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Press release content from KISSPR. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.


July 5, 2022 GMT

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To summarize, customer feedback is really important. As a moving company, your goal should be to make your customers feel at ease during the process and help them relocate to their new homes as quickly and easily as possible. This feedback would be helpful and it will have a beneficial influence on the industry of a company if it uses the preceding things. Even yet, it’s critical to maintain objectivity and bring up any negative events that occurred. An organization can learn from its failures and improve the quality of its services in this way.

Shipit4us transport marketplace customers can see the provider ratings and Feedback feature on each profile to get a better idea of how reliable each provider is. For shippers looking for feedback from actual customers before making a provider selection, this Feedback is a must-have resource.


This guideline will explain to you how to:

  • What is the value of receiving feedback from your customers?

  • When it comes to your business, why is it important to get customer feedback?

  • A more effective system for shipit4us feedback

  • Shipit4us feedback and ratings can help your business grow

  • For providers, how does our marketplace work?

  • Why you should use shipit4us?

What is the value of receiving feedback from your customers?

As a first step, we’d like to provide you with some basic information regarding the value of customer feedback. Especially in the moving industry, we can argue that this is a critical component of any company. To put it simply, having and displaying customer feedback will portray your organization as trustworthy and decent. A company that listens to customers’ demands and works for their interests will attract new customers who will want to use a transport company or professional transportation solution for their future move, as they will recognize this.

When it comes to your business, why is it important to get customer feedback?

The following are some convincing arguments for why getting customer feedback is important for your business, In the moving industry, these are the four most important reasons to take client feedback into account. We’ll go over each of them with you one by one.

It’s a reputable company

According to our earlier discussion, a number of moving companies’ truck shipping services are operating today. However, we can’t guarantee that most of them are trustworthy and honest. You need consumer feedback to prove to the public that your organization is trustworthy and decent. In this approach, you will demonstrate that you are open to the customer’s input and exhibit two sides of the process, regardless of how the service went. In the moving industry, having positive moving feedback is indeed a great way to enhance trust and indicate that your firm is a reputable one. One of the finest ways to demonstrate the quality of your company’s work and the level of customer satisfaction is through customer feedback.

Customers will become more aware of your company if you value their opinions.


Getting your business noticed is a given if you have received any kind of consumer feedback. Google and other search engines will receive comments from customers, and they’ll likely post feedback if they’ve hired a service provider. With regards to the essential websites, this is especially true Better Businesses Bureau, a resource for reputable businesses is one such example. As we previously stated, a customer’s perspective will help consumers determine whether or not a moving company is reputable. Remember that word of mouth travels fast!

Establishing confidence in your product or service

Finally, input from one customer is key to maintaining trust. Simply put, if you have a customer feedback on your website, you’ll convey the impression that people have faith in your service and are delighted with the results. As a matter of course, if things don’t go exactly as planned, we’ll need to address it. This will aid a business in improving its offerings and demonstrating that mistakes do occur. In a nutshell, clients’ faith in you matters. It is feasible to use the same moving company for future moves if a customer is happy with the service performed so far.

Get in touch with the rest of the world


As a moving company, it’s important to interact with the rest of the world. Don’t forget that expanding internationally opens your company up to a wider range of customers and their perspectives on your services.

A more effective system for shipit4us feedback

Our new ratings and feedback area on providers’ profiles are designed to be more accurate, fair, and useful for everyone. Cancellation will now be included in your total star rating to reflect current a provider’s dependability. Until now, the star feedback was only based on feedback that was either good, negative, or neutral. Customers are allowed to see ratings and evaluations from prior customers, that were previously classified when evaluating a shipping company.

The addition of a typical five-star rating system will make it easier for consumers to compare different providers. As a result of these scores, customers will have a clearer picture of the quality of each provider’s service.

As a result of cancellations, you may see a tiny decline in your total ratings (.25-.5 stars on average). All service providers will be impacted, as we expect. However, the change is expected to be small, and your service history and previous provider feedback and ratings will be maintained.


Shipit4us feedback and ratings can help your business grow.

Moving around has never been easy than it is right now. You don’t have to worry about finding a moving company, or transport marketplace solutions to help you move to your new home because there are so many available. Even if you’re moving across the country, you’ll be able to do so in a straightforward manner. However, we must admit that customer satisfaction is critical to the success of any moving business. In other words, Vehicle shipping service, truck shipping service, and less than truckload shipping or any other logistics companies must understand the significance of customer feedback.

Let us explain to you why it’s so significant and how it might affect the company of a transport company to you in greater detail.

Want your star ratings to go up? Begin with just a few key tips for presenting your customers with any kind of service they’ll want to tell everyone about:

Communication is important

Maintain open ways of communication with each customer. Shippers always want to know that their item is safe while it is in transit. One of the most effective providers on Shipit4us is those who build customer relationships through excellent, proactive communication.

Avoid cancellations


While some cancellations are unavoidable, reducing them to a minimum is critical. With cancellations now affecting your overall score, avoiding them is even more vital to maintaining your provider rating. Furthermore, if there are too many cancellations on your account, you may be charged an exorbitant cancellation fee.

Provide exceptional service

Simple things such as giving additional blankets and ties, having prepared with the proper equipment, and maintaining communication can help you receive more positive provider ratings.

For providers, how does our marketplace work?

Every day, thousands of jobs are posted on the Shipit4us marketplace, Shipit4us is used by thousands of individuals to get their shipments delivered.

There are no sign-up or subscription fees to access these clients on our marketplace.

Furthermore, our search feature is intended to make our site the most user-friendly marketplace. We let you search by state, locality, or route, so you can locate the loads that are most suited to you and your travels. We also gather feedback and ratings on drivers, which are accessible to clients, implying that if you give a good service, you are more likely to obtain future jobs.

Find Shipments

Use our saved search capabilities to identify loads that meet your specifications.

  • Search by country, city, or route

  • Save searches and sign up for email alerts

  • Search over thousands of new job postings every day

Place quotes

Simply state the amount you wish to be paid.

  • All competition quotes are displayed in a transparent marketplace.

  • Sign up for outbid email alerts.

  • The messaging system simplifies communication with clients.

Carry out the job

When your quote is accepted, you will receive a booking confirmation email with complete collection/delivery information.

  • Get paid directly by the customer for what you quote.

  • Give and also get feedback on the transaction

Why you should use shipit4us?

Hundreds of customers are available

Shipit4us connects you to thousands of clients and thousands of fresh shipping tasks every day.

Apply your extra capacity

Shipit4us provides it all, whether you need full loads, portion loads, or backloads. Find jobs in similar areas to your planned routes to reduce wasted capacity and optimize earnings.

No sign-up or subscription required

Shipit4us registration is 100% free, and there are no subscription costs. Shipit4us charges a fee only when you receive work, and this price is simply added to your quoted amount.

Equal marketplace

Every shipping firm on Shipit4us has received feedback from its clients. Shipit4us can support the best shipping companies.


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