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BTC News: What you need to know about Bitcoin Up: by BTC News

December 18, 2020 GMT
BTC News: What you need to know about Bitcoin Up: by BTC News
BTC News: What you need to know about Bitcoin Up: by BTC News
BTC News: What you need to know about Bitcoin Up: by BTC News
BTC News: What you need to know about Bitcoin Up: by BTC News
BTC News: What you need to know about Bitcoin Up: by BTC News

12/18/2020, London // KISSPR //

Bitcoin Up is a platform equipped with an artificial intelligence program that enables it to trade bitcoin on users’ behalf. You only need to follow the instruction provided on the Bitcoin Up. You don’t need to have any special skills to be able to operate this platform.

You can make money with Bitcoin Up now

Considering the number of excellent consumer feedback about the platform, it’s certainly doing a great job.

Recently, there has been mixed reactions regarding the genuine nature of the platform. In this post, we present a evaluation of the platform, exploring all the features available to users. We will also go further to ascertain if it is a cheat or a legal platform.


What is Bitcoin Up?

It is an automated technology platform that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The job of the AI is to extract and analyze data from the cryptocurrency market. It also leverages Natural Language Processing to read bitcoin-related news to drive valuable information from them. Many analysts believe that the platform is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. Well, they have a good reason or that. The fact that its technology is ahead of the market gives crypto traders and investors a competitive edge.

The trading robot used in Bitcoin Up isn’t just dedicated to trading only bitcoin and not any other cryptocurrency. This robot bets on bitcoin through a derivative that is known as Contract for Difference (CFD). CFD allows traders to leverage asset price movements without having to buy the asset physically. This platform offers the popular BTC CFDs pairs such as BTC/USD, BTC/ETH, BTC/GBP, BTC/BCH, BTC/EUR.

Although Bitcoin Up is relatively new on the crypto market, some reports suggest that it is one of the most effective technologies for crypto traders and investors.

One of the impacts of Covid-19 is turning people into online businesses such as crypto trading. As the USD continues to lose its appeal as the global safe-haven asset, people are beginning to adopt cryptocurrency.

Is Bitcoin Up A Cheat or Not?

People are naturally suspicious of methods of making profit online, and it’s easy to label genuine offers as a cheat. Thankfully, during our thorough check on the legality of Bitcoin Up, we discovered several positive signs to show it is legal.

We found out that the platform is affiliated with some of the world’s leading brokers, and all transactions are moderated by the relevant financial authorities in each jurisdiction where it operates. So your money is safe.


Before you start trading with real money on the platform, you first trade in the demo mode. The demo mode has real market conditions but uses “fake” money, so you get used to the platform.

You can only make a deposit of $250, which you will use when you are ready to trade with real money. You have to understand that every investment comes with its own risk, be it the crypto market or stock market. However, the crypto market is extremely volatile. To gain more knowledge and understanding about Bitcoin Up, you need to conduct thorough research.

How Does Bitcoin Up Work?

It works as a trading robot that connects to the market through some selected brokers. This robot executes trading research and relays the information to the broker for final execution. The robot brokers provide a unique order execution system that ensures all orders execute instantly.

Failure to execute orders instantly can result in slippage, which can lead to losses. You can experience Slippage when there is a change in bid/ask price for a given crypto asset.

Slippage can either be favorable or unfavorable because it executes at a price different from originally agreed upon. However, you should avoid it completely. The robot brokers also provide leverage and facilitate transactions. Most of these robot brokers are not as regulated as financial institutions.

Therefore, they must rely on a broker to receive deposits from the public. Financial regulators require all institutions receiving deposits from the public to register as a financial institution and adhere to stipulated guidelines.

The brokers who partner with Bitcoin Up are reputable and are well-regulated. Concerning trading conditions, Bitcoin Up brokers offer trading leverage of up to 4000:1.

How do I trade with Bitcoin Up?

Trading with Bitcoin Up happens at the click of a button. Meanwhile, you have to define the amount of risk you are willing to take. There are video tutorials and a written guide to help you trade on Bitcoin Up. Before you go live, create time to study the manual and watch the tutorial videos. You can have access to platforms from anywhere around the world, provided you have internet access.

Bitcoin Up is compatible with Windows and Mac devices, even smartphones. It currently has a mobile app, but it can also be installed on HTML5 web versions on smartphones. Also, the robot works very well on mobile web browsers.

Below are the steps to start trading with Bitcoin Up...


Before you can trade with Bitcoin Up, you will have to register a trading account. After the registration, you will have to verify your identity with the underlying broker. Once you have done that, Bitcoin Up matches you with a partner broker monitored in your region/location. Based on the regulatory guidelines, all top brokers verify the identity of their users.

You will be required to upload a scanned copy of your government issued ID or your driving license. It must contain a clear picture of you before you can be verified. Once you are done with your verification, you can proceed to deposit money and start trading. You can only withdraw from Bitcoin Up after you have verified your identity.

Making Deposits

With as little as $250, you can start trading on Bitcoin Up. You make all deposits on the partner broker’s page. These brokers have adequate regulations; therefore, users need not worry about the safety of their funds. The deposit segregation feature ensures the broker doesn’t use your money for another purpose other than the one you intended. You can fund your accounts using debit/credit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets like Skrill, or crypto-wallets.

Demo trading

Once a trader or investor deposits a minimum of $250, the person will be granted access to the demo trading feature. The demo provides investors/traders with a test run of the platform without additional cost. You are advised to practice with the demo trading before live trading. The reason is that it will help you gain the necessary experience and knowledge you needed to navigate Bitcoin Up.

Live trading

Once you have had enough experience and exposure with the demo, you can now move to live to trade. You only have to do is adjust the risk settings as instructed and then click the live button. Artificial intelligence automatically conducts trading. It means that you don’t need to be an expert in using the trading platform. Meanwhile, some experts recommend that both new and experienced investors spend at least 30 minutes on their accounts every day.

Essential trading tips on Bitcoin Up

Although the platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, you need tips to maximize the platform.

Learn to start small

We advise that you use the initial deposit to place your first trade. As a new user, you can always deposit more capital after your first return on investment.

Trade for at least eight hours a day

Ensure your account is live for a minimum of eight hours a day. Since the AI does almost all the work, it will not interfere with your daily engagements.

Learn to Invest at least 80% of your profit

Compound interest is a great asset to leverage. Therefore, reinvesting profits is a good way to compound your returns.

Conduct trading in U.S. time

Trading in U.S. time is arguably the best time to trade on the cryptocurrency market. The reason is that bitcoin tends to be most volatile when it is daytime in New York.

Why Should In Trade on Bitcoin Up?

Most analysts are predicting a bitcoin boom like never before in the coming months. For example, Robert Kiyosaki, “author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” recently predicted that bitcoin would hit $75,000 in a few months.

In like manner, Max Keiser of the Keiser Report also predicted a boom that will see BTC hit $100 000 by early next year.

Bitcoin Up will help you to take full advantage of these booms. Since the Artificial Intelligence trade volatility, it capitalizes on both the upward and downward price swings in the crypto market.

Aside from the high profitability, the platform is quite simple and easy to use. Most of the investors and crypto traders using the platform haven’t had any prior crypto trading experience. This is unlike traditional cryptocurrency trading platforms that can be complex, especially for a newbie.


From our thorough analysis of Bitcoin Up, it appears to be a legal crypto trading platform. With excellent evaluations online, our test drive of the software shows that it is easy to use, and can deliver automated profits, without having to learn lots and become an expert in the field.

Normal caveats apply, so only invest what you can afford to, but with that said, this is a great entry point to start investing in the hugely profitable cryptocurrency market.

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