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uSmile Pro Review – Ultrasonic toothbrush launched

December 1, 2020 GMT
uSmile Pro Ultrasonic Toothbrush
uSmile Pro Ultrasonic Toothbrush
uSmile Pro Ultrasonic Toothbrush

12/01/2020, New York // KISSPR //

What is uSmile Pro?

Many people find it annoying and stressful to brush their teeth several times a day. Up to three times a day, according to dentists, this should be recommended. In between, chewing gums without sugar can be used. The more effort is put into the teeth, the more annoying it becomes. But it is for your own dental health. If this is not sufficiently guaranteed, dental problems such as caries or periodontosis can be the result, which in turn can affect the cardiovascular system.

More and more people these days suffer from pain-sensitive teeth and even bleeding gums! Brushing their teeth is becoming a torture for them and they can hardly press their teeth or gums with their dental cleaning device without pain or blood. For such people, an ordinary manual toothbrush, regardless of the hardness of the bristles, offers little help. But what should these people do with sensitive teeth and damaged gums? To give up tooth brushing completely would of course be the completely wrong solution here.


So what if there was a toothbrush that could take the hassle out of brushing your teeth, that could whiten your teeth, and all you had to do was wait about half a minute before taking the toothbrush out of your mouth again? That sounds much too simple and also illogical? How is that supposed to work? The new uSmile Pro toothbrush is such a special tooth cleaning device that can also whiten teeth: It is simply placed in the mouth and its integrated ultrasound and vibration clean your entire mouth and all the spaces between your teeth without any great effort. All you need to do is put toothpaste on the device. Everything else is done by the brush. In the following you will learn how this interesting innovation works.

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What are the uSmile Pro quality features?

This new uSmile Pro dental cleaning device has already been advertised on many websites or on television as a commercial, and most people seem to be relatively enthusiastic about the fact that they no longer need to brush or whiten their teeth themselves, but that uSmile Pro can now do this for them.

In particular, the integrated ultrasound and vibration provide the special cleaning and thoroughness required for proper tooth brushing with this uSmile Pro. In this way, the ultrasound penetrates deep enough into the mouth to remove all deposits that an ordinary brush could never detect. The uSmile Pro mouthpiece or the new uSmile Pro ultrasonic brush is therefore designed to be placed in the mouth between the upper and lower jaws so that it can actually penetrate every corner of the mouth with its ultrasound, removing bacteria and food debris and even whitening teeth.


This innovation in oral hygiene offers a great help especially to all those people who, due to aching teeth and rapidly bleeding gums, can only use such a tooth-cleaning device and cannot use an ordinary brush. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

uSmile Pro evaluation and recommendation

The innovative uSmile Pro toothbrush is particularly convenient for those who have little time to brush their teeth, especially those who cannot whiten their teeth, or who suffer from very sensitive gums and therefore find brushing their teeth very painful, if not bloody.

For this reason, the uSmile Pro brush, with its simple ultrasonic technology and gentle vibration, offers a remedy especially for people with sensitive gums, to keep teeth and the entire oral cavity clean and healthy in a gentle manner, as it does not exert pressure on teeth or gums, thus preventing pain or blood from escaping from the affected gums. Brushing teeth and whitening teeth no longer becomes an ordeal and soothes the inflamed area of the mouth, so that perhaps at some point this area will have healed and can be cleaned normally again. Click here to discover the current discount!

General information about toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are commonly used to clean teeth after eating or drinking. Already more than a hundred years ago, such brushes were made of natural materials and their bristles were mostly pig bristles. The toothpaste was often made of lard. Nowadays, both the handle and the bristles are made of synthetic fibers without any animal additives. For some years now, electric tooth cleaning has been replacing the manual toothbrush, which still has to be operated with the help of the hands and yet still functions quite similarly to a manual toothbrush, to brush the teeth but not to whiten them, whereas the innovation of the uSmile Pro ultrasonic tooth cleaning systems hardly requires the hands any more except to hold the device in the mouth.

uSmile Pro reviews

In and of itself, the manufacturer’s promises of this new uSmile Pro ultrasonic tooth cleaning device sound very good and promising in their effect. However, many of the uSmile Pro brush customers experience something different and are disappointed by it. However, others find the brush to be very helpful and effective, also in whitening their teeth. What this difference is due to cannot be understood, but everyone must form their own opinion about the uSmile Pro and see whether the brush fulfills their own expectations or not. The uSmile Pro brush may or may not meet your expectations depending on the purpose for which it is used and the desired high or low level of effectiveness. On the surface, the uSmile Pro ultrasonic toothbrush appears to be an interesting new form of toothbrush, although it is less like a brush, but it can both brush and whiten teeth. However, the possible harmful effects of integrated ultrasound on health must be decided by each individual, because ultrasound is not to be handled so lightly.

This is what customers have to say about the uSmile Pro:

A user of this uSmile Pro brush writes that he himself is very satisfied with the brush, but before treatment he always brushes his teeth with his regular manual toothbrush first, just to make sure that his teeth are really brushed. Only then would the treatment with the uSmile Pro ultrasound brush begin. He uses it to whiten his teeth and prevent caries and gingivitis. He says that the use of the uSmile Pro brush is very pleasant and so far he has not noticed anything negative in his use or previous experience with this uSmile Pro brush. His teeth are doing well and he even sees a first result in the whitening of his teeth.

Another user describes how he likes the different brushing modes on the uSmile Pro brush to increase or decrease the brushing effect. He uses two to three different toothpastes to improve the result for his very sensitive teeth through their active ingredients. At first he was somewhat skeptical about using the uSmile Pro brush because he would have such sensitive teeth, but the application was so gentle that he really enjoyed it and even did his damaged teeth a great deal of good. He thinks it’s great that he can not only brush his teeth with this device, but also whiten his teeth at the same time.

One user of the uSmile Pro brush says that she initially thought the brush was not good and that it did not clean properly. But then she noticed that she just needed to get used to this new type of brush and after a while, her feeling improved. She also had more and more the feeling that the uSmile Pro really worked. Nevertheless, she used dental floss to get the last remnants of food out of her teeth. She had not yet used the whitening gel supplied for her teeth because she did not feel the need to whiten her teeth at first. It’s just a pity that there is no box or something similar to transport the uSmile Pro on vacation, for example. That would be a single negative point in her eyes.

Another user of the uSmile Pro writes that she has discovered coffee and tea stains on her teeth more and more frequently and has already seen the first whitening results with the uSmile Pro brush. She is very satisfied with this brush and can only recommend it. It will be some time before these first positive results are seen, but at least this brush is not a miracle machine and can provide radiant white teeth immediately after the first application. But after a few applications she had already noticed that her teeth had become lighter, so that she noticed that it worked after all. And already after the first application something positive happened to her teeth, because they felt purified and healthier than when she just used a normal manual toothbrush. Basically, she can use both to clean her teeth really thoroughly if you want to be on the safe side. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Why do I need this toothbrush?

More and more people today suffer from very pain-sensitive teeth or even already suffer from periodontosis with bleeding gums. Brushing or whitening teeth is becoming more and more painful and annoying. Often the hardness of the brush is too high, so that the hard bristles push back the already receding gums even more and finally the teeth fall out more and more. However, if the degree of hardness is too low, the teeth are not cleaned enough and some people complain about toothache because of a too soft brush. Many also have the wrong brushing technique when brushing their teeth, so that in the end the teeth are not cleaned properly at all, which in the long run can lead to caries or gingivitis.

An endlessly long list of why an innovation in the field of oral and dental hygiene is a must, as long as the points just mentioned in the field of electric or manual toothbrushes do not change. For this reason, the ultrasonic toothbrush could help you with pain-sensitive teeth, as it only sits in the dentition and takes all the cleaning work off your hands, and at the same time can even whiten your teeth.

Thanks to its integrated ultrasonic technology, the uSmile Pro brush is able to brush your teeth without moving around in your mouth except for vibration. You can also use this toothbrush to whiten your teeth if coffee or tea stains have appeared on your teeth.

Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: How exactly does this new type of teeth cleaning work?
  • A: All you have to do is spread toothpaste all around the head of the toothbrush, place it in your mouth between the upper and lower jaws and bite gently. Within a minute, the ultrasound, light and vibration will clean your entire mouth. More is not necessary. So you can brush your teeth and whiten your teeth at the same time.
  • Q: How often should I use the brush for whitening?
  • A: If you want to whiten your teeth with the uSmile Pro, the manufacturer recommends using it 10 to 15 minutes on 7 consecutive days, preferably with the whitening gel for teeth included in the package. Use once a day during the 7 days, after the 7 days only 3 to 4 times a week. A permanent application improves the result.
  • Q: How can ultrasound clean the teeth?
  • A: The ultrasound technology works so deeply that it can penetrate deep into the teeth and clean and remove stains from the whole tooth by removing these stains and bacteria and dirt by ultrasound, which makes ordinary surface brushing with bristles of a manual toothbrush less effective and can attack the enamel.

Where can I buy uSmile Pro?

Even if platforms like Amazon sell identical or similar products of this kind, it is always best to buy directly from the manufacturer, especially if you already have a product in mind from a certain brand. That way you know in the end to get exactly what you wanted.

At the manufacturer’s official website you can even get up to 50 percent discount per ordered device and a quantity discount if you order more devices at once.

You can pay with Visa, giropay, American Express or Mastercard.

For a small surcharge you can buy a warranty of up to three years on the device or devices if you want to. Just in case something does not work with your order and you need replacement or repair.

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uSmile Pro technical facts

If you are thinking about getting such a tooth-cleaning device, which can both brush and whiten teeth at the same time, the following technical details will surely interest you:

  • At the touch of a button, this 360-degree rotation dental cleaning device offers you a special deep cleaning.
  • Made with a durable and high quality silicone that is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • The small tooth-cleaning device is portable and cordless, it has a rechargeable battery.
  • Various adjustable cleaning modes for improved and deep cleaning.
  • 32 LED lamp beads for effective light therapy.
  • Smart touch screen switch.
  • The special cold light provides gentle cleaning even for pain-sensitive teeth.
  • Clinically proven effectiveness in tooth whitening in two to 8 applications within 7 days.

Contact Info

Novads OU

Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia


International customer service: +44 20 3808 9234 (24 hours available)

Email address:

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