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Profit Singularity Review Plus Epic Bonuses - Does It Work? By Ireviewtoday

September 14, 2021 GMT
Profit Singularity Review Plus Epic Bonuses - Does It Work? By Ireviewtoday
Profit Singularity Review Plus Epic Bonuses - Does It Work? By Ireviewtoday
Profit Singularity Review Plus Epic Bonuses - Does It Work? By Ireviewtoday

09/14/2021, New York, NY // KISSPR //

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Thanks for stopping by to check out my Profit Singularity Course Review by Rob Jones, Jerry Cramer & Mark Ling.

But first, if you are here because you are interested in the Profit Singularity Course, you can find out more about it here on the Official website.

Let’s give you a summary of the info you need

Product Name: Profit Singularity

Product Creators: Rob Jones, Jerry Cramer & Mark Ling

Price: $2,497 paid at once or 3 installments

Payment methods: Credit and debit cards, PayPal

Registration: Ongoing until 23 September

Free Training: Free Live Workshop

Are you planning to start an online business or take your affiliate marketing business to another level? Then Profit Singularity might be all you need. Profit Singularity promises to help you make money through affiliate marketing and YouTube Ads. That is great news considering that online money-making is a complex process that requires a lot of time and investment.


So, what is Profit Singularity? And what does it promise to help you increase make money through affiliate marketing? This Profit Singularity review will introduce you to the course and provide you with all the details you need.

What is Profit Singularity?

Profit Singularity is a new course that promises to help you make money online through affiliate marketing and YouTube Ads. When used properly, this course is the best way of generating online cash. It teaches the techniques and secrets, instruments, suggestions, and various methods that most of the successful entrepreneurs have been using. Even though it will not help you make millions of money in a single day, it will help you take the necessary steps to start making money.

The creators of the course claim that YouTube is a secret traffic source that is bigger than Facebook and most people do not know that. Therefore, the platform can be a consistent source of income and the risk of your ads accounts being banned are very low.

The course takes 6 weeks and teaches everything from establishing yourself as a business to choosing the best niches. It has some similarities with another program known as Healthy Commissions, which was released in 2020 but the authors decided to improve it so that you should therefore expect the most recent tips, skills, advice and knowledge on how to differentiate yourself from the other affiliate marketers.

After getting access to this program, you will discover that the creators invested a lot of time and effort to structure and introduce it. Indeed, it might be the most unique course for affiliate marketers today.


Fundamentally, its purpose is to turn students into entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers that earn 6-7 figure commissions. Profit Singularity also comes with a software tool, done-for-you templates and a lot of tools to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

Who are the Creators of Profit Singularity?

The program, together with other previous programs such as the Healthy Commissions, was developed by three people. They are Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer, and Mark Ling.

Gerry Cramer

Cramer started his career as a SEO marketer and software developer before he shifted to affiliate marketing. His experience in online marketing and software development made his input in the Profit Singularity course valuable for people who would want to excel in the industry.

Rob Jones

Rob Jones is a strategic planning consultant and business mogul with many years of experience in content marketing. He is the founder of Rise Academy & ultimate Freedom.

Mark Ling

Mark Ling is a self-made millionaire with over 15 years of experience in the world of online marketing.

The information from the three people has made Profit Singularity one of the best comprehensive training courses for online marketers today.

What Does Profit Singularity Teach?

The creators of the course will teach you so that you can start identifying, attracting, and eventually promoting the products in high demand. Secondly, they will teach you how to drive traffic.

Indeed, some of the methods they will teach will help you get instant results. Thirdly, they will teach you how to convert the traffic into customers, sales, and profits. Here are the main components of this important course.

YouTube Ads

The Profit Singularity course explains YouTube Ads in details to help students understand it and use it to make money.

Higher Commissions

Mark Ling negotiated and initiated deals with many affiliate marketing vendors to ensure that all the students of this program get higher commissions. The students will get as high rates as 90 percent. They further get several other splendid offers like making 50 percent of commissions for any product retailing at an amount between $500 and $2500.

State-of-the-art Software

The days of scaling ads to the affiliate are long gone. The Profit Singularity offers a software that you can use to create high converting sites for your affiliate campaigns. In other words, you will find it easy to make changes.

Ad Generator

The offered software tool will help the students of this program create high converting ads for their YouTube campaigns.

Profit Galore

To help you make six or seven figure annual profits, the authors of this program claim that you have to maintain an average of over 4 sales per week. They have tested the Profits Galore method and they claim that it works perfectly.

>>> Join The Profit Singularity Course Now <<<

What You Should Expect to Learn

After getting access to the Profit Singularity course, here is a summary of the things you should expect to learn from the program.

  • How to generate more traffic and increase your profits through YouTube Ads.
  • How to obtain high ticket offers and earn high commissions.
  • How to develop high converting YouTube ads and funnels using the offered tools.
  • How to use the offered tools to create ads that motivates visitors to buy the products.
  • How to make over 100k per year from the system.
  • How to select winners by filtering through the products and deals with specific products that have higher returns on investment and can sell faster.

The Training Sessions

Profit Singularity course is divided into six modules, each one of them taking one week. But before starting the course, you will have to complete the Pre-Training session. Here are all the modules of this course and how they will help you scale up your affiliate marketing.

The Pre-Training – Proper Mindset and Offers

After joining the course, the first thing that you will get is the Quick Start module, which is a video to introduce you on what the authors teach in this course. It will also tell you what you need to start learning. You will meet the alumni of this program, including the most successful multi-millionaires who will help you start your journey.

Week 1 – Creation Wining Ads

After completing the pre-training session, the next session will be the Week 1 Module, which covers the creation of wining ads. Its purpose is to help you scale your ads to a million-dollar property. The authors also teach the students how to set up their YouTube ads.

Even more, Profit Singularity authors will teach you how to make profitable ads, including when working on a low budget. After completing this module, you will have the skills needed to create ads that will influence more people to buy the products you promote

Week 2 – Crafting Perfect Ad Copies

This might be the most important module of the Profit Singularity course. It entails and illustrates everything important in creation of ads to increase sales. They will teach you how to design perfect ads and bring them into corporeality, in the exact way you designed them.

Furthermore, this module will teach you how to use the 4P formula so that you can make better ads easily and within a short time. The authors believe that the sky is the limit in affiliate marketing. So, after taking this course, you might find yourself making as high as $1,000-20,000 after adopting the content.

Week 3 – Creating Wining Presell Pages

The third module focuses on teaching you how to design preselling pages to maximize your return on investment. The pages are highly converting and they will boost your traffic instantly.

By the time you complete this module, you will find the process of creating presell pages a breeze. The process will take you less than two minutes.

Week 4 – Launching Your Money Ads

On the fourth week, the authors will teach you how to take everything you have learnt and put it to use. Therefore, you will learn how to use the images, ads, anything else you learn to make your first YouTube campaign.

The authors will further teach you the main differences between the small players in the world of affiliate marketing and the affiliate marketers who make millions of money per year. After that, they will teach you how to identify the right audience. Lastly, one of the mentors will take you through the campaign.

Week 5 – Testing and Scaling Up

The purpose of this module is to help you analyze all the ads you created for your affiliate marketing campaigns. Even more, you will learn how to identify the ads to scale up and those to kill.

Authors of this program believe that learning how to interpret the available data is important for the success of your affiliate marketing career. Data analysis allows people to make the right decisions and you should never ignore it. So, after going through this module, the process of optimizing the profitability of your affiliate marketing ads will be a breeze.

Week 6 – Advanced Super-Affiliate Strategies

At this stage, the creators of Profit Singularity will teach you how the seven-figure affiliate marketers achieve their goals. They will also teach you how they make budgeting decisions, how they plan for their campaigns, and the actions they take to ensure that their returns are always high. Therefore, they will introduce you to make tricks, techniques, and life hacks that you need to take your profits to the next level.

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How Does Profit Singularity Work?

The Profit Singularity program teaches you how to create landing pages, known as presell pages targeting affiliate offers. After that you can create videos to promote the offers with help of a software.

The purpose of the videos is to help you launch your affiliate marketing campaigns on YouTube and then direct the traffic to your presell pages containing your affiliate links. The affiliate links will redirect the video viewers to your affiliate sales pages so that you can make profits. So, you will make money with:

  • No product creation
  • No customer service
  • No Facebook Ads or a Suspended Account
  • No risking of you money
  • No inventory
  • No online service
  • No leaving your house

Profit Singularity Bonuses

If You Joined The Profit Singularity Course Today...You will Get THESE LIMITED TIME BONUSES

Bonus 1: Ready to Use Ad Copy Templates

Bonus 2: 2 Million Dollar Ad Image Swipe File

Bonus 3: The Ultimate Ad Image Designer Hiring Script

Bonus 4: Page Builder

Bonus 5: Presell Page Copy Templates

Bonus 6: Analytics Suite

Bonus 7: Profit Optimizer

Bonus 8: Q & A with Our Panel of Affiliate Mentors

Bonus 9: Ad Account Action Plan

Bonus 10: A Free Ticket to the Next Live Event

Profit Singularity Price

When buying the Commission Hero program, you will have to choose one of the available payment plans. One-Time Payment of $2497 or Three Payments of $997 billed 30-days apart.

But regardless of the plan you choose, you will get enviable results. Choose a plan that matches your budget.

>>> Join The Profit Singularity Course Now <<<

Pros and Cons of Profit Singularity


  • The course is very simple, user-friendly, and easy to use
  • The course only runs for six weeks
  • It comes with many readily available courses
  • The teachers and students have a Facebook group that allows them to discuss their problems
  • You can access the course from any part of the world.
  • It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • The pricing is high and therefore not everyone can afford it


Who Should Go for This Program?

Profit Singularity course is designed for affiliate marketers who would want to start making money within a short time. The course will provide you with the tips you need to start posting enchanting online adverts and get improved conversion rates and better response rates.

All the creators of this course have over 10 years of experience, meaning that both experienced and beginner level affiliate marketers will have something to learn. You will learn how to identify the products to sell and target the right demographics. That way, you will get higher profits.

What Makes Profit Singularity Better than other Programs?

There are many things that make Profit Singularity a better choice compared to other similar products. Here are the reasons.

  • It is the first course designed to help people use YouTube ads for affiliate marketing.
  • Google is not as strict as Facebook and therefore your ads account is unlikely to get suspended.
  • The authors of this course offers a software tool to help you create videos within a short time.
  • The course teaches you how to use YouTube for unlimited scalability. After finding a winning funnel, you can scale to $5k, $10k, $30k, and even more every month.
  • It offers many winning templates that will help you start seeing results in Day 1. You will have landing pages, videos, ad scripts, offers, and anything else you need.

The Money Back Guarantee

If the program does not work, you can demand to have your money back within 30 days. The team has confidence in the content they offer and all the tools and tips they provide will help you follow the right path. All you have to do is follow all the steps of the curriculum, and use the support system, tools and resources, ad templates, and the Presell pages as instructed. Your ad campaigns will be profitable.


The Profit Singularity program is a good choice for people who would want to make money through affiliate marketing. The authors offer many strategies that will help you generate more money without leaving your home. Besides, the course is designed to fit your daily schedule and it takes only a few weeks. While the initial investment is high, you will enjoy many benefits in the long term.

>>> Join The Profit Singularity Course Now <<<

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