic or similar. Some doctors and experts are often torn between what is supposed to be better for your health, usually they prefer the large earpieces that are placed on the auricles because they do not put too much strain on your hearing and are supposed to be less prone to tinnitus or sudden deafness.

Known FAQ about this product

  • - Q: Do the earphones need to be charged?
  • - A: Yes, they do. That’s what the box in which the earphones are placed is for, by charging them without cables in this charging box, and this quite fast.
  • - Q: How tightly do the earphones fit in the ear?
  • - A: Pretty tight, their ergonomic shape is designed to fit your ear and they won’t fall out even during more violent shocks or sports activities. Even sweat won’t make them fall out any sooner. They are water-repellent, which is why they don’t mind sweat.
  • - Q: What can the earphones do?
  • - A: With DangoBuds you can listen to music like earphones usually do, but they are also a headset in one, so you can make phone calls whenever and wherever you want without hands and without wires. According to the manufacturer’s promises and the customers’ own statements, the sound is excellent and especially the basses when listening to music are shown to advantage. A noise reduction of environmental noise is part of the earphones of the DangoBuds headphones.


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