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Crypto Genius Review - Is it really working?

October 4, 2020 GMT

10/03/2020, Newyork // KISSPR //

Crypto Genius Review - Is it a Scam?

We know that many investors do not have much capital, so it is best to avoid gambling with money. Knowing that an investment in the cryptocurrency market will yield significant profit is such a relief for new investors. To help our readers make a better investment decision that is guaranteed to yield the value of profits they desire, we have reviewed Crypto Genius.

So many crypto investors have realised that the best way to go about it is by trading with an auto crypto trading platform. But these platforms are so many. We would like to help our new readers make a choice when they decide to start investing in the crypto market. Our review of Crypto Genius will help new investors because we have tested all the features of Crypto Genius to ensure that the crypto trading platform works perfectly.


Crypto Genius Review - Full automation analysis for Crypto Genius

My team of software engineers who have experience as cryptocurrency traders have extensively explored the crypto trading system on Crypto Genius. We understand that many investors choose to use auto trading systems because of the convenience, so we needed to be sure that Crypto Genius offers a fully automated crypto trading platform.

To perform this task, we set up different live trading sessions to cover a period of three days. During this time, we took turns to activate the trading session, and each group noted their observations before the trade, during, and when the live trading session was ended.

In the end, we analysed our results together, and it was obvious that the crypto trading system on Crypto Genius is fully automated.

Team experience with Crypto Genius

We agreed that the crypto trading system was activated with a single click. And with a deposit in the user’s Crypto Genius account, the trading robot could start scanning the crypto market for deals and completing transactions independently. All these processes happen without any further contribution from the account owner except the first click to activate the live trading system.


Knowing that the crypto trading system that works on Crypto Genius is fully automated gives us satisfaction and we are confident in recommending the platform to new crypto investors.

Crypto Genius Scam? No! How profitable is Crypto Genius?

We want to direct our audience to trade with smart crypto systems that will generate massive profits for the users. Based on our experience with Crypto Genius, we can confidently state here that all users will gain massive profits. We tested the live trading system with the minimum deposit of only $250 and at the end of our first live trading session, we had earned a total of $766 as our profit. Our second live trading session generated a profit of $923, and we continued earning so higher profits until today, because we still trade with our Crypto Genius account.

But let’s not conclude that the auto trading platform yields massive profits based on our experience alone. We checked the reviews of other users to know what they are saying about Crypto Genius. What we found was amazing.

My team discovered that there are users who earn up to $3,000 every day. We noticed that many other investors had gathered enough profits, and they now invest more money to get higher profits. Earning a profit of $3,000 every day is good business, we advise new users to start small, and the minimum deposit on the site is only $250, which is affordable for many investors and also convenient.

Becoming a Crypto Genius user

During this review, we observed the processes required to become a Crypto Genius user. This was an important part of our assessment of the crypto trading platform because we needed to be sure that it was easy for first-time users to start making money from the crypto market with Crypto Genius.

Thankfully, from our experience, the steps to become one of the big earners on Crypto Genius crypto trading platform are simple.

Registering a new account

We were able to complete the registration of a new Crypto Genius account in less than three minutes. And we made a deposit that was all; the system was open for us to trade as often as we needed.

To register a new account, new users will complete a form on the Crypto Genius site, and when the information provided by the user is confirmed, the user profile will go live. At this point, the account owner can start trading cryptocurrencies.

The process of making a deposit

Crypto Genius allows all users to start making money from the crypto market with a minimum deposit of only $250; we were thrilled with this discovery because the minimum deposit on many other crypto trading platforms is much higher. With a deposit of $250, we can confidently inform our readers that they can start making a daily profit from the crypto market through Crypto Genius.

Our experience while making a deposit was smooth. It is important to make a deposit because that is the money used by the trading robot to buy cryptocurrencies from the open market at a low price. There are multiple online payment options that can be used to make a deposit, which makes the process very convenient. And every time we made a deposit, the transaction was completed in seconds.

How to secure profits after earning

We tested the Crypto Genius withdrawal system, it works perfectly. We needed to be sure that all users can withdraw their profits without any stress. While testing the withdrawal feature, we observed that requests to withdraw earnings from Crypto Genius are completed in 24-hours. Other crypto trading platforms complete similar processes in up to a week, so we commend the owners of Crypto Genius for making it so easy for all users to withdraw their profit easily.

Analysing the online security protocol

We observed that majority of the processes and transactions done through Crypto Genius are online. This means that it is important to have a secure operating platform to protect the users. We checked the online security protocol on the site, and it looks perfect. My team found out that the Crypto Genius auto trading platform for crypto encrypts all data stored on the site, while confidential information of the users is stored remotely. We also found evidence that shows the entire crypto trading system is protected by one of the best anti-virus programs online.

Overall, my team is satisfied that all users who trade with Crypto Genius are protected from online hacks or other types of cyber-attacks.

Crypto Genius – Our Conclusion

We recommend Crypto Genius to our readers and everyone else because we have experienced the trading system, and it works perfectly. My team is satisfied with the crypto trading system, profitability, and we commend the developers for making the system very easy to use. We know that new investors interested in making money from the crypto market will find it very easy to trade with Crypto Genius. This is the best time to become a crypto trader, so we are happy that our readers can discover the benefits of trading with Crypto Genius.


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