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Press release content from KISSPR. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

Why Get Instagram followers in 2021? By

December 30, 2020 GMT
Why Get Instagram followers in 2021? By
Why Get Instagram followers in 2021? By
Why Get Instagram followers in 2021? By

12/30/2020, New York // KISSPR //

Have you been dreaming about having tons of followers on Instagram? There has never been a better time than now to achieve your dream. The best place to buy Instagram followers is

In 2020, lots of people were confined in their homes, and as a result, were reduced to socializing online.

In 2021, you can expect more of the same – maybe not as huge as in 2020.

Meaning that there will be more opportunities for virtual social interactions like Instagramming, Twittering, Facebooking, Zooming, and likes.


Since people are going to be more available online, it could only mean one thing – that there is an opportunity to gain people’s attention more than ever before.

But in order to gain these people’s attention, you need something that will make you appealing to them. Remember, you’re not the only Instagram user on the app, so if you want people to show an interest in you (follow you) and give you their attention (engage with you), you need to prove to them that a good percentage of the people on Instagram are already doing that.

The best way to do that is to buy real Instagram followers from a reputable outlet like

Note: is the all-encompassing Instagram metrics solution for everyone. You can buy Instagram views, followers, and even likes from them.

Before going fully into the discussion of why it makes a lot of sense to buy Instagram followers, let’s counter the “why nots.”

That is, let’s counter the notion that it’s a bad idea to buy followers?

People think it’s bad to buy followers because there are too many horror stories:

Everywhere you go on the internet, you hear stories like Instagram flags account for buying followers. You wake up one morning, and all your followers are gone.

No, this is not completely true.

Instagram will only flag your account if you buy too many followers at once. You can beat the Instagram algorithm by buying in drips over a long period of time so that it looks natural.

As far as disappearing followers go, your followers will only disappear if you’ve procured them from a provider selling bots.

Instagram clamps down on bot accounts, so after a while of inactivity, they’re purged out. If your provider has provided you with these types of followers, you’ll lose all of them over time.

Again, you can beat that by buying from a provider like instead. If you like, you can also buy real, automatic Instagram likes from them too.


People think it’s bad to buy followers because bough followers don’t engage

This is also not true. Only bots don’t interact. Real followers – like the ones sold at – are actual humans. And actual humans interact.

When you buy real targeted followers, they’ll interact because your content matches the things they like.

For example, at, we’re all about matching each of our clients with real targeted followers – that is, actual people who’re interested in the type of content they post.

Now, imagine you run an Instagram football blog where you regularly post football updates and quizzes, and you buy followers from What you’ll be getting are real guys that actually like football.

So, tell me, why won’t these people interact/engage with your content?

People think it’s bad to buy followers because reputable outlets say it’s bad: No argument there. Almost all reputable outlets out there – influencermarketinghub, Blogspot, BBC – have published an article or the other on why their fans and readers shouldn’t buy Instagram followers.

But guess what?

The only reason these people have for telling you not to buy followers is that bought followers are fake and bot accounts. They’re not lying.

And the reason they think this is because back in the 2014s, 2015s, and 2017s, what we had were brands who sold fake and bot Instagram accounts to people.

Alas, the arrival of has changed the game completely. aren’t selling bot followers, but real, actual people (accounts).

People think it’s bad to buy followers because it can tarnish your reputation:

In truth, lots of people see buying of followers as an immoral thing to do – like you’re trying to gain popularity through dodgy means. As such, when people find out you’ve bought followers, they look at you with such distasteful eyes.

But guess what? The game has changed.

You don’t have to buy exactly 200,000 followers because you want people to think you’re popular. No, you don’t have to do that.

You just have to buy a tiny bit, say 1000, for a start to give you the boost you need so that more people will follow naturally.

People think it’s bad to buy followers because it’s unnatural: if you have to force it, then it’s simply not meant to be. That’s what many will tell you.

But guess what?

That is not always true.

Sometimes, it makes sense to boost your chances of getting something.

Like when you go the extra mile (like buying expensive gifts) to win a lady’s heart.

If truly naturality brings results every time, then everyone should have followed the normal procedure: meet a lady, call, text, care, ask her out on a date, and hope that your efforts count with her.

By sending her flowers and surprise gifts, you’re buying your way into her heart faster (note: this may not work for every lady; LOL) so that she’ll notice you faster and better than maybe her other suitors. You’re simply trying to boost your chances. It’s not cheating; you’re just wise.

People think it’s bad to buy followers because it’s against the rules of the game:

That is if you’re buying bots 150,000 followers in one night. Not when you’re buying just 1000 in one month. Think of it as a way of paying people to follow you so that in return, they can give you the social proof you need to convince others you’re, indeed, cool to be followed.

People think it’s bad to buy followers because it costs money:

I mean, not everyone earns on Instagram, so why spend to acquire followers on it. It just doesn’t really make any sense. It’s an ordinary photo-sharing app, where I show people the highlights of my life. So why should I pay to get people to watch me?

Well, that photo-sharing platform will start paying influencers (people who have tons of followers) soon.

Not to forget that brands also pay these guys (the influencers) top dollars to promote their businesses. Buying followers for just a few dollars is a small price to pay.

Where to buy Instagram followers

If you read the review, you’ll see stories of clients who’re happy they used the service.

The beautiful thing about buying followers from is that their service satisfies the terms of service of Instagram. For example, Instagram frowns on anything bot or fake accounts on its platform. And as such, the photo-sharing regularly purges them out.

Unfortunately, when you buy followers from most providers out there, what you get are bots. And since Instagram is always removing such accounts from their platform, it wouldn’t be long before you lose almost all your followers.

Ever heard someone say they bought a certain number of followers, and after a while, the number reduced? Well, the number didn’t actually reduce because the company took back their followers. What happened is that Instagram has purged some of the bot followers they bought off the platform.

Buying from, however, gets you real, actual humans. Meaning you have nothing to worry about as far as Instagram purging goes.

Benefits of buying followers

1. Gives you the social proof you need to gain the trust and attention of others

    Nobody likes to be the first to follow an account on Instagram. In fact, nobody likes to be amongst the first 100 followers (except maybe in the case of contest accounts). But when people see that an account has a huge number of followers, they want to associate with it. If others are following this person, there has to be something special about them. I, too, want to find out. Bang, they hit the follow button.

    But that’s after they’ve scrutinized the content on the account.

    You wouldn’t believe the extent to which people go to verify whether an account is genuine or not. Yes, they can see you have 150,000 followers. But what’s your content like?

    In 2021, people now know better than to trust the “number of followers” icon on someone’s Instagram profile. Users are wiser and smarter, which means if your profile shows you have 100,000 followers and all they can see are wishy-washy content, they won’t even bother following you. They know you’re a fraud.

    So, when you’re buying followers to gain social proof, be sure to follow the guidelines you’ll find later in this post.

    2. Makes it faster and easier to become Insta-famous

      It may take forever to become famous on Instagram if you want to go the old-school way.

      When you buy followers, however – buy them the right way (as described in the frame above) – you’ll save yourself time and efforts.

      Give or take, a few months after launching your profile, you should be hitting the tens of thousands of followers mark, and people will, indeed, know about you.

      Whether you’re looking for followers so that you can become an influencer or looking for followers to promote your brand, your job will be pretty much easier if you buy followers.

      3. Gives a boost to beginner accounts

        With millions of people using Instagram for almost the same reason as you, it can be hard building your profile from scratch. But by buying Instagram followers, you can give yourself a huge boost. As we’ve earlier discussed, this will create a ripple effect that will cause other users to notice and follow you.

        4. Exposes your business/brand to a newer audience

          Having more followers would mean more people getting to know about your business/brand. But this can be hard and slow if you’re doing it organically. By buying followers, you get to expose your business/brand to actual humans who might be interested in your products or offerings.

          5. Gives your business/brand some credibility

            While you would be able to access and engage a newer audience thanks to the newer followers you have and the ripple effect created from buying followers, it will also affect your business credibility. Your already existing viewers and followers would get to see that your business/brand is getting more popular and will be inspired to want to engage with you more.

            6. A chance to appear on the explore page

              The Instagram explore page is the best place to be if you’re looking for followers. Once you’re there, everybody wants to follow you. But in order to get there, you need followers. And you need them in large numbers.

              What’s more?

              These followers have to engage.

              Luckily for you, you can get followers that engage on platforms like This is one of their selling points.

              The higher your number of followers and engagements, the higher your chances of making it to the explore page.

              7. Boost your chances of making money

                You can make money off Instagram by teaming up with brands and offering sponsored ads. Alternatively, in 2021, it’s highly possible Instagram will finally implement its decision to start paying influencers, which means more money for influencers. For businesses, you also get the opportunity to expose your brand to a far greater audience thanks to the exposure you get from the ripple effect of buying followers.

                Interestingly, you get to enjoy all this in less time and after expending a lesser amount of effort than an average Instagram user.

                How to buy followers the right way

                Having plenty of followers will surely entice people to follow you. But in order to avoid people thinking you’re a fraud, you have to buy followers the right way. Don’t know how to do that? Follow this step-by-step guideline:

                • Buy a small amount of followers, to begin with, say 700.

                • Go ahead and create up to five amazing CONTENT (stuff you know people will like).

                • Follow between 100 and 200 people yourself

                • Ask friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even your haters to follow you on IG. Don’t forget people in the Whatsapp and Facebook group as you.

                • Create another wonderful set of CONTENT

                • Buy another 1000 set of followers.

                • Repeat the steps above.

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