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Nutra Thrive (Ultimate Pet Nutrition): Cat Food Wellness?

October 15, 2020 GMT
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nutra thrive for cats reviews
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nutra thrive for cats reviews

10/14/2020, San Francisco // KISSPR //

Nutra Thrive by Ultimate Pet Nutrition is a daily powdered 3-in-1 supplement for cats that improves their overall nutrition and improves their digestive tract. The flavored chicken remedy is easy to blend with the cat’s food and loaded with hand-selected essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins.

What is Nutra Thrive?

Cats can be rather picky eaters. While dogs tend to eat almost anything within their reach, most cat owners find themselves struggling to find a cat food that their fluffy pet won’t turn their nose up at. Even something as small as a space in their food dish is enough for them to turn to their own and beg for more food. However, this picky eating can leave them without the nutrition that they need to thrive. Luckily,  Ultimate Pet Nutrition  has developed a solution.


Nutra Thrive balances out the cat’s stomach with several proprietary blends specific to their species’ needs. The blends include:

  • Super Feline Blend contains beef liver and chicken collagen.
  • Probiotic and Enzyme Blend contains bacteria that can support healthy digestion.
  • Superfoods Blend contains mushrooms and spirulina.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Blend with Taurine with L-arginine and L-methionine provide cats with the right nutrients they need daily.

This formula is the work of  Dr. Gary Richter, and he is known for his method of holistically treating his veterinary patients. He’s written “The Ultimate Pet Health Guide,” and he has been focused on pet nutrition for the last 20 years to help consumers understand the needs of their pets better. Upon entering the website, users are given a chance to fill out a quick assessment of the number of cats in their homes and how they want to use Nutra Thrive. With this assessment, the company makes a recommendation for how many jars they might need.

Buying Nutra Thrive

Normally, to get a single jar of Nutra Thrive, the total cost is $69.95. However, this website has a substantial discount for anyone that visits at the moment. To  order on the website, consumers have three packages available:

  • One jar for $39.95 (plus the cost of shipping)
  • Three jars for $104.95, or $34.98 each (with free shipping)
  • Six jars for $197.95, or $32.99 each (with free shipping)


These packages are considered a one-time purchase, meaning that they aren’t available as a part of a subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nutra Thrive What is the best way to get cats to take the Nutra Thrive supplement?

Users only need a total dose of one scoop each day. Consumers can mix the formula into their cat’s food once a day, or they can split it into multiple meals.

What cats can Nutra Thrive be fed to?

The effects of Nutra Thrive can benefit almost any cat that experiences anxiety, has difficulty in their digestive process, deals with diarrhea, has a dull coat, or has any other deficiencies in their nutrition. The point of this remedy is to help with the nutrition that cats are missing.

How safe is the supplement for cats?

The Nutra Thrive formula is incredibly safe for cats. Ultimate Pet Nutrition puts their formulas through testing in an independent, 3rd-party facility to ensure that users get the highest productivity possible.


  • Crude Protein (Min.) 23%, Crude Fat (Min.) 9%,
  • Crude Fiber (Max.) 5%, Moisture (Max.) 7%.

What if this formula is ineffective for the user’s cat?

Every purchase is covered by a  90-day return policy, giving the user a refund if they need it.

Customers that want to learn more can reach out by calling the customer service desk toll free at 800-604-5827

Bottom Line

Nutra Thrive offers Ultimate Pet Nutrition a way to help consumers improve their pet’s health, regain the lustrous look of their coat, and reduce the risk of issues in their stool. Though there are many ways that their typical diet may be helpful, the use of a supplement offers pet owners a concentrated dose of support for their cats in a way that their dry food (or wet food) might not. If the user notices no changes, they can always request a refund and speak with their veterinarian.


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