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Nextlvl.gg Cold War Boosting Service

December 4, 2020 GMT

12/04/2020, Edinburgh // KISSPR //

Looking for the best Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War boosting service? Pay a visit to Nextlvl.gg. Nextlvl.gg can help you provide Cold War boosting services for all available platforms, which include PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. They provide the best quality service at the cheapest rates.

Services being provided at Nextlvl.gg

At Nextlvl.gg, you can find various Cold War boosting services. They can help you players unlock different weapon camos, increase your rank, prestige level, weapon leveling to unlock different weapon attachments, and much more.


Gold Camo

In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you can unlock over 35 basic camos for each weapon. While the basic Camos look good. They are not nearly as good as the gold, diamond, and DM Ultra ones. A good player will be able to unlock a gold camo if he grinded for 4-5 days with a gun he/she is good at. However, it takes a lot more time to unlock a gold camo for weapons like Sniper rifles, launchers, and all of the melee weapons. With Nextlvl.gg Cold War boosting service, you can unlock gold Camo for any weapon you want in just 1-2 days. Nextlvl.gg also offers you a discount if you already have some progress on a weapon for the gold camo unlock. Plus, if you order more than 2 gold camo unlocks in one purchase, you will get a 10% discount! Further, you can also order gold camo unlocks for the Zombie mode for a discounted price. All you have to do is contact the live chat on Nextlvl.gg’s website, and they will make a custom offer just for you with a discount applied. This way, you would not have to grind for days to unlock a gold camo in the Zombies mode.

Diamond Camo

Diamond Camo is more prestigious than the gold one. To unlock a diamond camo for a weapon, you need to first unlock a gold camo for every single weapon in that weapon’s class. For example, if you need to unlock the diamond camo for just the AK-47, you would need to unlock the diamond camo for every other Assualt Rifle. Where a regular player takes nearly one week for a single gold camp unlock, this would take a much longer time for a single diamond camo unlock. With Nextlvl.gg, you can assign the best top-class Cold War players to help you unlock diamond camos for any weapon class just within a few days. Again, if you have some progress for the diamond camo unlock, you can contact the live chat for a custom order where you will be offered some discount. You will also be offered a discount if you decide to purchase the diamond camo for multiple weapon classes at the same time.


DM Ultra Camo and Dark Aether Camo

Lastly, the Cold war boosting service for DM Ultra Camo unlock. With this service, every single weapon in your Cold War account will unlock the DM Ultra Camo. For this, the booster will first unlock the Diamond Camo for every single weapon class. Not only will this help you reach what most players desire of unlocking, but this will significantly increase your stats. Your KDA will without a doubt get better, and you will get a lot of experience on your profile as well as on your weapons. Dark Aether Camo unlock is also available in the Cold war boosting services. Dark Aether Camo is the Camo for Zombies mode only. For this Camo, the booster will unlock the Plague Diamond camo for each Zombies mode weapon. Again, if you already have some progress, Nextlvl.gg will provide you some discount.

Weapon Leveling

There are also dozens of other services available for weapon unlocking and weapon leveling. It takes a lot of grinding for players to level up their primary weapons to the max level. It might be easier for some guns, like the AK-47 or XM4, to level up. However, when it comes to level up some sniper rifles, most of the players struggle and it takes them a lot of time grinding for that weapon to reach level 55. In the case of secondary weapons, they only have a 35 level maximum to unlock. However, because they are secondary weapons, this makes it much harder to grind with them. Most players struggle to unlock levels for Shotguns, knives, and pistols. With Nextlvl.gg, you can get any Cold War boosting service to unlock levels of both primary as well as secondary weapons. The boosters can level up your weapon to the max level at the same speed no matter what platform you play Cold War at.

Other services

Besides all the camo unlocking and weapon leveling, three power leveling services are also available on their site. You can order to boost your normal rank or even prestige level. Moreover, the website also offers weapon unlocking. You can unlock any weapon you like for the cheapest amount possible. And if you want, there is also a cold war boosting service for Nuclear Calling cards. The booster will help you unlock the Nuclear Killer or Nuked out FFA Medals for your account. Where most players struggle to unlock these medals, the boosters will get the job done in just 1-2 days.

Safe and secure boosting service

Nextlvl.gg does not use any kind of cheats. They have top-class Cold War players ready to provide boosting services to you. The players use a well-known paid VPN service to log into your account from your country. They also never engage in any kind of communication. They are not allowed to chat with your in-game friends. If you still have any doubts, Nextlvl.gg provides a free live streaming service with every purchase. With this, you can watch your booster boost your account live.

Nextlvl.gg is a well-known site for boosting services. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is just one of the many games they provide boosting services for. There are dozens of positive reviews on their website for the services they provide. So what are you waiting for? Visit now!

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