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November 17, 2020 GMT

11/17/2020, Chicago // KISSPR //

Since its release eighteen years ago, Xbox Live has expanded to rank among the most popular online gaming platforms on earth.

It was a major selling point for the first generation Xbox console and it still serves as a digital content delivery service for Microsoft’s online multiplayer gaming titles. 

The Xbox Live codes meant for purchasing game apps are perhaps the primary attraction for the Xbox Live service and one of the reasons for its huge user base.

Apart from letting you buy any game app available on Xbox Live, this awesome gaming platform is also into offering free card codes to players that can be used to obtain their favorite games.


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These gift cards contain Xbox Live codes that can be used to fulfill all your gaming needs since they offer up much more exciting and fun features.

Right here is where we get to explore how you too can activate free Xbox Live codes and use working Xbox Live code generators in 2020 & beyond.

How to Get Free Xbox Live Codes

The Xbox Live online marketplace can now boast of close to 40 million users from all over the planet. It is where you can go to purchase & download all your favorite games and other types of multimedia. 

However, you must have Xbox Live codes or gift cards if you’re looking to buy anything from this awesome software market. 

These Xbox Live codes can also be used to pay for or extend your Microsoft subscriptions same as the Xbox Game Pass, Live Gold Xbox, etc.

They typically come in form of cards having 25 unique alphanumeric characters printed out on them. Players can purchase these cards digitally from an online retailer. You can also obtain Xbox Live code cards at approved retail outlets in their physical form.

Sadly, regular Joe’s like us can’t always afford to pay for game tokens or subscriptions; and since you’ve already bought the hardware, why then should you shell out more cash every month; which brings us to our titular question of how to obtain working and free Xbox Live codes.

Fortunately, there are reliable Xbox Live code generator websites and apps available on the web that are into providing exclusive and free Xbox Live codes for their users.

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But obtaining these special Xbox freebies isn’t always an easy task especially since the internet is quite vast; you’ll need to know exactly where to look as well as how to recognize & avoid red flags.

We’ve gone ahead to describe some legit Xbox Live code generator methods players can use to obtain free Xbox Live codes so they can enjoy playing their favorite games for longer. 

Getting Free Xbox Live Codes via Reward Sites

There are reliable reward sites that offer players the opportunity to earn working Xbox Live codes in return for performing simple online tasks. 

To earn exclusive codes via these Xbox Live code generator websites, you’ll first have to create a user account after which you must carry out certain tasks that have been assigned to your profile.

These online tasks usually involve familiar activities such as completing surveys or downloading recommended apps.

Once these have been done successfully, you get to redeem your reward earnings for your preferred gaming gift card codes.

Some recommended reward sites you can visit right now for a chance to earn free Xbox Live codes include Swagbucks, XBL Reward, InboxDollars, AppStation, AppBounty, AppKarma, CashNGifts, and FeaturePoints. 

Getting Free Xbox Live Codes via Reward Apps

Here’s yet another really sweet approach you can use to score Xbox Live codes for free. 

There are different reward apps you can install and use as Xbox Live code generator tools.

Some of these reward apps are so popular, that you might have already used one or two of them before for other purposes on your PC or smartphone.

After installation, all you have to do is set up your user accounts and you can start benefiting from worthwhile reward earning activities like sharing referral links, watching short videos, and completing consumer surveys.

PayPrizes, Swagbucks, and ZoomBucks are some examples of legitimate reward apps you can use for this purpose.

So why should you purchase Xbox Live Gold Codes when you can use any of these apps or websites to save some extra money?


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