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Samuel Leach’s Rise from Working-Class Student to One of the UK’s Youngest Millionaires

December 22, 2020 GMT
Samuel Leach's Rise from Working-Class Student to One of the UK’s Youngest Millionaires
Samuel Leach's Rise from Working-Class Student to One of the UK’s Youngest Millionaires

12/22/2020, Watford // KISSPR //

By the age of 25, Samuel Leach was one of the United Kingdom’s youngest millionaires. Despite this, he did not start his life as a rich kid. Coming from a working-class background, the youngster grafted hard to forge a path for himself. Here’s his story of ultimate success.

Learning to Be Uncomfortable

Investing large sums of money in the markets can be uncomfortable. However, for Samuel Leach, his entrance into the world of Forex was not the first time he had felt that way. As a child, he found himself in unfortunate circumstances that were less than secure.

When his parents divorced, he, his dad, and his brother ended up living in shared housing. The family of three didn’t have much space. Throughout this troubling period, they were living among alcoholics and drug abusers. During this time, there was a point where the three of them only had one bed between them. It was then that Samuel Leach had to ask his dad a question that he will never forget: “Who will sleep in the bed tonight?”


Moving forward to his teenage years, and Samuel Leach was determined to make a success of his life. He started with a Google search, looking up the best-paid jobs. Armed with a list, he worked on his CV and set out applying. He soon got an interview at a private bank, a role that he did not have the qualifications for. That didn’t stop him. The youngster got to work and put together 50 pages ahead of the interview and landed the job.

While working at the private bank, Samuel Leach got his real introduction to the world of finance. He paid attention to every detail of the sector, researching and remembering the important facts. When he was 18, he enrolled in a Marketing and Advertising degree at the University of Hertfordshire. Since he had the highest grades in his college classes, he was given a £2,000 bursary, which he would take and quickly turn into a trading empire.

Building a Trading Empire

While his classmates were busy attending lectures and spending their free time socializing, Samuel Leach decided to take another route. He worked hard at trading throughout his university education, a move that would quite literally pay off. Upon receiving the bursary, he began Forex trading and turned it into a £170,000 account.

The research was at the core of Samuel Leach’s approach to this world. One of his most lucrative moves happened early on in his trading career when he invested £10,000 in Peer TV. Ahead of making the remarkable investment, the young entrepreneur looked into the business and found that it had a £500,000 contract to sell set-top television boxes. However, this deal was contingent on the business passing safety checks first.


If he acted fast, Samuel Leach stood to make a massive sum of money. He dug into the background of the company and soon found that it had never failed safety checks. That made it a safe bet for his investment, and so he took the leap. Just three days after the initial investment, his £10,000 input turned into a massive £100,000.

Educating Aspiring Traders

In 2012, while Samuel Leach was still a student, he started his own company: Samuel & Co. Trading. For the first few years of establishment, he was the sole employee of the firm. However, thanks to his savvy investments and moves, the business quickly grew, and Samuel Leach needed more staff to support it. That’s why, in 2015, the entrepreneur hired a batch of new staff members. The well-known business now has premises in Watford and deals with clients on an international level.

Since the start of Samuel & Co. Trading, the business has aimed to educate and inspire fledgling traders around the world. The firm offers a wide variety of options and programs for individuals who want to master the art of trading. For example, those who are new to the markets can get started with the Free Online Trading Programme. The course helps people gain a basic understanding of trading and how the markets work.

Of course, it’s not merely newcomers who can benefit from Samuel & Co. Trading. The renowned firm also works closely with well-established traders to help them excel. For instance, there is the Wealth Programme where professionals can learn about FX intraday, midterm, and FTSE 350 stocks. For those wanting to manage the psychological impact of trading, on the other hand, there’s the highly sought-after Mindset 1 to 1 program.

Covid-19 Outbreak Commentary

2020 has thrown many a curveball our way. Few people could have predicted the global impact that the Covid-19 pandemic would have had at the start of the year. Of course, Samuel Leach has shared his opinions on the matter. The outbreak and disruptions have directly affected the markets, flipping things on their head, in many cases.

At the start of the pandemic, Samuel Leach published The Coronavirus and Impact on the Global Economy on Medium, followed by a couple of update posts on the topic. When news of the vaccine broke back in November, he was also a guest on BBC Three Counties Radio. During the interview, he explained that the development had created a change in the market, with many stocks claiming massive percentages in a single day.

As the ramifications of the pandemic continue to impact our lives, Samuel Leach is staying ahead of the game. Following his age-old tactic, he is researching and has his finger to the pulse on these pressing matters. For more information on his insights, follow him on social media, sign up to his newsletter, or join one of his trading programs.

About Samuel Leach and Samuel & Co. Trading

Samuel Leach launched Samuel & Co. Trading in 2012. The trading firm quickly expanded and since 2016, has taught more than 3,000 people from 63 countries. With a strong goal to “help as many people as possible to achieve the level of wealth we believe is possible via trading the financial markets”, the firm is trusted by fledgling and seasoned traders.

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