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Best Mini Trampoline and Rebounders – What One Should I Buy?

November 20, 2020 GMT
Best Mini Trampoline and Rebounders – What One Should I Buy?
Best Mini Trampoline and Rebounders – What One Should I Buy?
Best Mini Trampoline and Rebounders – What One Should I Buy?

11/19/2020, Chicago // KISSPR //

What Is Rebounding?

Rebounding is a form of exercise that helps to condition the body’s cardiovascular and muscular systems. Rebounding involves bouncing up and down on a mini trampoline. Some people might have seen these devices before. These are circular devices that are elevated only a few inches off of the floor. It is surrounded by foam that is covered in vinyl. 

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The middle of this device is made from trampoline netting material. A rebounder takes up about as much space as a small end table, which is to say that it doesn’t take up very much space in a room at all. Many people love this feature, because they can very easily store their rebounders in a closet, or underneath a bed. 

The benefits of using a rebounder for one’s physical conditioning needs are plentiful. The rebounder provides a method of strengthening and toning that isn’t harsh on the body. One of the best things that those who are suffering from physical chronic conditions can do for themselves is to engage in physical activity. However, they might not be able to, because they have challenges in leaving their home. Or, a person suffering from chronic physical conditions might experience constant pain that makes engaging in an exercise plan a literal pain for them. However, when people such as these engage in an exercise program that involves the use of a rebounder, they will experience a gentle type of workout. 

The rebounder’s trampoline design allows for the absorption of shock. This means that a person can bounce on the rebounder, and not feel the impact of motion that they would feel if they were jogging, running, or jumping on a pavement, or even on carpeted floors. This is great news for anyone who suffers from sore joints or muscles.


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As anyone can imagine, one’s heart will gain a great workout from using a rebounder. As the heart rate is challenged, and as blood is pumped through the veins, some of the benefits experienced by using a rebounder are lymph-node flushing, detoxification, and improved weight loss. Of course, muscles in the core areas, and in the lower body will be gently challenged and toned as well. Speaking of muscle toning, all sorts of exercise sets can be performed on a rebounder, such as sprints, jumps, twists, abdominal crunches, steps, and much more. 

Beyond being extremely versatile and simple to use, a rebounder will allow for a user to engage in a great exercise session without having to leave one’s home. They will also save money on car fuel. They won’t have to travel across town. They can gain a gentle yet highly effective workout all from their home, at any time of day or night.


5 Health Benefits of Rebounding

A rebounder is a small trampoline that can easily sit in the middle of your living room floor or the corner of your bedroom. While you can’t get the full range of motion that you would get on a larger outdoor trampoline, you can jump up and down and perform slight side-to-side motions that get the heart rate up and provide the body with a cardiovascular workout with strength and toning benefits.

Rebounding has become an enjoyable pastime and form of fitness for people all over the world. Following are just five of the health benefits that are commonly experienced when rebounding becomes a routine practice:

1. Increased calorie burn over other types of cardiovascular exercise

When you compare the number of calories burned through running for an hour with the calories burned through an hour of rebounding, you find the higher calorie burn with rebounding. Running and jumping up and down on a trampoline are both very basic movements that place a heavy emphasis on the lower body, but the motion of jumping on a trampoline demands more energy from the body than running.

If you are trying to lose weight or just maintain a healthy weight, burning more calories in a shorter period of time is very beneficial. You can exercise for a shorter period of time and still get the benefits of running or doing other forms of cardiovascular exercise.

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2: A notable increase in energy after the rebounding workout is over

After a session of rebounding, most people will experience an increase in energy over what was felt prior to the workout. This means someone tired from a hard day of work could drag themselves onto the mini trampoline for a half hour of rebounding and find themselves energized for an evening of cooking for the family and preparing for the next day of work.
Other forms of exercise are great for improving energy as well, but rebounding is one of the few that are safe for just about anyone to perform. The elderly with fragile bones and pregnant women who have to watch what they do can safely do low intensity rebounding workouts. Those suffering from pain in the lower back or other areas of the body can also safely do a rebounding workout.

3: Fast, temporary relief from aches and pains caused by injuries, age, illness or arthritis.

This is one of the more incredible health benefits of rebounding. Studies have shown that people suffering from lower back pain, arthritis and other forms of aches and pains throughout the body can actually achieve some pain relief by working out on a rebounder.

The trick is that people suffering from arthritis and injuries have to jump for very short periods. They should also take it very gentle, so performing lengthy high intensity rebounding workouts is discouraged. The goal is to get the body moving with the up and down motion for just a few minutes or maybe up to ten minutes a day. If this is done consistently, many people find that tremendous pain relief can be achieved.

The exact amount of time spent on the rebounder each day and the intensity that is allowed should be discussed with a medical care provider familiar with a patient’s condition. When uncertain, those in pain can try a few minutes on the rebounder a day, but the intensity should be kept to very light jumping with the feet staying on the trampoline mat most of the time.

4: Improvements in balance and coordination of the body.

Since the surface of a rebounder is not nearly as large as an outdoor trampoline, it takes some balance and coordination to jump without falling off. Some mini trampolines are designed with handles that can be gripped for security as well as being used for strength training movements. Full force jumping is not possible while holding onto these rails, but they can be used for stabilization for those who cannot balance safely while jumping higher.

Those who can jump higher can feel their body flying up through the air then impacting back down the trampoline mat over and over. This is a very freeing feeling that many people enjoy, but it does require balance and coordination. Those who struggle in these areas can start out with lower jumps and work their way up to more aggressive jumping as their balancing and coordinating skills improve.

Mini trampolines are so effective in this area that they are often used in physical therapy for people who need help coordinating the body, balancing through different motions, or just relearning to move their body in certain ways.

5: Increase in bone mass and prevention of osteoporosis.

Many women at risk of osteoporosis are now being recommended to the rebounder by doctors. Scientists are even recommending the rebounder for astronauts after they return from space. What astronauts and everyday women have in common is a tendency toward reduced bone mass. Astronauts lose this mass while they are in space since they are floating around and are not using their muscles and bones as they would on earth. Women can naturally lose bone mass as they grow older so supplementation is recommended by most doctors.

To get the benefits of increased bone mass, you have to get on the rebounder on a very consistent basis. It has to become a part of daily life and over time the increased bone density becomes an amazing benefit. Of course, women can also use the help controlling their weight, reducing their risk of high cholesterol and diabetes, and all the other benefits of the rebounder listed above.

It turns out there is exceptionally good reason so many people enjoy rebounding today. The biggest benefit for many is the ability to jump right in the living room while watching TV, talking to family members, or just hanging out and listening to music. It doesn’t have to be an exhausting workout that leaves you ready for bed. 

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