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Pay For Essay Online: Best Websites With Professional Writers

December 22, 2020 GMT

12/22/2020, New York // KISSPR //

The option of paying for an essay online has been around for a few years, but has recently gained more popularity. If you found yourself failing deadlines and typing ‘pay for essay’ into Google during the last virtual semester, you’re not alone. In fact, you are one of many students across the world who were caught unprepared with all their looming deadlines and the sudden shift to remote education.

“The global pandemic and worldwide lockdowns have added up to student stress and laziness, thus most essay writing services have reported a spike in orders of custom essays and research papers,” said Adam Simon, essay writing services expert, who runs a review website dedicated to essay writing companies. 


With more students studying from home, the number of people paying for their essays online is expected to increase by 20-30% next year. You may be asking, why would you pay for an essay online? Where can you get this service? Is it legitimate? You can find all the answers below.

What are the benefits of paying for an essay online?

There are multiple benefits if you decide to pay someone to write your essay instead of writing your own. The most obvious benefit is that it saves you a lot of time as all the research is done for you. You get back a fully written paper that is well structured and shows that you understand the material. Other than that, you get a fully edited paper so your essay flows and reads well. The essay will also be proofread, ensuring there are no spelling, punctuation or grammar errors.

If you have the right person or website write your paper, you get a 100% plagiarism free paper that will pass any online plagiarism checker. If you use an essay writing service, you usually get a free revision period. It allows you to review the work and request any changes you would like made.

Students who purchase essays online usually get a money back guarantee in case if a professional writer fails to meet their expectations. If you use a service, you can request a time that it is due back in and it will be given to you on time.

So where can I pay for essay writing if I want to do so, you ask? According to numerous students’ reviews, these are at least two top-rated essay writing services in the U.S. and United Kingdom. Here’s some information about them.


This company writes essays across a multitude of different disciplines. They have professional writers across dozens of subject areas. Paper Help has a calculator that you can use to estimate your cost, and all you have to do is enter the academic level of the paper, the type, the number of pages or words and when you need it by. A one-page college essay due in three hours will run you $40-41 with no discount; but when you can give a week’s notice the cost lowers to just $12. They have around the clock customer support and a money back guarantee.

All of their writers are legitimate and have college degrees. They have secure payment options which will give you peace of mind, and even have a loyalty program for repeat customers. Basically, the more you pay for essays, the more you save. According to the website they have completed over 602,000 papers and have had over 105,000 customers. They have a lot of good reviews, both posted on their site and on outside review sites. Positive reviews on sites other than the main website is good to look at so you know the reviews are real and not just something they made up.

This writing service not only sells high-quality papers at affordable prices but it also offers a wide range of freebies with each order. For instance, you can get a bibliography, title page, plagiarism report, outline, and unlimited revisions for free. Prices for essays start at $9, and deadlines start at only three hours. The company promises to deliver papers before the deadline, and its writers write all the papers from scratch. It’s a great essay writing service, since you can get many features for free. The company has a transparent pricing policy, and it also offers a money-back guarantee.

They can help with any type of assignment on any level that involves writing, so ExpertWriting is definitely the best website to pay for your essays. The website claims to have over five hundred writers, over 20,000 papers done, and have a 97.2% satisfaction rate.

They have around the clock support via email, chat and phone. Expert Writing is one of the best places to pay for essay. They will write from scratch, proofread, or edit. This site also has reviews both on the website and on external sites. They offer secure payment and guarantee there is no plagiarism and offer a money back guarantee. They will edit or revise your paper for free without any issues. The Expert Writing team strives to get it back to you before the essay was originally asked for. They have eight sample papers on their website for you to check out. It helps to get an idea of what an essay from them looks like. They have samples in history, ecology, politics, economics, technology, and management.

Is it safe to pay for essays online?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to pay for essays online as long as you are buying them from a legitimate site. By legitimate we mean professional essay writing services that write papers from scratch and offer a money back guarantee. A money back guarantee gives you peace of mind for any worse case scenario you may come up with. You should also look for a website that is available around the clock. If you do happen to run into a problem, or haven’t gotten something back when you should have, then you will want help immediately.

Make sure to find a site that is there waiting to help! Also, read the site. There are dozens of websites where there are spelling and grammar issues. This is probably not the place you want to be, because if they can’t review their website content correctly your essay may not be either. Another thing you should look for is ENL writers.

If you are in the United States and need a paper in English, having someone in another country who has English as a second language may not be the best idea. You can also look at how long a website has been in business. The longer a site has been in business making money the more reputable it is. Ordering an essay off a site that has been around for a few months is really taking a risk.

Is it ethical to pay for essays?

There are some students or people in general that feel that using an essay writing service is wrong or against the rules. In fact, it is not. Essay writing services have professionals, experts if you will, standing ready to write an essay in no amount of time. They usually ask students to use essays they produce as a reference material and samples to learn from. The experts are familiar with all types of formatting, so they can deliver an essay with exceptional grammar, spelling and formatting.

This can be invaluable for foreign exchange or international students, or students that have switched from an MLA (Modern Language Association) school to an APA (American Psychological Association) school. Or those who just don’t have the confidence they need that they will write something that will give them a passing grade.

If a student decides to pay for essay online, it allows them to own a properly formatted essay. They will be able to refer back to this essay on future assignments. These websites exist to help. They know that writing a paper can be intimidating. Especially if you are a foreign exchange student, or if you’re in your first class at a new school. When you pay for your essay, you get a perfect example of what an amazing paper should be. Basically, you can get an idea of what is actually wanted from institutions. Most websites have a section explaining this theory, and if you need a better explanation you can always talk to customer service if you are still unsure.

Will I get caught?

You won’t get caught. A lot of sites, such as Paper Help, can mirror your writing style, so it is virtually impossible to tell that your essay wasn’t written by you. Other than that they offer an anonymous service. When you pay for essay on PaperHelp, for instance, you’re absolutely safe. Neither you nor your essay will ever appear in a database. Remember to always use websites that offer a plagiarism report. A plagiarism report is when they run your paper through a plagiarism scam to see if it has been used before. This way, you know for sure you are getting an original paper or essay, and not someone else’s. Why is this important?

Well, if you are using the service for school it is really important. Most, if not all, schools have teachers who check papers for plagiarism. If you get caught plagiarizing, then you won’t get a grade on that paper. And if you are in a college level program you could actually get kicked out of school for it. If you try to save yourself by saying you didn’t write it, that won’t sound good either. It is better to be safe than sorry and get it right the first time!

Some sites only have a plagiarism-free guarantee for essays they write from scratch. If you submit something for them to proofread or edit, they will not guarantee it. All sites make it clear on their site that you are entering into a contract with them. That you will pay, and they will deliver a plagiarism-free paper. This covers everyone and makes everyone happy.

Some sites say that if you just want them to edit a paper and they run it through a plagiarism checker and your paper is plagiarized, they will basically delete it and rewrite it from scratch which will increase your price. Basically, the only way red flags would go up would be if the essay fails the plagiarism check. This is why buying a plagiarism-free guaranteed essay is so important.


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