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McGroarty & Co. Consulting: Helping Organizations Spearhead Change and Inclusion

January 5, 2022 GMT
McGroarty & Co. Consulting: Helping Organizations Spearhead Change and Inclusion
McGroarty & Co. Consulting: Helping Organizations Spearhead Change and Inclusion
McGroarty & Co. Consulting: Helping Organizations Spearhead Change and Inclusion

01/05/2022, Orlando, FL // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

There are few things business owners, leaders, and managers agree more universally about than the importance of consulting for their organizations. Bringing on external, third-party consultants is vital to virtually every business in operation today, regardless of the industry they operate in, their target market(s) of consumers, or the quality of products or services they offer. This is in no small part due to the expertise of these consultants and the myriad certifications they often hold, making them qualified to not only analyze an organization inside and out, but also to identify and assess internal issues that an organization’s leaders may not otherwise perceive.

However, selecting the best or most-qualified consultant for such an undertaking is often far less easy than it may initially seem. According to Harvard Business Review, management consultants receive some collective $2 billion in compensation each year for the services they provide organizations; however, much of this revenue comes from the gathering of irrelevant or impractical data, leading them to recommend the implementation of initiatives that may not best serve the organization or outright solve the challenges they need to address and solve.


In order for organizations and their leaders to best utilize the expert knowledge and skills of the consultants they hire, those leaders should approach consultants with a deep understanding of their company, its culture, and its values. This, in turn, will allow consultants — such as Alexandra McGroarty of McGroarty & Co. Consulting, LLC (MCG) — the opportunity to assess where changes are not only necessary, but where it can be made in order to have the best and longest-lasting impact on the organization and its goals.

A consultancy firm helping today’s business meet their needs

Based out of Marlton, New Jersey, McGroarty & Co. is a global consultancy firm that is able to address challenges and implement an array of potential solutions regarding organizational human resources (HR) initiatives, leadership coaching and mentoring, change management, employee development and retention, as well as matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) amongst other areas. As the firm’s co-founder and an accomplished HR consultant, Alexandra McGroarty is able to serve her firm’s clients both in the United States and internationally, utilizing her expertise to deliver them with true solutions that contribute to the overall success and longevity of the organizations she works with.


“Each and every challenge an organization faces is unique to that company,” says Alexandra. “No two companies are alike. Their leadership, management, culture, and values all have a lasting impact of the performance of their business and its ability to continue growing and remain successful—especially through periods of uncomfortable internal shifts.”

Those periods of discomfort, Alexandra explains, are where her certifications as a DEI and leadership coach, allow her to better understand her clients’ needs. As a seasoned consultant and HR professional, Alexandra’s unique qualifications grant her the ability to analyze her clients’ organizations from the top-down through generating a 360-degree perspective of each company she helps.

No matter how intense of the changes necessary, Alexandra’s experience and specialized skill set position her to craft innovative and inclusive solutions that truly solve issues ingrained within organizations, allowing them to emerge more knowledgeable and prepared to implement company-wide changes wherever they are most needed.

Implementing initiatives unique to each company’s challenges

Prior to co-founding McGroarty & Co. alongside her late husband, Michael McGroarty, Alexandra worked as the VP to another leading and globally-ranked professional services organization. It was during her time there where Alexandra developed the necessary skills to become a capable leader and effective consulting expert—both at a global scale and at more localized levels.

Now, serving as the head consultant for her own firm, Alexandra is able to exemplify her effectiveness as an expert consultant through helping clients address organizational challenges in matters of employee engagement and retention, DEI, and more.

“Issues like DEI and bolstering employee engagement and retention are becoming more and more common in today’s professional landscape,” Alexandra says, “and implementing initiatives to solve these issues is widely dependent on the unique culture and values of a business. As a consultant, it is my responsibility to not only address and resolve those issues, but do so by leaning on my years of experience to formulate solutions that align with their goals and can spark true, long-lasting organizational change for the betterment of all its leaders, employees, and stakeholders.”

Recently, Alexandra was recognized as a finalist for the 2021 HR Person of the Year award due to her perpetual dedication to her company and the clients she consults for. Alexandra also mentions that she plans to make a charitable donation in the form of a contribution to the Humanity Preservation Foundation under the name of her late husband and co-founder, Michael.

To learn more about Alexandra, her consulting expertise, or how McGroarty & Co. can help your own business achieve its goals, visit today.

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