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XFai Welcomes Important Investments as It Levels the DeFi Playing Field

March 27, 2021 GMT
XFai Welcomes Important Investments as It Levels the DeFi Playing Field
XFai Welcomes Important Investments as It Levels the DeFi Playing Field

03/25/2021, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands // KISSPR //

A DeFi solution that balances the playing field for small and mid cap tokens is sure to catch the attention of investors. Such a solution is found in XFai ’s DEX Liquidity Oracle (DLO), a smart contract infrastructure that goes beyond just providing regular price feeds.

The service manages liquidity between centralized and decentralized exchanges to solve latent issues between the two and creates a fairer ecosystem. This allows “small cap token holders to earn token-denominated returns on autopilot,” according to its groundbreaking white paper.


Investors have flocked to what they see as a perfect product-market fit to an underserved sector of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Some of those captivated by XFai’s venture include firms such as Vendetta Capital, Kyros Ventures, and Rarestone Capital, among others.

Vendetta Capital

The team of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital assets portfolio management experts have invested in up-and-coming projects such as Polkastarter, Bridge Mutual, and Unido. Interest in XFai comes as the firm sees the project’s DLO as an unmissable opportunity for many of the small to mid cap tokens it supports.

In addition, Vendetta Capital believes that “XFai is bringing us a more efficient way to swap and making us closer to be more decentralised.”

Kyros Ventures

As one of the most influential investment firms in Vietnam, the firm is set to open this market for XFai’s upcoming Liquidity Generation Event.

Zane, CEO at Kyros Ventures, explained the firm’s interest in XFai. “Decentralized exchanges, the backbone for the DeFi industry, have reached the tipping point with 30-day volume at its ATH of $65B recently. The field continues to grow at its fastest pace despite liquidity inefficiency that hinders smaller tokens from merging with the rest of the DeFi ecosystem. By providing a revolutionary liquidity management tool, a unified seamless experience for end-users, and by solving the liquidity inefficiencies presenting hindrances to smaller tokens merging with the DeFi ecosystem, XFai’s DEX liquidity oracle reshapes all aspects of the decentralized trading space. Kyros strongly believes that XFai will go beyond the frontier of DeFi to pioneer in the future of finance.”


Rarestone Capital

The crypto-focused venture capital firm has supported promising Web3 projects such as APY.Finance, Qredo and Manta Network with both funding and important connections. It’s bet on XFai comes from the realization of how the project’s DLO can create a better DeFi ecosystem.

Camron Miraftab, co-founder at Rarestone Capital shared that “XFai’s approach to synchronising liquidity and optimising price discovery with its thoughtfully architected product line is, in our view, truly a first-of-its-kind. Rarestone is excited to be supporting XFai’s team of builders in embarking on its vision to make DeFi a fairer and more fertile playing field.”

All these investments make note of the potential for XFai’s solution to push the DeFi ecosystem forward. The project’s $XFIT token is set to open its doors to the public on April 8, 2021, through a first-ever Liquidity Generation Event.

About XFai

XFai is a decentralized oracle service provider that seeks to balance the playing field between centralized and decentralized exchanges. It is built as a DEX Liquidity Oracle, or DLO, which consists of a set of autonomous liquidity management smart contracts for tokens with low trade volumes and market caps. The platform relies on its native $XFIT token and allows holders of small and mid cap tokens to earn returns on their funds when providing liquidity. The $XFIT token will be available for the public on April 8, through its Liquidity Generation Event.

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